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{Replica} Anti-Amazon Inititative Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® founded: Amazon victims are active

Some time ago, I had talked about my personal anger with Amazon: It turned out thanks to various reader comments: The probably most famous online shop reacts to customer complaints apparently not only in my case completely arbitrary. On the other hand, those affected want to organize themselves and proceed by collective action. Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®

Do you have to live with the risk?

Recently I had a little trouble with Amazon.de. Because to me is as Private seller: at Amazon.de-volume that happens what you secretly always have to worry about when you sell on the Internet: I lost a show.

Now I thought quite simply and perhaps a little naively: The buyer wants it cheap, then he has to live with the shipping risk of uninsured book delivery. This is not the case with Amazon.de: Here, the buyer can request and request via A-z-Guarantee have the costs reimbursed - from Amazon.

Unfortunately then in the next step Amazon.de the seller regresspflichtig. And since Amazon.de the simple with the seller account offsets, one remains as seller s.der cost.

How does that work with the A-Z-Warranty?

Like that with the A-z-Guarantee expires in detail how the buyer applies for it, but most of all what exactly happened to me and what my legal objections are - you can find all of that under you in this one Article .

Update: Since the original article is now no longer available in its original location, I have it on Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® again published separately. You will find it as a series of articles (linked at the top of this post).

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What can injured parties do?

Meanwhile, our readers want to take legal action against Amazon in a collective complaint. Unfortunately, we are not in the US and so far, however, nothing could be achieved. We are looking forward to more creative ideas.

Until then, it remains to be seen what will happen. And the good advice: Do not send expensive items uninsured, best not to sell anything expensive about Amazon.de. So, even if it sounds tempting: iPhones, iPads, laptops, etc. better not sell on Amazon's market.

Account locked, money simply withheld

On my 2008 published report, many readers have reported themselves for quite different reasons as Amazon victims: Reader Marc reports that his customer account has been blocked. Carl Heinz says that Amazon would like to keep the money for the ordered goods despite the cancellation.

Jörg W. and Henrik write that Amazon is supposed to keep a processing fee because of allegedly wrong Kontodaten.Und Marcel Jödicke had the same problem as I, that he was simply the money for a non-arrived transmission at Amazon retained. Or, as a summary commentary shows: “Amazon.de blocks users without giving reasons, just because they are, for example, family members of people who defend themselves against the arbitrary methods of the company, Amazon simply keeps several thousand euro customer money without giving reasons, just because the company is obvious want to work with it without interest. ”

Collective action against Amazon

On the other hand, legal action is now to be taken by collective action. More detailed information can be found in this comment. One of our readers has organized this and is under Ama-zon-de-opfer@web.de reachable.

The first have already agreed to participate. If you would like to participate, you can also contact the indicated addresses or post a comment here. Since meanwhile my originally published at akademie.de published experience report is no longer online, I will publish this here again in the coming days as a small series.

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80 responses to “{replica} Anti-Amazon Initiative on Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® founded: Amazon victims are active ”

  1. gmx account blocked due to outstanding claim - دسرا says:

    […] Anti-Amazon-Initiative - BerufebilderJörg W. and Henrik write that Amazon is a… because of allegedly wrong account data. Amazon has confirmed to me several times that the "open claim" has not been open for a long time. Amazon refuses… .. First my account was blocked because it was blocked with other…. Can also be reached at 73525@gmx.de. [...]

  2. Christian says:

    amazon closes small private sellers from the Christmas business out, so synonymous nix can go wrong. And this, although most sales are made in the Christmas business. Otherwise, under the year my stock dottles before itself and rarely buys one. Unfortunately one gets also from the very few buyers a rating.

    • Simone Janson says:

      Hello Christian, thanks for the hint. This with the ratings is however a different problem.

    • Endorf says:

      I have been an Amazon customer for many years.
      In December 2014 I placed an order at the Amazon.
      In January 2015 Amazon informed me by e-mail that I still have an open invoice for this order. The amount was immediately reported.
      Nevertheless, Amazon passed the case 1 month later in February to its Inkassopartner.
      Several phone calls and e-mails with Amazon ended with the info that I can in this case only to the collection company can turn. The collection agency has not been interested in the fact that my proof of payment is enclosed with my letter. The company wrote again and again that it has received the order from Amazon and I have to pay the entire amount (the main claim + paid in January) + (Inkassopauschalen)!
      Amazon has confirmed to me several times that the “open claim” has not been open for a long time.
      Amazon continues to refuse with ever new excuses the reported payment to his Inkassoreund to report.
      An incredible situation ...

      • Simone Janson says:

        Hello Endorf, that is incomprehensible in the day and I miss the words. ME will only take legal action to fight against the Inkassko company.

  3. ich says:

    For years Amazon customer and never had (!) Problems, no matter whether reversal, return, subsequent price reduction etc.

    By the way: There is no “class action” in Germany.

    • lalala says:

      There may not be a class action lawsuit, but lawsuits that you can join or take their wording for your own lawsuit. This then leads back to summarized procedures that may be negotiated as a batch by the judge. Since this comes close to a US class action lawsuit except for the amount in dispute, there is the class action lawsuit in Germany only by the word. ;-)

      Now to Amazon: Since Amazon forces even private salesmen in a new registration process with passport number, I sell from now no longer there, but only on Ebay my used stuff. Is there anyway better: Ebay currently takes 9 percent commission, Amazon 25 percent. The choice is not difficult.

      • Simone Janson says:

        thank you for your opinion!

        • Samira says:


          I have 1 for many years at Amazon Commercial sold my reviews were good when I from the summer vacation crest was my account blocked
          I would also like to take these Mafiozis to account


          • Simone Janson says:

            Hello Samira,
            has Amazon made any comments on this? Could have been a reason you did not keep the book price binding with new product?

  4. Florian Passfeller says:

    There are so great alternatives to Amazon! You have to pay attention to this shop!

    An alternative that has helped me personally now and which has a great service with actual people at the other end of the stripe


    • Simone Janson says:

      Be careful: anyway. Also because of data protection. Thanks for the hint - I'll take a look at it.

    • ich says:

      ... an alternative where Mr. Passfeller is assistant to the management. Everyone may think something for themselves about such business practices, for me a reason not to buy there right now. Pooh!

      • Simone Janson says:

        Hello, do you have a reason for this statement? Otherwise it's just an insult ...

    • Samira says:


      the reason for the blocking is because we had many returns,
      there are many buyers on the way who buy and know aha I can send the goods back again
      we are finally commercial and have to take back the goods within 14 days
      that is no reason for a lock or not?


      • Simone Janson says:

        Hello Samira,
        that is in fact this. Has Amazon made a statement?

    • Peter says:

      Hello Forian,

      I've also been a victim of Amazon. Simple account suspended reason no answer everything positv.
      You are writing from alternative but that has been devised. Can you please tell me the alternative?
      Thank you.
      Here is your letter:
      An alternative that has now helped me personally and that has great service with actual people on the other end of the line is ......

      best regards


  5. witch says:

    Hallochen, Amazon has new incidents!
    A few weeks ago I had a technical question related to a Kindle. The Antowrt came forward and, as always, less professionally. However one had tried to call me. The mobile phone with the number I already no longer and to be called I would not synonymous.
    Since then I have been asked to log in to Amazon, confirm a number (this one) - or I can call. Access to my account is not possible.
    This is justified with security stories: I would log on from a computer, with which I have not yet executed orders. That's not true, I just do not want to be blackmailed.
    I terminated my account at Amazon and: now they can no longer reach me because I blocked their mail - they go in the bin unread.

    Pretty bold to sell one for that stupid. Amazon still believes it's an honor to buy there. OK, let them do it ...

    • Simone Janson says:

      Hello witch,
      that is bold. Well, synonymous Amazon knows now how to get data.

  6. Michael says:

    I have just a similar crap with Amazon through or are still in the middle of it, a buyer logs out for 2-3 weeks, he would not receive merchandise and makes guarantee claim and I am deducted from the account, even though I sent the article. In the end I stand without merchandise and without money and buyer is probably glad that he can get free of charge an expensive article. Amazaon seller account is pure seller riot and in my opinion, the behind system of Amazon, since you want to squeeze private vendors and if the want to sell, aboard, see fees and in the end you stay on the cost, even though the contract has been fulfilled

    • Simone Janson says:

      This is above all the business strategy to get the data - because Amazon is also a data octopus, perhaps less known as Google & Facebook: https: //berufebilder.de/ amazon-schaedigt-temporary work-customers /

      • müller says:

        Well, there is such a verification process, nobody knows why and for privacy reasons is not disclosed open, but should have been requested by the EU.

        The salesmen are sucked out, even the energy conversion extra copies, new trade announcements and other things which contribute to the transparency of the persons, and who knows what is still required, so that an account is released again. There is no need to talk about data protection, intelligence and espionage, if
        the politicians are sunk so deeply in sleep or self-interest considerations that they do not notice. At least I have not the impression that one is comprehensively concerned with it.

        But the level of the buyer masses at Amazon is probably already so low that everyone must already feed through Amazon.
        The politics does nothing is known, they probably form only laws which do not work, because they are by the guidelines of Amazon override.

        Verdi and similar attempts Amazon advertising in the media have their effect. rather positive, because this shows ultimately the success the Amazon has against the domestic competitors, since only conditionally taxable, since residing in Luxembourg.

        • Simone Janson says:

          Hello Mueller,
          over the new verification process, I'm already stumbled and find the something crass.

    • Simone Janson says:

      As we have often discussed, there are vague legal possibilities. You may also turn to Mr. Fost. Unfortunately, I can not say more. Maybe you would rather sell expensive products somewhere else.

      • müller says:

        that can not be the solution. There is also a life without Amazon, was recently posted by a saleswoman in the Amazon forum.

        How right you have.

        But there seems to be now a high proportion of dependents

        • Simone Janson says:

          As mentioned in the discussion: Amazon is a seller platform relatively unrivaled, also because you can get higher prices here than anywhere else. There is always a dependency in some way.

  7. Simone Janson says:

    Dear Community,

    Profession picture reader Anna has problems with a debt collection company thanks to Amazon:
    Who can help with practical advice?

  8. Mathias Wolfgang says:

    I've seen and read a lot about the fact that the Amazon is hardly paying tax, that Amazon abuses the work and the unemployed, that Amazon exposes its employees and also its temporary workers a very high stress. Mistrust and surveillance. This is an absurdity. The merchants who use the Amazon Marketplace, which are much too high charges buttoned off, also uses its market power mercilessly with illegal contracts as it looks. The Amazon is a marketplace for right-wing ideology and that in a country that had a very black past. Even if it is not forbidden, we know what these symbols stand for. Bottom line, Amazon is only the profit, people and humanity are obviously nothing more. Therefore, and not only because of the ARD report only, I have the consequence pulled and my account at Amazon terminated. For all those who have been harmed by Amazon, or deceived, I can only recommend you join the collective accusation. Amazon has your money. And you have the right to bring it back to you. I wish you lots of strength and all the best and much success.

    Sincerely yours,
    Mathias Wolfgang

    • Simone Janson says:

      Thanks for this statement and this call. We will continue to follow the topic in the media. Yesterday I wrote on the topic of dealing with Amazon also from the user point of view this exciting post: http://culturmag.de/crimemag/zoe-beck-uber-den-onlinehandler-amazon/66745
      It is definitely important that something is done.

  9. Sandra B. says:

    I saw the report at ARD, how the Spaniards were used up and how cattle were kept. It is promised that the people earn 1500 euro and at the end they stand with 1000 euro! They are hired only by temporary workers and Nazi security guards guard them and search at night to live their homes in the 5 -8 people on 80 sqm! The upper crack is that the people 40 km away are far away from the shot and only 1 * a day a bus goes there. If you miss it, you can go earlier, the poor people spend hours in the cold! A juice store is that. I will never order more!

    Here is the link and please look at the times!


    • Simone Janson says:

      Hello Sandra, thank you for your contribution. Yes, there was also a real shit storm about it: http://www.thomashutter.com/index.php/2013/02/facebook-heftiger-shitstorm-bei-amazon-de / I also wanted to write something about it, unfortunately I was abroad until yesterday. Unfortunately, most of the anger seems to vanish quickly: http://www.thomashutter.com/index.php/2013/02/facebook-amazon-de-shitstorm-with-little-impact-on-a-fan base /

  10. Uncle D says:

    I've been following this blog more or less regularly for some time.
    We went through the complete scenario with the large corporation as a dealer. Almost since the beginning of October of our membership, small sales amounts were withheld due to checking our seller account. That wasn't particularly nice, but we still put up with it. As sales increased, and with it the retained funds, we began to contact Amazon over and over again. by phone and by Email you just don't have a chance. Shortly before Christmas then the great disaster: Our account was blocked and income should be frozen for 90 days. The reason for this was connection with other, closed seller accounts, which was / is absolutely not the case. A big slap in the face for us, because there are considerable sums of money that seriously threaten the existence of a small company if these sales simply do not come in.
    In the same week, we drove to Munich, the headquarters of AMAZON Germany to talk to the CEO. This, of course, was not to be said. However, we were treated very politely. There followed a conversation with the responsible and people who had something to say (without mentioning names). We even received business cards with handynummer etc. We were promised that the problem was taken care and one would call the same day by telephone. So far so good. We were relieved to go home again. In the evening then the call came and they informed us that everything was reviewed again, but unfortunately nothing could be done for us. The reason: The people who decide something like that sit in the USA and you can do nothing from here.
    So our account is still locked. Money still frozen.
    Now we have initiated a court order for payment and made an announcement with the police. Debt collection companies are behind us and the whole is far from over and we will never give up here!
    Then we noticed that suddenly our account was not only blocked, but also completely deleted. After several phone calls we found out that this account no longer exists in the AMAZON system. No data are probably saved anymore ...
    Now we just tried to open a new account. According to experience, this is blocked immediately or after a short time again. Our new account, however, with the same name, address etc. has now been released for five days.
    We will wait for some time now, and if it still remains open, take the step to resume products. So far, we are quite confident.
    I will report on further events here.
    We wish you all the best.


    • Simone Janson says:

      Hello Uncle-D, thank you for the report and its commitment. I'm curious to see how this continues. This is crass, I will sometimes think about how to carry the topic further into the press.

    • Schmidt says:

      Thank you for your hint. Are you still online at Amazon?

      Greetings Dieter

  11. Markus F. says:

    Hi all,

    with great interest I follow this blog. Amazon is now well-known for arbitrary account checks, which often lead to a closure of the account, which then also holds the money for 90 days.
    I am aware of many such cases. And so far nobody has managed to reactivate such an account. Regarding the reasons for the account closure, Amazon is keeping a low profile. Any contact with Amazon is pointless. Even account managers refer you to the sales performance team in such matters, as the sales team cannot influence them. The sales performance team is only available via Email reachable. The known standard is obtainedemails that have no relation to the respective, individual situation.

    In fact, from this point onwards you are excluded from the sale on the Amazon Marketplace under your own identity. For entrepreneurs a horror scenario.

    Is there anyone here in the blog, who knows the current status of the collective charges?

    Greetings Markus

    • Simone Janson says:

      Thank you Markus for these unfortunately not very encouraging insights. If this is already well-known: Is there no way of doing so, either by law or by public pressure?

  12. Michael Kunser says:

    So my payout has been fixed since 5 months.

    - First my account was blocked because it was blocked with others
    Accounts, even though I do not know them at all.

    - The blocking took place “by chance” on the day of the payout

    - Payment should be paid out after 90 days, which didn't happen

    - After I reminded Amazon that the payment is now due,
    the bank transfer to my account was denied. Back and forth
    write was written to me that in the next 2-3 weeks
    Check comes. This also did not happen.

    - Amazon contacted again and no response to date.

    - The next step is to file the lawsuit.
    If you have any questions, please contact me at 0157-88173059

    • Simone Janson says:

      Hello Michael, thanks for the comment. Are you going to file the lawsuit alone or are you also seeking a class action lawsuit? In this context, you should times the specified eMailAddress Amazon victims.
      Good luck!

  13. Possibility says:

    Experience with Amazon and re-registration after blocking:

    Do not do this on your PC and do not use any data already stored on Amazon! Make everything new.

    Use the PC / Internet connection of your friends / relatives or go to the Internetcafe.

    Also use its phone number for the login pin or take a public phone cell where you can go through an 2. Person.

    Get a new 2 from the bank. Set up the account number, which is usually free of charge. If possible read an 2. Register and use this account and its name at the Amazon registration. I have made. That this person should be able to understand is self-evident.

    Disadvantage for commercial sellers. New registration can only be made as a private person, due to tax number! Here would be the possibility also the trade to another person to announce. Further secondary publications with private suppliers are specified, Billing for the customer is not possible.

    Then there is the possibility to offer your articles via a well-known dealer.

    All too much effort?

    Who else knows other ways?

    • Simone Janson says:

      Wow, now it goes into detail. Thanks for the practical hints!

    • Markus F. says:

      Much effort and not really an alternative for traders, BUT: The only way to open a new seller account at Amazon! I am aware of cases where Amazon must have matched the MAC address of the router, in addition to the IP address, in order to establish a connection to an existing account, which inevitably leads to bar lock.

  14. Search for solution says:

    !!! Fingers away from Amazon. !!!

    This is so easy. Sell ​​despite suspension under another name
    at Amazon since 10 years. Why? Because my existing goods are cash and money
    I have no substitute for ebay to earn my livelihood.

    With all the annoyance I have probably experienced here on the Internet since 1998, it is for
    but I am very comfortable on the Internet to earn my livelihood and
    no employer.

    Funny when I write this here, I realize that I'm about the
    Years again an employer had namely amazon and ebay. Laughing!

    Ebay and Amazon are and remain for the time being the strongest sales platforms here
    on the Internet with my current knowledge.

    Therefore, I also look for a possible solutions to my suspension
    amazon to resume and sell again legally.

    My letters and my phone calls were varied, but amazon drives one
    hard line. However, I think that with all the different reasons
    which led to a suspension, it also always one or the other
    has managed to find a solution for itself.

    So I wish me with these lines fighters / fellow fighters to find themselves
    also desire solutions.

    z. Ex: I would like to know who already experiences on the
    Has made a legal decision or on a diplomatic basis
    Way to a solution?

    Please do not contribute any hate to these companies, because
    that is certainly the wrong way.

    • Simone Janson says:

      Hello, thanks for that comment! You are of course right that you have to rely on Amazon and eBay in a certain way because there are hardly any alternatives - unfortunately. I would be happy if we could find a solution here together.

      • Search for solution says:

        On another website I read from someone who was also affected “Maybe I should go there in person”. I wrote to him that I would like to go with him. Answer is still open.

        So maybe it would be great if there were really a few affected ones together and join together. I'm sure.

        Also, I still lack suggestions which editors on private TV channels could be sensibly attributed here on this topic.

        Since I see again and again programs where these stations really strive for grievances
        to the public. That would be a way.

        I realize that in all recent years on the subject of blockages on ebay and amazon was reported very little on television, although at the same time some locked their existence
        lost, noisy info under Google search.

        On the Facebookpage “Amazon Victims Association” doesn't seem to be moving much at the moment?

        Also available at 73525@gmx.de

        • Simone Janson says:

          Hello, Report from Munich once asked about the shortage of skilled workers. - after this topic was heavily discussed here in the blog for years. I could imagine all similar TV programs. The problem is that the choice of topic is often subject to the interests of the editors - or a topic has to have a massive response. We're working on that right now - the more comments, the better the Google ranking.

          • Search for solution says:

            As far as I with my closures and the experiences with amazon and ebay with it can contribute, I ask.

  15. Uwe K says:

    In my case Amazon keeps withdrawals or blocks my seller account wg. too little reviews and a review that 30 can take days and more (why actually so long?). Literally:
    "Checks are carried out by us if there is not yet a sufficiently high number of reviews from buyers or not enough empirical values ​​to be able to assess whether the present inventory or the sales volume can be handled as expected by you."
    As an aid to shorten the waiting time for payment (30 days and more), Amazon advises asking customers for reviews, which doesn't make things any better - if you have sold little, you have few reviews - why they think you can manage the volume not handling it (so it's too big!) makes no sense at all.
    My account had previously been blocked because my bank or credit card details were supposedly invalid - if they weren't, they aren't.
    In fact, the whole thing is probably "only" software-controlled and one can assume that interest rates also play a role in addition to customer protection. With the sales of Amazon, there must be quite a sums of money.

  16. Anna Marlens says:


    I got it now, too. After years of membership, where I only offered occasional books, I began to offer all new articles instead of eBay on eBay, at Amazon. For that I took my time today and hardly on 25 listings new articles. For a short time, I was irrevocably blocked without prior notice.

    Does anyone know with how many new articles one as a private person is blocked?

    • Simone Janson says:

      Hi Anna,
      also here sorry that I only now noticed that the comment is still found in the spam folder.
      I think it is not in the case of the pure mass, but simply the fact that you adjust very many new articles at once, which seems suspicious. As already said above: I would simply as a private person simply sell only privately to avoid such problems.

  17. Dominik says:


    I also wanted to publish my problems with amazon.de Marktplace:

    I sold an iPhone 2012 on Amazon in August 4. This cell phone was flawless back then - which I can prove with witnesses and cell phone bills, among other things.

    I received the purchase price minus 12% (!!) sales commission - as far as everything is good ...

    ... until the beginning of November.

    The buyer reported to Amazon that I would have delivered a faulty cell phone. It wouldn't work - apart from that, I explicitly pointed out in the sales description at the time that it was a private sale without a guarantee.

    Anyway. The buyer has turned to Amazon and complained about me. Amazon contacted me and I had to repay him immediately. Daufhin I back Amazon contacted and proved that I have not sent faulty goods.

    All I got from Amazon were some standard mails that did not fit at all to the facts.

    I had asked for a call back, that I times times with someone from Amazon can talk to clarify the facts. Again only standard mails.

    Now, although I asked for clarification, the money was simply withdrawn from my account and refunded to the buyer.

    The iPhone I've sold but never seen again. The buyer has not sent it back. Now I am the iphone AND my money is loose and Amazon stands up stubborn and denies any contact !!

    A bottomless cheek! Unfortunately, I am not insured against legal expenses and I cannot afford a lawyer - but I would like to sue Amazon.

    This was the last time I sold on Amazon. Unfortunately it does not help me.

    • Simone Janson says:

      Hello Dominik,
      I had the same problem - only it was a book for 10 euros, which I could get over. That's why I started to deal with the topic of Amazon in the first place.
      The legal situation of this problem I have described here:
      or here parts 4-6 in more detail https: //berufebilder.de/ series / trouble-with-amazon /
      In other words, you can probably take legal action against Amazon in this case. With an iPhone it is also worthwhile - and as I said, there is also the option of class action.
      This can possibly be avoided by an insured shipping.

  18. Ernst Dalling says:

    So I can remember quite well the time before 2 years. As a salesman was even personally cared for. It all went from an office in Munich. At that time, there were no pre-made standard texts, and every single line of the query was meticulously entered. When I announced that I am playing with the idea of ​​me as a small business, I wanted to even call me (in German, of course) through all the steps so that everything is adjusted properly. So that's what I called real service. Meanwhile, the Amazon is no longer worth. Does anyone know more about why or why you have moved around?

    Because a total of 10 new articles will be suspended? I can imagine it hard. Then many more accounts would have to be excluded. If you buy a new printer and from the old cartridges then you have quickly 4 different and still new cartridges.

    Speaking of exclusion and fixed book prices. There are still quite a few commercial sellers who offer their new books as new. One has almost 500 books in its range and offers them with the text "flawless, unread regular copy (smoke-free) in gift quality." on. This can now be understood as a well-made disguise or as real. But if the customer reviews often say something like “new and in the original packaging” then it is more than obvious. Would you take action against it and report it? If yes how?

    • Simone Janson says:

      My bad experiences lie over two years back and even then I was already fed off with standard flaps.
      Of course someone is not necessarily suspended because of a too high number of new material. But if someone has complained about it, for example, a competitor or a publisher, maybe one, the Amazon really sales turnover, he has here a reason. Especially since Amazon also earned even more, if higher prices are achieved. And as different court rulings on the subject of private sale / commercial show, it does not necessarily depend on the quantity of the sold articles. It is also just a suspicion of me.
      Simone Janson

  19. lorenz says:

    hello together

    I have exactly the same problem.ich have written over 120 messages written to the seller performance, did not get a single answer.amazon reserves over 2500 euro for 90 days.

    I have now written to computerbild.vielleicht you should also do, the more complaints are getting bigger our chance

    • Simone Janson says:

      Hello Lorenz,
      Making a public is a good and effective idea. I help with this blog, where I can only.
      However, as an editorial team, you usually get so many inquiries that important things quickly get lost. Therefore, targeted press work would also make sense if there are several editorial offices. At this point I would like to refer to “We are VDI”: refer to - that also started with complaint comments, was then accompanied by me for years in a journalistic way until the press (e.g. the ARD program report) finally became aware of it.

  20. Ernst Dalling says:

    Hello my dears!
    I am really very surprised that I had to look in this matter not long and the first result of Google is so a hit.
    I can think of something else but it comes out on the same. I had 39 feedbacks and all were satisfied with me. When I was unhappily involved in a traffic accident, my girlfriend had thought about it and immediately set my account inactive. I was out of action for several months and could not respond to buyer requests. Nevertheless, my lack of response to requests was reported to Amazon and they suspended me. The news of the buyers was more than questionable. One wanted to have an account although I had logged in as an individual at Amazon and had acted. The other has been excited about the shipping costs although I can not influence them and these are regulated by Amazon. More or less, I was also punished for the ignorance of the people.

    I requested to release my member account for the sale since I had never consciously harmed anyone had handled all transactions to the highest satisfaction of the buyer and I would not be responsible for the mistakes and negligence of the buyer. Amazon needs to understand that I have not chosen with the accident and it really is no one to wish.

    Amazon reacts coldly and heartlessly and writes that they have decided against me and no more communication will take place. It can go as fast as that. There is no one who wants evil, and then one encounters misunderstanding.
    If I read through all this one can probably counter the most promising. Pity!

    Best wishes send you

    • Simone Janson says:

      Hello Mr. Dalling,
      again sorry for the belated release.
      My sincere regret for your accident.
      Since I am writing on an eCommerce course, I have also a little with Amazon apart. The problem of the lack of provider identification (for example, you can not provide detailed information on private sales, shipping costs or even imprinting) has already been recognized by lawyers. Here is simply the problem, the Amazon as a non-German company is synonymous only to be held liable.
      I also understand the annoyance in view of your situation, but I believe that Amazon simply sends standardized text modules in response and that your legitimate complaint has not even been read - e.g. also because the recipient could not speak German.

      I have a little hope that arouses something when the topic is gaining in public, which certainly takes a while.
      The alternative is just: finger away from Amazon.


  21. Gerlinde Peter says:

    In my experience, the motto "The more, the more accommodating." not necessarily confirm. Before that I had offered 1 or 2 books every now and then and it takes time for them to change hands. These were new and partly welded in foil. I never bothered about fixed book prices. Is it even binding for private individuals?
    When I started with 4 printer cartridges, a drilling machine and 5 other 4 items (all as new), I was excluded. So I would be interested in how many articles Amazon viewed as commercial? Does Amazon think about it at all? In my research, I have come several times to results on eBay, where after a certain number of offered articles are forced to convert their account to commercial, whereby I have the number and the period no longer in mind. Just how is it at Amazon? Suppose that discover an account that smacks of industrial smell, then how do they proceed? We suspended immediately? And with what quantity within what time window would they intervene?

    • Simone Janson says:

      Hello Ms Peter,
      Unfortunately I only found your comment in the spam folder now, sorry. So that's exactly where the problem lies in my opinion: The limits on the number of items and the amount you can earn with them are certainly fluid, there are also different tax opinions and court rulings - I wrote something about this here:
      But now purely in terms of logic: Where should the new goods come from as a private seller? Therefore one is considered to be a commercial seller on many platforms as soon as one sells new goods more often / regularly - just google for “commercial sale of new goods”. There are certainly no uniform rules on this either, but I think Amazon has excluded you for this.
      On the subject of book price binding in private sales I have found here a judgment:
      I also do not consider it excluded that in your case other commercial dealers or publishers have complained.
      Simone Janson

  22. Jana Pijl says:

    @Gerlinde Peter
    Yes, Dutch, but no reason to exclude someone, because the Amazon founder is not known German. But who knows what is going on behind the scenes. For both you and me there must be a reason that does not comply with their guidelines. That's why you grab this emergency anchor to get one out. Of course, a bad reputation is not good for Amazon. Therefore it is probably due to an unofficial reason.
    I also fear after I follow the above Email-Address that they suspended me because my price was a thorn in the side of one of the marketplace sellers and he must have complained to Amazon with success. They are likely to have followed and because it is not an official reason, the revocation of the authorization was the emergency solution if they could otherwise not prove any violation of the guidelines. I can remember that a seller always tried to be 10 cents cheaper than me. Again and again I held against it with an even greater difference and at some point the air should have been outside with him. Someone said there is a lot of pushing.

    • Simone Janson says:

      Hello Gerlinde, Jens & Jana,
      first times thank you for your descriptions, which is indeed monstrous, how many of these cases exist.
      So I would also rule out “racist” reasons, but what Jens says also corresponds to my experience: From a certain turnover, Amazon is probably more accommodating to violations. I often sent books after the 3-day period and never got any problems. Although I don't sell something that often and only to clear things out and my turnover is definitely not in the commercial sector, but is obviously sufficient.
      That would not surprise me, too: Why should Amazon lock users who deserve it?

      I think it is conceivable that individual salespeople will successfully complain, but not that easy. Jana, I would be interested in more information about all the pushing things around. I also have such “price wars”, nothing has happened to me then either. It can of course be that individual salespeople have better relationships - especially since not only individuals but also publishers offer their books, the latter e.g. also to avoid fixed book prices. On the other hand, I also know of publishers who are also desperate about the Amazon system, albeit elsewhere (also due to a lack of communication, etc.)

      In connection with this, I can think of something else: Have you sold your books as “new” or as “used”? New books are subject to fixed book prices and may not be offered cheaper than the publisher's price - Info: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Book price binding
      In this case, a complaint from another dealer could be quite successful.

      Otherwise, you can only guess that you are joining and denied the way of the collective accusation.

  23. jens says:

    Hello amazon-victim group,
    I have a little addendum as far as I am concerned, which I got from amazon because of misunderstandings and other things from amazon “soon we will have to throw you out, if not ...”. It went so far that you wrote me this threat for the third time, because I have a private and a commercial account there and, despite previous positive inquiries, always received an “and you will have to delete it now”.

    Anyway: Amazon's automatic “defective” “red x because of whatever” etc. pp. Will I continue to receive it - but since I have had a certain SALES, it doesn't seem to bother any employee anymore ... surprising, isn't it?

  24. Gerlinde Peter says:

    Hello everybody!
    Is it funny, the almost same fate as Jana, only a little more extreme, because somehow you do not want to talk with me. Can it be that at Amazon Amazon as foreigners? The suspicion comes slowly to me. I mean, the name Pijl sounds suspicious BeNeLux and I write here as an Austrian. However, the following evil will happen to me:

    Over the weekend I was able to successfully sell a few articles. Then I got to read the following line from Amazon, among other things, without going into detail: "We decided to take this step because your seller account did not pass our verification." I had filled out the request for re-examination immediately, and I no longer understood the world. There are three reasons why you might be suspended: "Suspended for not achieving the target", "Suspended for violating the guidelines", "Suspended because of connection to another seller account". Since I didn't know what applies to me, I filled in all the fields, especially since it was pointed out that the more detailed the higher the probability that you will be released again, as follows:

    Suspended because of insufficient targets
    Unfortunately, I could not see that my performance is below expectations. All areas in the performance light are green. There are no erroneous orders, no cancellations, no late deliveries, no violations of the guidelines and the contact period is also not to complain because I still had no contact with a buyer and no buyer had contacted me.

    I suspect that I was suspended because I sent the order of Sunday only on the following Monday. However, the order of Monday was handed over at the post office on the same day.

    Action plan: I will ship each order the same day. If the post is closed as on Sunday then I will try to throw the article into the mailbox. I will apply today for a packing station at the post office so I can enter in the future all articles there which do not fit in a mailbox. So I am not dependent on the opening time of the post office and can also place the order at weekends at the Packstation when the post office is closed.

    Suspended for violation of the guidelines
    According to the seller, I have not violated the guidelines. Nevertheless, I have read the guidelines again. I noticed that in the description of the product I added the further handling via Amazon. I took this measure as a precaution. On the weekend I have read the Amazon forum. It is noticeable to me that sellers often get a bad feedback for things for which they can do nothing. Although one is informed through Amazon about the shipping reliably, the sellers often do not come true. This misunderstanding can have fatal consequences. Therefore, I have pointed out that one from Amazon by mail all information to the dispatch gets. In the forum is also criticized that buyers very late notice that when ordering several products is not even the shipping is charged, but as often as the item number. It can happen that the buyer does not see this and gives the seller a bad feedback. That is why I mentioned that a refund is possible.

    My action plan:
    I will not add any hints in the description and omit anything that is not related to the state of the product.

    Suspended due to link to other seller account
    If someone had access to my account for fraudulent purposes, please let me know. I could not find anything. It seems all right. It could be that here a competitor has penetrated a request for deletion of the account. I ask to ignore this because it has not come from me.

    Action plan:
    I will then change the password.

    Additional Information
    Good afternoon Amazon

    herewith I would kindly ask to return my Amazon account to the old state because I have not requested any deletion of the account. It may be a misunderstanding. Nevertheless, I will stick to all points of the action plan. If you want to call me please do not want before 22. I have to go to work now and I'm back home at night.

    Best regards,
    Gerlinde Peter

    So, that was the whole application, the receipt of which from Amazon confirmed on October 23.10.2012, 13 at 22:57:24.10.2012 and writes: “The seller performance department will review your application. You will probably receive an answer by October 13, 22 57:24:60 PM. ” But instead of XNUMX hours, XNUMX hours have already passed and so far not a single response. Then it is suggested what you can do during the exam:
    * Confirm all items already sent and enter shipment tracking information.
    * Update your inventory.
    * Check whether customer contacts have been received and answer all queries.
    * Ask your buyers for a rating.
    * Read how you can improve your values

    The problem is, there is nothing to do with point 1 to 3. Point 4 I have not made, because the goods was only on the way to the buyer and annoying I will not be synonymous. Meanwhile, I have 2 reviews and both with full scores. Point 5 I need not go, if there is nothing to improve.

    I am really helpless and can not understand at all. I am thinking about whether I should not submit another application. However, I would be interested in how you would write the action plan so that it could go through as successfully as possible!

    Thank you ever for any reference!

    Mit den besten Grüßen
    Gerlinde Peter

  25. Jana Pijl says:

    Hello Simone, your commitment in honoring, just it seems to be a fight against windmills. The machinations seem all somehow covered and secured, otherwise they could not so consistently pull through.

    Obviously, I find obendrein, apart from the fact that one can not reach the phone, that I always get to read from those only at night from 22 clock something and the exclusion also against midnight took place. As if the department is sitting in India or elsewhere.

    And the anonymous mailing seems to be anything but saddle-fest. I had a buyer contacted at least 5x. Of the first two mails he would have known nothing and only with the 3. Startup it worked. At the next came nothing and then it worked again. I do not know, everything is quite exhausting there.

    Nevertheless, if there is something positive about it, I would be very happy!

    Many greetings, Jana

  26. Jana Pijl says:

    Hello Simone,
    Thank you for your understanding. Would be nice if Amazon also brings this property.
    As I now know, it is to be excluded that it is not connected with the later deposit of the delivery date. After only one week, it would have an impact on the seller's performance, but even then it is yellow and not red. Yellow still does not attract any suspension.

    Because of an alternative, it is unfortunately difficult. You can say it like that: Many people would like to use organic products if they could. But because the money does not play along, you have to resort to lower-quality, but cheaper products.

    • Simone Janson says:

      Hi Jana, I'll think about it and ask what else you could do or maybe write an article about it again. Say me quietly again or I sign up here.

  27. Jana Pijl says:

    I'm sorry, I should have expressed myself misleading. So it does not work again, but I'm still pondering why I was locked / am. Had an idea, but this again thrown out of the pile, what I wanted to express last. For some reason, the seller's statistics were red for a moment, and Amazon responded, even though it immediately went green again. I'm just wondering why that was.
    Somehow I can't get rid of the suspicion that Amazon played around with it in order to be able to chase me away. But I don't know, because if you don't get a reason, you can only speculate ... unfortunately.

    • Simone Janson says:

      Hi Jana, I'm sorry. But you will not be able to do much on your own. So there was the idea with the collective accusation.
      To rumzustreiten with Amazon, costs only nerves.

  28. Jana Pijl says:

    Hello Simone,
    Thanks for your comments.
    This is not the only way to make the difference between the two, but it's not the same as the other one.

    However is as good as to rule out that I was locked, since I had on Tuesday the dispatch of the Saturday ordered product had not confirmed. Because a few hours before the lock came yet another order purely and I have not confirmed to this day. Nevertheless, the performance performance is in the green range. Strangely, why was it then at the time of the lock in the short term on red and when I confirmed the dispatch right back to green? Also, I have read that one has 30 time for the confirmation, since the order is canceled otherwise.

    It is also peculiar that all attempts to contact the last buyer failed so far, while he had already sent several requests for the order cancellation at the same time. I told him about the approach of Amazon reported and hope that these mails do not filter!

    Is really regrettable, as with Amazon partially with the sellers is bypassed.

    Best regards,

    • Simone Janson says:

      Hi Jana,
      yes, the arguments are understandable. If it's running again, it's fine.
      Behind the behavior of Amazon is that they want to make it as pleasant as possible for the buyer - hence the behavior towards the sellers. It is the market leader, hence the high frequency of buyers.
      But if you do not look for an alternative, you will not change that.

  29. Jana Pijl says:

    Hello dear community,

    in the search for a solution against my problem with Amazon, I am among others on you pushed and am surprised, not to say horrified, how many have suffered the same SChicksal and that the machinations at Amazon probably system. This made it all the more depressed to realize that it continues to be so.

    In May of this year, I had set up Amazon both the buyer account as well as the seller account, whereby I had before the end of September the first time even something in the volume had offered. It was a used children's book that I did not just want to discard, in the hope of giving someone a joy, which is why I offered it for a cent. Also because of the fact that I could not adjust the port costs for a large letter and the buyer of Amazon lump sum 3 Euro billed. On a Saturday in the morning the book was ordered by an Austrian and I gave it a few hours later at the 8 kilometer distant post as registered mail. Finally, he should be able to hold it as soon as possible. I get from Amazon only a total of 71 cents for it. If I only consider what I've tasted at gasoline cost and porto cost, I grab my head. On the following Monday, ie the 1.10.2012, the book arrived at the buyer. The buyer also wanted to give feedback, but it was pointed out that it is only possible from 17.10.2012. I did not understand the reason he told me on the phone.

    Come on ... 1 or 2 days later I was suddenly suspended from Amazon because the targets were not achieved and without prior warning or notice. The money will be withheld for 90 days. The runner performance was red and rated me as unsatisfactory. In the order overview, I noticed the comment “Delivery time delayed” for the article, although it has long since arrived. I did not know and it is not written anywhere that I have to deposit this on Amazon immediately after shipping. My default is to ship the item after 1-2 days. When I announce the shipping date to Amazon should be irrelevant, especially since in the overview there you have the option to specify the date up to the day of the order later. Immediately I made up for it and the seller's performance changed back to green or “good”.

    Amazon advises that, in accordance with the terms and conditions, it reserves the right to exclude seller accounts from sales if this is deemed appropriate. I did not violate any guidelines or regulations. I turned to Amazon with a request to lift the ban and, after clarifying the situation, to state the reason for the exclusion, since the statement “would not have passed the check” is not necessarily specific and I did not really know what they were doing . Without knowing what's going on, I can't create a plan of action. But instead of responding to my email, I was asked questions about the VAT number, when the company was founded, addresses of the sales locations, etc. Even though I am registered as a private person and did not take advantage of the power provider option. I pointed this out by email, but all that came back was: "We have checked your account at Amazon Marketplace again and have decided not to reactivate your seller account."

    So I actually knew Amazon always as a very serious company. But so slowly, I doubt somehow, that everything is done with the right thing. Things were asked of me without helping me and was abandoned so far. I can not create a satisfactory plan of action without knowing what I did wrong. I can not give information about a company, although I am registered as private. One is fed off with prefabricated standard letters and constantly talks of verification, where I can not imagine that the really were made, because otherwise one would not ask senseless questions and justify, which regulation I have injured. I am still asked to understand the decision. This is not possible if I make accusations that are not right. You do not have to put up with everything.

    Do you have an idea what I can do? Meanwhile, I was informed that I will not write more. Amazon has so far done nothing but copying and copying texts!

    Love greetings from a desperate,

    • Simone Janson says:

      Hi Jana,
      this is a really stupid story, you have my fullest understanding. I've heard from so many sites that Amazon is really crap. For example, publishers who complain that it takes eternity to update their publishing information.

      I also have the impression that there are only a few underpaid assistants, who then send standardized responses. Cost savings.

      My advice: There are better solutions for ordering and selling, just look for alternatives. Otherwise the legal way remains: Under Ama-zon-de-opfer@web.de one of my readers wanted to organize a class action which, due to a lack of participation, did not come to fruition.

      So: Resist legally or search for alternative.

      Simone Janson

  30. Anti-Amazon initiative founded: Difficulty communicating with Amazon.de | Profession pictures by Simone Janson says:

    [...] My three-part article on the problems with private sales on Amazon comes to an end. The reason was that my readers here in the blog, victims of similar practices, had founded an anti-Amazon initiative with the aim of bringing a class action lawsuit against the Internet giant. If you want to take part - information is available here. [...]

  31. Anti-Amazon initiative founded: Attention private sellers with the A-z-Guarantee | Profession pictures by Simone Janson says:

    [...] treated quite arbitrarily, as reader reports here in the blog show. From this, an initiative has now been founded that wants to take legal action against Amazon. Since my contribution to akademie.de from 2008, the [...]

  32. Anti-Amazon initiative founded: Difficulty communicating with Amazon.de | Profession pictures by Simone Janson says:

    [...] My three-part article on the problems with private sales on Amazon comes to an end. The reason was that my readers here in the blog, victims of similar practices, had founded an anti-Amazon initiative with the aim of bringing a class action lawsuit against the Internet giant. If you want to take part - information is available here. [...]

  33. Jens says:

    Yes, Amazon does what it wants ... they have "suspended" me for the second time because of ridiculousness, so that you have to create an "action plan" in order to be able to continue. In addition, the so-called Amazons A-Z- Guarantees are a real seller's fake. If something does not suit the customer, or if he leaves permanent damage to the goods ... the seller can pay.

    • Simone Janson says:

      Hi Jens,
      thank you for the report. The operator of the anti-Amazon-Initiative mentioned in the text is certainly looking forward to more people who join.

  34. Simone Janson says:

    #Blogpost Anti-Amazon Inititative founded in the blog here: Amazon victims make mobile

  35. Liane Wolffgang says:

    Anti-Amazon Initiative founded here in the blog: Amazon victims make mobile: Some time ago I had about my ...

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