AGB - General terms and conditions for authors

These terms and conditions regulate the cooperation with freelance authors in accordance with the following provisions Best of HR –®

1. validity

An author account requires an account.

When new users get on Best of HR –® register, the following conditions of use apply.

2. Services by Best of HR –®

The authors automatically receive a free membership. This includes various special services, such as

  • ad-free access to all texts of Best of HR –®
  • Exclusive access to unpublished texts from Best of HR –® with the possibility to discuss these in advance in the community
  • Free access to promotions, sweepstakes and, depending on membership, premium information
  • from Best of HR –®
  • Access to Facebook-Community with the opportunity to post and discuss your own topics and questions on our various support channels

3. Use of user data

As part of the user registration, registration for the newsletter is optional. The eMailAddresses are then for your own use Best of HR –® in einen eMailMailing list is maintained by Mailchimp in order to inform, if necessary, about promotions.

These data will not be published, disclosed to third parties or made accessible to unauthorized persons.

There are ours Privacy Policy.

4. Change or cancellation of use

Users can transfer your data at any time manage and change.

A final deletion of all data is only possible via the editorial staff. Please write us one eMail to the editorial team [at] berufebilder.deto make changes accordingly.

Changing the user name is only possible with a new registration!

5. Submit your own contributions

Selected users may request author rights at any time from the editors and according to our Authors Notes to submit own contributions for publication. If Best of HR –® an author's contribution to the publication on the website Best of HR –® the following terms of use apply.

They also apply to future contributions by the author, without having to be reminded again. If deviating own terms of business of the author exist, these find no application, even if Best of HR –® does not expressly contradict them.

5.1. Possible topics and quality of the text

In principle, authors are free to design topics - but the text must fit this blog. We expect high-quality texts that provide readers with specific tips and best practice examples for their everyday work.

We prefer specialist articles with specific tips for the reader like this one ExampleIf necessary, an experience report about your business start-up is also interesting as a start-up report, your business idea or your career (Example).

5.2. Requirements for texts

The exact requirements for a text are listed here:

  1. The author is well versed in the topic and can prove this by appropriate references (book publications, CV etc.).
  2. The text must not be an advertisement, but it is critical to the topic.
  3. The text gives concrete tips for the professional life of the reader.
  4. The text became exclusive to Best of HR –® created.
  5. Texts that do not fit, we reserve the right to refuse - see point 6.2

5.3. Non-permitted texts, topics and text components

In particular following text types are not allowed:

  1. Interviews that authors have had with others.
  2. Texts that have already been published online elsewhere - whether single or multiple.
  3. The explicit presentation of own services and products as well as the naming of company names (own or third party) in the text. However, the naming of your company name in the author profile is possible.
  4. Links to own or foreign pages directly in the text.

5.4. Length of the texts and publication date

The articles should be about 5.000-6.000 characters long. Possible are individual contributions or a whole series.

We can not name a fixed release date due to the large number of inquiries. For information on release dates, authors can subscribe to the newsletter or author feed.

5.5. Number of posts

The authors undertake to deliver a fixed amount of contributions in a fixed period of time.

Unless otherwise agreed, these are five contributions within three months. The editors reserve the right to refuse contributions due to lack of quality. In this case replacement charges have to be delivered.

If the number of corresponding minimum contributions is not reached, the author undertakes to pay an expense allowance of 50 Euro to the editor for each contribution.

6. Procedure for registration

If you register as an author, please proceed step by step:

  • Registration : If you are from Best of HR –® have been invited, create your author account after successful application.
  • You activate your account: Please activate your account by clicking on the confirmationemail and let us know.
  • Activation by the editors: Now we need to unlock your account before you can start.
  • Authors Guide: You will automatically receive a manual with all current information via eMail. The latest version of the manual can be found under Downloads.
  • Login: Now you can log in as described in the instructions.
  • Publication: After the publication, you will automatically receive a message.

7. Remuneration

The author may receive a financial compensation for your texts within the framework of the annual distribution of the Verwertungsgesellschaft Wort (VG Wort). In order to be remunerated, the text must reach the minimum number of accesses that are redefined annually by the VG-Wort.

When the text reaches the minimum number of accesses, we report the text at the VG word, allowing the author to automatically participate in the annual payout. Information on the reporting procedure can be found here!

Any additional remuneration is foreseen neither in the future nor in the future. This applies to all publications of Best of HR –®.

8. Granting of usage rights

The author admits Best of HR –® the gratuitous, spatially unrestricted simple rights of use and for contributions made to the website Best of HR –® for publication.

The granting of rights of use includes the right to reproduce, distribute, sell and translate, as well as make available to the public in any media, print media such as digital media and eBooks, as well as the archiving of posts on the site Best of HR –®.

Best of HR –® but is not obligated to use or keep on the website.

9. image rights

The illustrations of the contributions are made with pictures of the agency, with the Best of HR –® a contractual agreement to use the pictures.

In the case of images which are used moreover, you declare that you have the necessary image rights to images uploaded or made available by you and to grant us the free, spatially unlimited, simple usage rights.

This applies particularly to:

  • Author Photos
  • Pictures and graphics to illustrate your contribution

10. Avoid Duplicated Content

The Best of HR –® provided texts of the author may not already in this form elsewhere Online: and at no time later Online: appear.

This applies exclusively to the online use of texts. Contributions which have been, or have been, published or otherwise published in printed form only in printed form.

11. Text length, self-promotion in the text, linking of websites, illustration of author photos or bookcovers

A text should usually be 5.000-6.000 characters long, with no upper limit. A link is not made.

Self-promotion for the service of the author, links to the website and references to his books are made exclusively in the author's full profile.

An author-full profile with photo, link to the website and picture of bookcovers Best of HR –® only from a minimum of five contributions. If this minimum is exceeded, only a short author profile without links and illustrations is possible. If it falls short in the first three months after creating the profile, the author pays 100 Euro Best of HR –® for each not published text to the expenditure of the profile application to be deduced.

For a full-author profile, the author notes Best of HR –® the following:

  • a biography (approx. 500 characters),
  • the link to your own website,
  • a professional color photo of at least 150 pixels wide and free of right third.

12. Editing texts

Best of HR –® For reasons of better readability and online suitability (search engine optimization) reserves the right to edit contributions editorially, without further coordination with the author.

This applies in particular to cuts and additions, subdivisions, a matching, search engine-friendly headline, an introductory teaser and subdividing subheadings as well as suitable visual material.

Conversely, once submitted texts can not be changed by the author due to the great effort. A claim for subsequent deletion of texts by the author does not exist.

Exception: The automatically created English translation of the text can be edited by the author at any time on request.

13. Notification of the author

Due to the high demand for contributions from authors, it may take a few weeks for a post to be published. Best of HR –® only returns a feedback when a post Not: is accepted.

In all other cases, notification can not be made due to time constraints. It is therefore recommended Best of HR –® Subscribe to the respective author archive: Under in the overview on the left click on the respective author name and subscribe to the RSS feed in the opening archive. Alternatively, a notification via Blogalert is possible.

14. Responsibility of the author

The author is responsible for his own texts. He ensures that his contributions neither violate laws nor violate the rights of third parties. This applies in particular to the copyrights and personality rights of third parties.

Should Best of HR –® due to a contribution of the author by third parties, the author makes Best of HR –® from all claims of third parties and the associated costs of legal prosecution, as long as he is at fault.

The author guarantees that the contributions come from him and that he has the right to grant the usage rights mentioned in point 2 of this agreement, without violating the rights of third parties.

15. Use and deletion of author data

15.1. Manage the data

Users can transfer your data at any time manage and change.

15.2. Delete the user account

A final deletion of all data is only possible via the editorial staff. Please write us one eMail to the editorial team [at] berufebilder.deto make changes accordingly. A change of the user name is only possible with a new registration!

15.3. No transfer of data

These data will not be published, disclosed to third parties or made accessible to unauthorized persons. There are ours Privacy Policy.

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