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Goods as advertising strategy: When originality pays off

Elaborate advertising campaigns, strained tweet, annoying customer bothering? Pah! Sometimes the best advertising is simply good, original merchandise that follows current trends - as these two examples of DIY furniture show.

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Good design does not have to be expensive

I had already written 2009 in a book about the do-it-yourself trend as a successful industry of the future. An architect and designer from Berlin has now become known.

According to the motto “good Design does not have to be expensive ”he developed simple, practical and inexpensive HartzIV furniture, writes and speaks about his idea and gives others courage - as in this great video.

Who is behind it?

Van Bo Le-Mentzel, 1977 was born in Laos and 1979 fled to Germany. In his youth he was active as a graffiti artist and rapper in Berlin-Wedding. He successfully completed his architectural studies at the Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin. During his studies, he worked with KISS FM as a Radiomoderator.

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Le Van Bo is the initiator of several projects such as "Underground Classic", in which underground musicians (mostly unemployed young people) meet musicians from the Deutsche Oper. He is also involved in the DeutschPlus association - an initiative for a plural republic. For 5 years he has been working as a strategist at dan pearlman in the area of ​​brand architecture.

From carpentry course to HartzIV furniture

At the beginning of 2010, the young architect completed a carpenter weekend course for the first time at the Berlin adult education center, where he invented the 24 Euro chair.

Increasing awareness he gained through the development of Hartz IV designer furniture for self at low cost and by his successful crowdfunding project to finance the Hartz IV Furniture Guide on

From Crowdsourcing to Publishing Discovery

Construction manuals for his so-called Hartz IV furniture published as a book, which was not only funded via crowdfunding, but also created by crowdsourcing - and this was discovered by a publisher. Write to this SPON:

About Facebook the content of the book was discussed. The book would be inconceivable without the Internet; it contains the ideas and the support of a large number of people. And instead of the usual author's line, the book reads: “Le Mentzel und The Crowd”.
Great idea, more of it!

occupations pictures

DIY proposal from England

Another great DIY product comes from England. A rollable bed that was assembled from two shopping baskets. Eye-catcher guaranteed! I found this gem in St. Ives, England, which is located in the far west of the island, a little less rainy Cornwall. Greetings from Rosamunde Pilcher! In any case, St. Ives would be a cute, small fishing village with pretty, white houses and wonderful turquoise water (unfortunately too cold for swimming, brrrr ...).

If it were not for the hosts of English tourists visiting the place every summer. Therefore, lined in the narrow streets and tourist kitsch, pseudo-art shops and galleries together. Anyone who wants to attract attention with his shop, must come up with something in any case.

Being original is everything!

The owners of the small shop Beaten Green did that and came up with this original idea: They welded and hammered two shopping baskets into a very original reclining chair, as they told me in the shop.

The thing is probably, with a couple of pillows, really comfortable, practical to roll away (e.g. when cleaning) and quite cheap in terms of material costs (depending on where you get the two shopping trolleys). And even if not everyone likes it as much as I do, the thing is really an eye-catcher that attracts a lot of customers to the store.

Do-it-yourself trend adapted to customer needs

Only one of the shopping trolley is probably not: handy. The normal tourist who visits St. Ives with cars, family and luggage should also have difficulty with the caravan as bus or Zugtouristen. Not to mention the ones we were on foot with the backpack on the way. And now?

The friendly saleswoman in the original vintage shop also had the right solution at hand: Because you do not sell the whole bed, but simply a guide on how to imitate the thing at home. What a cool idea.

Only with the website, that Beaten Green still has something to practice: A few beautiful photos and references to these incredibly original products are unfortunately missing. Too bad that so far only the visitors of St. Ives can enjoy this idea.

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  1. Christina Hansen says:

    True, originality pays off! Nowadays, people are sometimes overwhelmed with expensive weighing campaigns that are not even original. Therefore, it often pays off to produce simple things that are not expensive and still inspire people.

    • Simone Janson says:

      Yes, I thought so too. And this product was very original - and that's why I noticed it straight away :-)

  2. Doctor Tour says:

    Goods as an advertising strategy: When originality pays off | Simone… #socialtourism

  3. Simone Janson says:

    Freshly blogged: Merchandise as a Werbestrategie: When Orginalität is paying off

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    Goods as an advertising strategy: When originality pays off: Elaborate advertising campaigns, stressful h ...

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