Have analog photos and slides scanned: Mediafix tested {Review}

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Disclosure & Image Rights:  Mediafix GmbH supported our research. Images by Simone Janson, scanned and edited by Mediafix.

Thousands of slides, videos, or similar analogue media in the basement that take up space, but you never look at it again? If it is like me, the Mediafix GmbH in Cologne is recommended: The digitization takes very cost-effectively and with good quality. A test report. MEDIAFIX__Dia scan reworked

Here writes for you:


Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisherGerman Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


Why scan photos and slides?

The Mediafix GmbH in Cologne was founded 2012. The Company specializes in the digitization of analogue image media, which include eg slide photos, old film reels or video cassettes.

Demand from potential customers is high, since Mediafix has scanned almost 20 million images since it was founded. And that's no wonder: It should be like me for many people who wanted to muck out a few slides before moving or find old photos and slides in the attic, but no longer really know what to do with them. After all, outdated equipment such as slide projectors and screens simply take up unnecessary space.

And sometimes it is simply about pictures. In my case scanning was necessary because some of the slides were already infected with fungus. So you should not be in the wrong security, the old screens in the cellar would be well looked after, but more accurate look.

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Affordable scan service with good quality

So I went in search of an inexpensive service and found what I was looking for at Mediafix: its founder Hans-Günter Herrmann had the idea of ​​scanning in through a family reunion.

The digitization devices are self-developed, so the employees have to be specially trained. Mediafix has even created a five-day training course, which ends with an examination to the Mediendigitalisierer. 50 employees now have Mediafix.

How does scanning work?

You can deliver your media yourself in Cologne or send it by mail and pick up the corresponding heavy packages even at home - despite some fears on my part, the slides are indeed well received.

In order to commission the digitization process, you must fill out a corresponding form, which is attached to the consignment.

It is also recommended to attach your own hard drive: Mediafix burns the eiderscanned bider otherwise also on DVDs, calculated however per DVD 5 Euro extra, for a USB stick from 10 Euro and for a hard disk 65 Euro.

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Der Preis

However, the prices are quite favorable: From 2.501 Dias costs scanning is from 0,08 Euro per piece in the lowest resolution of 2.900 dpi, on request also various additional services such as compressed air cleaning, image rotation or labeling. The maximum resolution is 4.500 dpi.

This shows the advantage of the fact that quality standards are adhered to: Mediafix trains its employees in material knowledge, quality guidelines, different types of media as well as the operation of the devices, as explained by Mediafix founder Hans-Günther Herrmann.

Favorable price through standardized processes

Twelve new employees are trained each year. The increased cost of further training pays off: Mediafix can also offer good quality at a reasonable price because many workflows have been standardized and special equipment and processes have been created for the needs of the customers.

The well-trained employees can also be used for other tasks - for example, in customer service. And they help to constantly improve the quality of the product.

Quality counts

“The current cleaning process for our devices was developed and tested by the digitizers. And the compressed air process has also been improved in the course of noise protection, ”explains company founder Herrmann.

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The entire process of digitizing itself lasted four weeks in my case, then you get a message that the slides and digital media are sent back. MediFix unfortunately does not offer any disposal of the analog media.

Scanned images in comparison

And my personal opinion about the quality of the scanned media? I'm excited! Because the quality of the digital images corresponds absolutely to their analogue templates. Absolutely recommendable for the price.

It is also very useful to have the pictures reworked, as seen in the examples here in the text: Above the postprocessed image, below the scanned original.


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  1. Lars

    Interesting that photos and slides can be scanned so easily. However, I live in Leipzig and am looking for a shop that offers document scanning. I hope that I will find a suitable one soon. I would have to email the documents to London as soon as possible. I hope everything will work out!

    • Simone Janson

      Thank you. In that case, we sent the photos by post - that is also possible from Leipzig.

  2. Competencepartner

    Scanning analog photos & slides: Mediafix tested by Simone Janson: Thousands of slides ... - Highly recommended TfSXpBB67d #Profile #Production

  3. Thomas Eggert

    Scanning in analog photos & slides: Mediafix tested by Simone Janson via BERUFEBILDER - Highly recommended PYf40w9JiI


    Scanning in analog photos & slides: Mediafix tested by Simone Janson via BERUFEBILDER - Highly recommended Ru9Vy5hTqx

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