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Roland ForsterDr. Roland Forster is a lecturer at the University of Saarbrücken and a communication trainer. Forster studied speech science, German, social studies, political science and, in addition to the 1st and 2nd state exams and doctorate, also passed a speech educator examination (DGSS). He is a lecturer for German as a foreign language and oral communication at the Saarland University in Saarbrücken. Since 1998 he has been responsible for the “Oral Communication” module at the “Consulting” event (Institute for Information Systems, Saarbrücken University). He also works as a communication trainer in companies, especially in the IT sector. The majority of the participants in his events are consultants, mostly between the ages of 20 and 40. More information at forsterkomm.de

The power of voice: technical language and code-switching

Language really means nothing more than words and rules on how the individual elements are linked together. This is especially noticeable when the statements are not understood - for example, in a jargon.


Danger in the jargon?

In specialized languages ​​terms are used, often abbreviated speaking, which colleagues understand without difficulty - but only these. This can go so far that such a speaker linguistically can not change to another level, because he is already bogged down in this particular language.

For example, if you are talking to a customer first contact, you do not have to be surprised if the customer is asked to ask for another consultant.

Negotiations are about understanding

Negotiations are not just about content, you just have to talk to each other. And you have to understand!

The underlying problem must first come from the outsidespiegelbecome T; But that is often not easy, because conceptual security is always a training goal and signals professionalism.

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Who are my listeners?

But here too, it is not about black or white in order to be good or bad but meaningful are mixtures, which are produced in the respective communication situation and organized for precisely these partners at this time at this place in this context.

It is always helpful to have a precommunicative situation analysis that can provide information about the expected audience.

A too low vocabulary?

It is much easier to work on another phenomenon: it might sound exaggerated, but on several occasions the vocabulary of young counselors is very low.

The candidates in question are technically really good, but use in their oral performance almost stereotypically “have”, “do” and “there are”.

The ability to code switching

Linguistics speaks here of a restricted code. - Simple remedy: read, and not again, literary literature, but proper books. Also fast help promising: write even texts, fantasy stories, or also: diary.

The vocabulary can not be large enough. The goal is a so-called elaborated code, that is, the ability to have sufficient choices for formulations based on a large vocabulary, depending on the partner, prehistory, subject and situation; this also includes the ability to code-switching.

What a communication trainer regularly experiences in seminars, workshops and further education events is untapped opportunities and the potential of the participants. The importance of voice and language is often underestimated.

Why the voice is so important

Thus, not a few consultants are not easy to understand - linguistically, speaking, acoustically - although it is generally known how crucial voice and speech are in consulting work.

If you ask, those affected had never been corrected or informed about 90% or even referred to exercise options. Against this background, it should be in all behavioral training in the Company As much as has already been said, it is always a question of observing and analyzing the areas of voice, language, and speech. From this, development opportunities can then be identified.

Voice and language carry the personality

Negotiate with business partners, present in front of customers, appear in a telephone and video conference, conduct meetings - in all forms of verbal communication, voice, language and speech are the deciding factors in the communication success.

As is well known, voice and speaking as the realization of language 'carry' personality. The aim of the following considerations is therefore to draw attention to parameters whose further development contributes to the optimization of the communication personality.

Effort-free speaking is learnable

The voice should work effortlessly, be resilient and also sound melodious - quite high demands. You have to know that the voice is genetically determined to a certain extent; nevertheless, what we organize with the voice - the voice guidance, the sound of the voice, the right 'seat' - can be changed.

So it does not have to be that someone speaks softly and defensively to the end of the life, just because he or she somehow started with it. It is not a fixed fate to speak with so much pressure and exertion, and also quickly to hear hoarseness that after ten minutes the first listeners become restless, get involved with other things, turn off the effort to listen to a certain damaged voice, is simply too big.

When listeners get hoarse

What that means for presentations, is obvious. In an extreme case, a listener of such a voice can subsequently be even hoarse - although he has not said a word.

If one also considers that lecturers should consider well what they are drinking before the oratory, or in the middle, it becomes clear how complex this subject matter is: juices have astringent (apple) or mucus (orange), coffee and tea dry out, mineral water with a lot of carbon dioxide increases the entertainment value of the presentation - so: only water is announced.

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