Alexej Nawalny or 6 Benefits of Social Media Communication: Freedom for Dialogue!

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The silent revolution

Statements published on the web are irrevocable - whether thoughtlessly posted or targeted. In fact, social media has transformed our communication behavior drastically.

The incision was as great as not even the spread of the book print more than five hundred years ago. It is, so to speak, the secret rebirth of the dialogue in an unexpected place. This results in many advantages:

 Alexej Navalny or 6 advantages of social media

The silent revolution beyond par-line and media houses can be traced to the example of the Russian opposition politician Alexei Nawalny. 6 Benefits of Social Media.

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  1. The net as a mouthpiece: What does someone who can not identify with the official representation of his country and therefore does not appear in the similar media? He uses the net! As a blogger Nawalny represents his (unloved) opinion and mobilizes tens of thousands of like-minded to countrywide rallies. The social networks are his sphere and he twitters until the arrest. He has recently shown how targeted social media messages are, with his much-praised appeal to fight corruption.
  2. Caution, addiction factor: Granted, the social media dominate our communications world, they have a significant impact on our everyday lives. It has long been determined by the smart devices and their applications. Not the other way around. Work and thoughts are interrupted immediately, new messages arrive. And if the beloved smartphone accidentally once lie at home, which often causes physical withdrawal symptoms.
  3. Communicate more in real time: We follow and chirp, we us and post, we stream and blog. Through social media, we are clearly communicating again, first of all on the written word. Briefly and briefly formulated, we take a position, exchange opinions or activate our fellow human beings to act together. The spread of the message in real time makes the flashmob possible. In the short run and surprisingly, many people come together to take part in public actions - whether for a party or for a demo. And an opportunity for personal dialogue.
  4. From the exchange to the consumer and back again: Communication in its original form served the exchange. Words made it easier for man to express himself more precisely. With the invention of the multiplied word by book and newspaper, man became more and more a consumer. Radio and television continued this development in the last century. The dialogue became more and more monologous. A slipping into the passivity took place. With the social media comes a piece of the original idea of ​​the word communication. Your success secret is based not least on the possibility to comment on everything at once and at any time and to compose texts yourself.
  5. Be more active! This possibility of interactivity shifts the weight to more activity. We live out on the net. We share and participate. And at the same time, the dialogue returns. A TV show is no longer just consumed, it can also be immediately responded to your own communication needs. Basically we go back to our origins. Communication is a form of dialogue based on the exchange of words between those involved. We have regained this freedom after decades of oppression. A historical moment in a historical phase. ”
  6. See social media as an asset: Let's see the new dialogue via social media as Impuls and enrichment. We not only post, we also talk to each other. Because without the call in the network, we might never have met our interlocutor. And when we deliberately spread our pats to the touch screen and those close to us, non-verbal communication comes into its own.

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