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Here you can put together, book and download onlineCourses tailored to your needs. To do this, enter the subject of your choice in the search function and then book the package. Below are someCourses to choose from!

  • Making mistakes in the job {eLearning On Demand}

    Mistakes are part of life and are human. But in companies they are only too happy to be swept under the carpet, as consequences are often feared. But perfection only rarely promotes innovation and success. What we need is resilience in difficult situations and the correct handling of errors in companies, a healthy, cooperative error culture. [...]

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  • Employee motivation for managers {eLearning On Demand}

    Employees need motivation, that is the common attitude. But is that really true? As disadvantageous as the new VUCA world with its numerous digital changes may be, it offers many advantages such as initiative on the part of employees, increased flexibility and agility, which can help to gain and retain joy in responsibility. In this way, employees can be motivated in the long term. [...]

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  • Help stress! Conquering performance pressure, ambition & perfectionism {eLearning On Demand}

    Stress and hectic are omnipresent today, yoga and relaxation exercises are often recommended, but very often the causes are much deeper: Stress is often homemade and the corresponding patterns are firmly rooted in our mental program. In addition to mindfulness and meditation exercises, it helps above all to become aware of your own inner driver. [...]

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  • Organize & Time Manage Learning {eLearning On Demand}

    Above all, the digital change with its numerous distractions - with the simultaneous demand for greater speed - leads to stress and excessive demands for many people. That doesn't have to be the case: Most of the time, the only thing missing is the right methods to be successful despite the pressure to perform. But with suitable tips and instructions, the often preprogrammed burnout can be successfully avoided. [...]

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  • Perfect Leadership {eLearning on Demand}

    Bosses should always have an overview of the big picture in order to make optimal management decisions at all times. But there is a lot that you can do wrong as a manager: Anyone who, for example, keeps pulling dissatisfied employees along with them is just as much in the wrong place as the chief animator, as is the wellness manager, who prefers to cuddle his employees rather than speak plain language. [...]

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  • Riding Dead Horses {eLearning On Demand}

    Many people fear change. The fear of new things is often so great that the people concerned prefer to sit on their already quite dead horses until nothing is possible anymore than to get off and look for new ways. A professional reorientation would often be the better and perhaps also the simpler choice. [...]

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