5 Acquisition Strategies for Sales Success: Mainly Happy Customers

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Be happy in sales life and succeed in customer acquisition! As simple as that sounds, it's hard to do both. It does not have to, because there are many acquisition paths that lead to the goal. How to find the right one.

5 Acquisition Strategies for Sales Success: Mainly Happy Customers 5 Acquisition Strategies for Sales Success: Mainly Happy Customers

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Sandra Schubert Sandra Schubert Portrait_klein_quadratischSandra Schubert is a sales expert - for Mercedes, O2 or VW.


Laughing, it sells easier!

Even in times of Internet and eCommerce, it is still mostly the person who gives the impulse to buy. Especially when this person, namely the seller, is happy and radiates it.

The joy of selling is one of the basic requirements for long-term success. If the passion then also the calculation will win new customers. With charm and strategy, many paths open up. But which is the right one?

Which acquisition path leads to a new customer?

Clearly: There is not one way. The answer is rather an ambiguous "that depends!" Many different factors influence the direction to be taken. There are differences from industry to industry.

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Coupled with this is the question of where and when to reach the target group best. For example, does she spend a lot of time on social media and on the Internet, or is she classically best at work or at relevant business events? The answer to this question determines which path to contact initiation offers.

Use marketing strategies

Marketing and sales activities should always be closely linked. Therefore, one's own marketing strategy and the associated means of implementation must also be taken as the basis for new customer acquisition. A practical example of this: A medium-sized company that I support Company has a strong presence on the internet and has very useful content on its homepage for potential customers.

The result is a good way to generate leads from unknown visitors. With the help of "Leadnurturing", my customer gets in touch with new interested parties and can offer them tailor-made offers after a corresponding phase of establishing contact and trust. With a good SEO strategy and an ongoing optimization of his web content, he attracts new prospects and refills his sales funnel.

The contact must be fun

Not insignificant for the success is that sales channels and ways in the customer acquisition to the salesman or entrepreneur itself fit. Which approaches are the most fun? Which are the closest match to your own strengths? If I feel like getting to know people and companies in person, then contact via networks and business meetings is recommended. It should be remembered that this requires some patience.

Success usually only sets in long term when the relationship is established. Can I be good on the phone? Why not investigate decision-makers via the web and convince them directly on the phone of a personal appointment? Or do I have many enthusiastic regular customers and also corresponding online ratings? Then targeted referral marketing can be the best way to win customers.

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5 acquisition hacks for sales success

These five acquisition-hacks help to channel the personal success of customer acquisition in the digital age with pleasure instead of frustration:

  1. Acquisition Hack 1 #The acquisition engine: Analyze your personal motivation. What is your motivation? Why should you sell more actively and put both time and energy into customer acquisition? What are the perspectives for your company? And what possibilities arise for you? But also: What happens if you neglect the acquisition of new customers?
  2. Acquisition Hack 2 #A clear prey scheme: In addition to the hard factors such as budget and potential may also decide your own desire factor on who you prefer to address in the acquisition. With which customer types did you have good experiences? In which industry do you have corresponding references? And what would you like to do or sell more often?
  3. Acquisition Hack 3 # Do not act unilaterally: Do not make a change and do not just bet on a horse that may not turn out to be a favorite. It helps immensely to shed light on all possible ways and then to establish a good combination for itself as an acquisition-success strategy. Often change from the sales highway more often once on the highway, not only when there is a traffic jam.
  4. Acquisition Hack 4 #Don't gain time pressure: If customer acquisition is not to be neglected in operative business, you must regularly reserve time blocks in the calendar and then use them for them. Anyone who does not stay on the ball all the time can not expect routine and success to set in. Then motivation quickly falls by the wayside. It is best that you plan two to three sales activities every day to gain new customers, because sales people are always rewarded.
  5. Acquisition Hack Make 5 #quest a success ritual: A daily positive check makes success visible. Who knows where he stands with his activities, can plan the next steps. Again and again ask the question: "What succeeded in selling and in the acquisition today?" Do not put the proverbial latte too high, look forward to small successes - and celebrate yourself with a reward. Your brain learns that active sales and contact initiation is something positive and should be repeated more often. Acquisition becomes a success ritual!

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