Anti-Amazon Initiative Established: Attention private seller with the Az Guarantee

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Amazon is handy and I like to use the Amazon Marketplace to clear my bookshelf. Unfortunately, it is apparently not an isolated case that Amazon treats its customers quite arbitrarily, such as reader reviews Best of HR –® demonstrate. It has now established an initiative that wants to take legal action against Amazon. Since my contribution at from the year 2008, who got the ball rolling in the meantime, is no longer available, I post it here for all interested again.

Anti-Amazon Initiative Established: Attention private seller with the Az Guarantee eCommerce

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Here writes for you:

Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisher, German Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


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This entry contains content and information that may be out of date, eg due to legal or statistical changes. Because it can still be helpful to get an overview of the topic, you can still find it here.

“Az Guarantee” at Attention private sellers!

But what exactly had happened? As I said, I had sold 2008 at Amazon a few books as a private seller. Since I did not want to offer my books expensive, I chose an uninsured, open booklet as a dispatch.

And it happened to what everyone on the Internet Article sold, must always fear: The book was lost. Only the empty envelope arrived at the buyer. And at first she complained to me, not exactly friendly, by the way.

The Shipping Dilemma on Amazon

Now you are as a seller of in terms of shipping costs in a dilemma: With Ebay, for example, you can set the shipping itself and the buyers communicate that an insured shipping costs more. The buyer can then decide whether he the Thing is worth it. And you have to say that most people are not.

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At, however, there is a so-called shipping charge of three euros. The money does not come to the seller's good, even if so communicates, but Amazon settles the purchase price and lump sum with the costs incurred for the purchase price - and are, unlike Ebay, not exactly low.

So if you want to make a small profit, you have no choice but to set the purchase price accordingly high. This method has me in one eMail even recommended: "It is the responsibility of the seller to calculate the sales price in such a way that a delivery with acknowledgment of receipt may be considered."

Who is buying expensive books?

Only: Then it does not buy, because unlike Ebay the buyer can not even determine the price itself. This is exactly what I had in the back of my head: The buyer wants it cheap - then he must also live with the risk that the item is lost when shipping.

And I told the buyer. By the way, I also offered to send the article again because I had just received this book twice. But she did not want that. I would recommend this to any market-place user: Before submitting an application for an Az warranty, you should contact the seller and try to agree amicably.

What happens with an Az warranty?

The buyer turned to and applied for an Az guarantee. asked me for an opinion. I gave that in detail - and then ceased from nothing more. A few days later I had to realize that the money simply with my seller account had been charged.

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This practice is legally questionable at least - and I have set out in detail in my article. From tomorrow to more!

Books only go to Amazon?

What irritates me now is that the relatively expensive Amazon market for buyers is still so good, because most people seem to be too comfortable to look at Ebay, where the same books are offered significantly cheaper. Or in other words: books is something that is not running on Ebay.

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  1. Dennis Deichmann

    I have a similar problem:

    I have an air purifier on the Amazon-volume for sale. The article was also sold quite quickly.

    But when I saw the name of the device I did not notice that I had chosen to offer a “Venta LW14” as a “Venta LW15”.

    The buyer immediately noticed the wrong delivery and contacted me and informed me that I had sent a wrong device.

    I have, of course, looked at my mistake and accepted the return application.

    The buyer has sent me the device back. When it came to me, the device was broken in several places.

    I have submitted the device to DHL for damage assessment. DHL has not taken over the damage due to defective packaging.

    The AmazonA-ZGuarantee Department asked me to pay back the money, if not, my Amazon account would be charged. That's exactly what happened yesterday. In my eyes, an unding.

    According to several e-mails from Amazon support, the buyer with the A-ZGuarantee even the right to receive a refund even without returning the goods.

    Now my question? HOW CAN THE RIGHT BE?

    I'm getting neither from the Amazon seller phone service (which is real like, robots programmed on standard answers), nor from the seemingly untouchable one A-ZGuarantee team, answers to my questions.


    Thanks in advance and mfG,

    Dennis Deichmann - Filmography by type

    • Simone Janson

      Hi Dennis,
      I wrote the whole series “Trouble with Amazon” exactly in such cases, which unraveled the legal problem again. / aerger-with-amazon /

      The described legal reasoning is described here (and in the posts before and then):

      Please read carefully!

  2. Steffi

    I'm still so angry that I do not get air. So to my case, I had a hair straightener from Babyliss get given by my daughter, but I did not clear with it and had to 2x the attempt to use the ... full. Well, I thought I am a very good buyer at Amazon, why not try to sell something there .... (Babyliss Pro Styler), good and nice on stock and clicked on again, there was a page where one then the product name must enter and see as also among these many Babyliss products also my device and then click on the button own article clicked. Now I had to specify some things and under state I could only select "new", well I thought I was down underneath then comment on the article and since I then pointed out that it was not new, but only 2 x was used ... well and nice, the offer was a long time in it and I myself was also not informed by Amazon, the flat iron on the 7 Nov. 12 was sold, only when I received a reminder that purchased item was not yet shipped, I knew it!
    Immediately informed the buyer that it is shipped the next day, which I also did now then came suddenly a return request, since I had sold a used article as new. I myself still quiet and have the buyer pointed out that I have indicated under note that this is a used hair straightener. Once again the same eMail received from the buyer. The also directly a negative assessment has given the words "sold used as new" more not, I have of course responded to it! Then came a guarantee application from the buyer, where he now at once also stated that article is in a very bad condition (but fortunately, I always take pictures of the sales (ebay) before I pack them, so I can damage transport possibly can prove) So also answered and also the photos from the device attached to the eMail and thought now I would rest, but no .... Now came again an eMail from amazon where one is reminded me that articles from drugstore and body care can always only be set as "new". For me a huge question mark, where stands in which category I offered the flat iron ...? ? Now I was sure that I Yesterday, because I wanted to prove that I could not choose anything other than just this new, a screenshot video (I'm adding here) which proves this as I've just done so again as if I wanted to sell a Babyliss Pro styler. And since I mean to have seen the also offered are offered and lo and behold, it is also so and because of the this article can only be set as new! (I will also add) Now came again an eMail, where the guarantee application was given right, of course I directly contradicted it and also the evidence video attached.
    This can not be, you just follow the instructions of the creation page and is afterwards the loser I times had already upset before and had bought from my own pocket a shipping mark, since the tool did not go for several hours!
    Also to get into the sales area at all, took a few minutes, since it is very badly done and hardly to find. Also the money from the buyer was not paid to me at all.

    To all received and also written enamels, which synonymous contain the videos .. you should not be able to open these .... Please give me mod then I make a PDF

    I hope to read something of you

    Best regards


    • Simone Janson

      Hello Steffi,
      sorry first, I had to first fish your post from the Spam folder. In the future, but that should work.
      They have fallen victim to the confusing structure of Amazon. De facto sellers and Amazon are certainly right, just drugstore articles can not be sold as new. But it is just the problem that you can not make such a mark on Amazon sufficiently. Therefore, experts advise the Amazon as a sales platform actually from. I will publish a separate post tomorrow.
      May I point you to this thread, where other injured parties exchange and also the offer exists, legally in the form of a collective action against Amazon to proceed:

  3. Simone Janson

    #Blogpost Anti-Amazon-Inititative founded: Attention private seller with the Az-guarantee

  4. Liane Wolffgang

    Anti-Amazon-Inititative founded: Attention Privatverkäufer with the Az-Garantie: Amazon is practical and also i ...

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