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{Replica} Ancillary copyright debate Springer vs. Google: the 1 euro dispute?

This Thursday, UDL-Digital at Base Camp Christoph Keese from Axel Springer and Kay Oberbeck from Google discussed their highly opposing positions on ancillary copyright. The whole thing was moderated by Cherno Jobatey asked the question whether it is in the whole discussion in the end only 1 Euro. You can now listen to the discussion here exclusively.

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Performance Protection: What was going on?

Unlike Jobatey's casual statement and the heading of this article, and as the "handout" in the photo above suggests, the subject is pretty serious.

Google is to be obliged by law to pay publishers license fees for the use of teasers (ie short texts) in the search results.

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Performance protection pro and contra

The reason for this is that it is a protective gap since other recyclers, For example. The power protection right is also necessary in order to protect press equipment against an unfair exploitation of their performance by search engines.

There has been resistance to this law on the Internet for years, and recently, Google has launched an anti-LSR campaign as the main target of the publishing industry, which is being discussed in the web with some ambivalence.

Arguments of the opponents are, among other things, that press publishers are already sufficiently protected by the copyright. Moreover, every publisher can secure their information offerings by not placing them free of charge on the Internet. In addition, indexing could be blocked by search engine.

The Google

In the discussion on the right to the right of performance, two opposing poles had developed: Axel-Springer-AG as the main advocate of the bill and Google.

And exactly that met on the St. Nicholas Day 2012 now at UDL-Digital in the form of Director, Communication and Public Affairs, Google DACH, Nordics, Benelux and Christoph Keese, Group Director Public Affairs of Axel Springer AG.

The 1 Euro dispute?

Above all, I found three highlights of the discussion exciting: Cherno Jobatey, who addressed Fraga to Christoph Keese, about what the sum would be.

And Keese, who after some back and forth finally named an (arbitrary) sum for the snippets from all German press products, namely 1 euro per half year. "That's really cheap now," joked Jobatey. Is argued about a 1 here.

Is the LSR technically feasible?

Exciting for me also the discussion between Matthias Schindler aka @pressroi and Keese. Schindler asked directly whether Keese had any idea how to separate press products from non-press products,

ME is a fundamental question, because it shows that the LSR as planned is not technically correct at all. Christoph Keese, on the other hand, did not understand the question and did not consider the aspect important.

Keese: “I'm not stupid and I'm not lying”

However, Keese went on to Schindler more or less directly: he was tired of being hired on the Internet as someone who is either stupid or lying.

Note: The extremely interesting, almost one-hour discussion I had first recorded, but this audio file has now been replaced due to the poor sound quality due to the 20-Minutes video of UDL-Digital (see above).

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