{Replica} From account suspensions, frozen funds and class actions: The Amazon system harms temporary workers and customers

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This contribution of ZDF reporter on the working conditions of temporary workers in the Christmas business at Amazon has hit high waves in recent weeks. On too Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® The displeasure of many readers who are ready for a class action lawsuit, because Amazon unlawfully blocks customer accounts and collects money from customers. Behind both systems plug.

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Shitstorm vs. Amazon

In the past few weeks, the outrage over Amazon and the inhumane conditions in the treatment of temporary workers was great, including politics. On the Facebook-Site from Amazon broke out a real shit storm. Angry customers had their accounts blocked-

Zoë Beck writes that she does not understand the excitement: "Anyone who thinks a bit has to figure out that a logistical effort, such as that carried out at Amazon, Zalando, Otto, etc., costs money." And these costs would have to be saved on the workforce.

At the expense of customers and temporary workers

And actually, the figures that Thomas Hutter submits, that the anger about Amazon is also fast track again. Everything so not so bad, just another, annoying Shitstorm? This is unfortunately too short.

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Because the Amazon method also has a long-term system - and that is damn sophisticated. According to the FAZ, Amazon founder and CEO Bezos has decided to show off his cleverness at the expense of others and not to excel in charity.

Absolute efficiency is at the forefront

The result is a company that focuses on absolute efficiency. And in which not only temporary eggs are harmed, but also the customers.

For example, because Amazon, like on Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® described, also freezes customer funds, blocks customer accounts or, as in the aforementioned FAZ-Article reports that it is using its monopoly to drive up prices.

From online store to data octopus

And because Amazon is gradually developing from an online shop to a data octopus. When blocking customer accounts, Amazon apparently even matches IP addresses to prevent the blocked ones from opening a second account.

Therefore, it is not to worry about Amazon for a short time but to have the long-term development of the group in view - especially from the political side. Amazon will only rethink if the company is forced by the economic calculus.

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A customer reports

For how much the decisions made at Amazon are determined by the US and how small the efficiency of the individual is, this report from our reader shows Uncle-D:

We went through the complete scenario with the large corporation as a dealer. Almost since the beginning of October of our membership, small sales amounts were withheld due to checking our seller account. That wasn't particularly nice, but we still put up with it. As sales increased, and with it the retained funds, we began to contact Amazon over and over again. by phone and by Email you just don't have a chance. Shortly before Christmas, the great disaster: Our account was blocked and income should be frozen for 90 days. The reason for this was connection with other, closed seller accounts, which was / is absolutely not the case. A big slap in the face for us, because there are considerable sums that threaten the existence of a small company if these sales simply do not come in. In the same week we drove personally to Munich, to the headquarters of AMAZON Germany to speak to the manager. Of course, this one could not be spoken. However, we were treated very politely. This was followed by a conversation with those responsible and people who had something to say (without mentioning names). We were even given business cards with cell phone numbers, etc. We were promised that the problem would be taken care of and that they would call in on the same day. So far so good. We drove back home relieved. In the evening the call came and we were informed that everything had been checked again in detail, but unfortunately there was nothing more that could be done for us. The reason: The people who decide something like this are based in the USA and there is nothing more you can do from here, so our account is still blocked. Funds are still frozen. Now we have initiated legal dunning proceedings and filed a complaint with the police.

What can we do?

But when it comes to the question of what the individual customer can do, then I would like to quote here the call of our reader Mathias Wolfgang: He writes up Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®: Bottom line, Amazon is only the profit, people and humanity are obviously nothing more. Therefore, and not only because of the ARD report only, I have the consequence pulled and my account at Amazon terminated. For all those who have been harmed by Amazon, or deceived, I can only recommend you join the collective accusation. Amazon has your money. And you have the right to bring it back to you. I wish you lots of strength and all the best and much success.

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  1. Jörg

    Well, there are other platforms for the sale of books and books from the UK you can also get other platforms. The Amazon problem has been conscious for several years. It is not just the data pit, the much worse problem is the Amazon, Zalando and Co. destroy our economic and social system !!! I think we should click all the yellowish Google ads from Amazon. Because for every click Amazon has to pay! I would call a real Shitstorm. We should not stop until Amazon finally shows a different behavior.

    • Simone Janson

      Jörg, thanks for the hint. The idea of ​​ad-clicking is at least productive, I'm not sure if such a call is legal ... and if it really brings anything.
      As far as the destruction of society by online retailers is concerned, the development can probably not be stopped - refer again to the article by Zoe Becker linked in the text.

  2. Benjamin Wagener

    Amazon is not only making an effort on its own side as a data octopus, but now also on Facebook. Amazon has been running campaigns for a few weeks now, where they promise customers a small voucher for answering a simple question or the like and then let them authorize an app that not only has access to pretty much all facebook-Data of the respective member wants to have, but also on the birthdays and "Likes" information of the friends of the member. So Amazon more or less entices Facebook-Users to sell friends' data for a small gift. The number is extremely shabby.

    • Simone Janson

      Hello Benjamin,
      thanks for the hint. Also ironic somewhere: The data octopus No. 1 is fished. We just chewed up on FB & Google for years and didn't even have an eye on Amazon. But the real problem is: You can't do without it. As many of my plaintive commentators wrote: You depend on Amazon. I still use Amazon - there's nothing better for selling used books, and I'm also happy about the quick integration of the book cover into reviews on the blog.

      • Benjamin Wagener

        I'm similar. Amazon is also the easiest way to get eg cheaper DVD / BluRays or books from the UK. And Kindle is also a really nice platform to visit eBooks to come and then be able to read both on the smartphone, as well as the calculator.

        • Simone Janson

          This calms my bad conscience a bit ;-) but shows exactly the mess in which one is today. No one has found a solution to the problem yet.

          • Benjamin Wagener

            Well, as a liberal I say for once that the state has to intervene. It can not be that on the one hand we pretend that we are one entity in Europe through the EU, but then EU citizens from other countries can be exploited. Everyone who works here in Germany should be treated the same, no matter where the people come from. And then it can not be the case, for example, that the job centers can simply shift the responsibility to the temporary work agencies, who then act as they are funny. There has to be transparent control. When you receive ALG you will be controlled as well as nothing good, with much less abuse than in the temporary work sector.

          • Simone Janson

            The thought germinated to me often - not only in this case.

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