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  • Selling on Amazon: Risks for Business Startups

    Here, the risks that start-ups should pay attention to when selling on the Amazon Marketplace will be discussed. Contents Hide risks in the narrower sense Maximum price transparency Competitive prices Inadequate differentiation strategies Lack of brand development Dependency on Amazon Marketplace Threat of exclusion High sales fees require high-margin products Conflict of interest Amazon vs. Marketplace retailer Risk of cannibalization Exclusion from sale on Amazon for life? Disbursement block [...]

  • Online Shopping: Safely Shopping and Paying

    Not only can you find information on the Internet, you can also buy all sorts of things: CDs, books, electrical accessories, software, clothing, travel - or even medicines in the many online pharmacies. Here are some tips for online shopping. Hide content How do you find what you're looking for? Sort search results Pay attention to the shipping costs Attention: You should pay attention to this! So [...]

  • Online offers and consumer protection: How do you recognize serious providers?

    Digital offers are enjoying growing popularity, but consumer and data protection are also becoming increasingly important. How can customers recognize serious offers? Rip off on the internet: like cowboys in the wild west? For a long time there was a real Wild West mentality on the Internet, in which the law of the stronger prevailed. So were (and often still are) customers who get bargains online [...]

  • Lies in digital communication: Recognizing the truth in 3 steps

    The Internet has radically changed the way we communicate - and made it easy for liars and fraudsters. How can this problem be solved? Modern communication or a brief history of loss of trust In the past, communication was mostly face-to-face. Relationships were based on regular personal interaction. This is one reason why 80 [...]

  • Background knowledge of professional liability: liability risks of freelancers and the self-employed [+ checklist]

    The golden days of handicrafts are over. Those who take the step into self-employment today do this more and more often in the “new professions”. For example in the IT, creative or consulting industries. As exciting as these new fields of activity are, the liability situation has now become just as complex. Many underestimate this, as do the gaps in professional liability providers in terms of [...]

  • Cyberbullying Psudonymous anonymity: Maybe naked - but never alone

    The Internet in general and the social communities in particular mean that more and more people are leaving digital traces on the WWW - as text, sound, image or video. This in turn means that more and more people are afraid for their data, even for their private life and their identity. And the omnipresent question is: How much can [...]

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