New customer acquisition and acquisition in the sales: scheduling must be!

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Unfortunately, professional termination is not one of the strengths of many sellers. Although essential for new customer acquisition, regular acquisition is often neglected. But it is easy to talk on the phone and make appointments.

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Regular customers alone are not enough

Interestingly, both sellers and employers accept the latent neglect of regular scheduling for new customer acquisition. They are satisfied with their regular customers.

But everywhere there are serious competitors. And they're probably fighting for these preferred customers. After all, the best customers of one are also the desired or target customers of the other.

Growth options thanks to new customers

For other reasons sellers lose customers. Company go bankrupt or are bought up - and the new corporate philosophy dictates that there is no longer a single source supplier.

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Customers are reorienting themselves and have no or significantly less need for previous services. Also growth options of companies are closely linked to new customers. If the market or sector in which the supplier and the customer are moving is stagnating, then growth is only possible through the acquisition of new customers.

Why sellers hesitate in scheduling

Gaining new customers is one of the responsibilities of each seller. However, since it takes a long time to attract interesting new customers, the success for the seller is not as quick to grasp as selling something to a good existing customer and having the sales right on his books.

For a new customer, it can take a few months to years from the first contact to the first sale. Many sellers do not have enough stamina and ability to suffer. Of course it would be nice to write an order right at the first contact. But this is rarely the case.

New customer acquisition takes time

When a salesperson calls ten potential customers for termination, he only collects no, self-esteem and fun quickly go to the basement. In the inner dialogue then come justifications such as "new customer acquisition is not me!" Or "I need it at all - I write enough sales ?!"

Sellers assume responsibility when they expect the marketing department to create new ones with campaigns. Above all, one thing must never be forgotten: acquiring new customers takes time! Often salespeople are told by their supervisors with bureaucracy and firefighting missions ("Bring the goods to the customer!") And then get into trouble if they do not reach certain daily sales.

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She manages the termination on the phone

Termination can be learned. The following five-point plan supports successful telephone acquisition:

1. Before the call, the seller must have a concrete idea

He needs to know why he is relevant to the called potential customer. He must have a plausible answer to why it is worthwhile to sit down with him from the customer's point of view.

Sellers need to be able to communicate clear benefits and added value in a nutshell. Otherwise they provoke rejection.

2. Who wants to make appointments must not be disappointed immediately, just because he hears a no

If every potential customer were to fulfill the desire for an appointment immediately, their own customers would probably be with another provider overnight.

Disappointment avoids those who not only have the goal of having an appointment for a personal conversation, but also have a retreat goal at hand.

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3. Success pressure prevents appointments

Who wants to make appointments, because he must necessarily have appointments, who has a problem. Because who desperately needs sales, can not communicate confidently. The danger is far too great to be begging, dominant or otherwise inappropriate.

It makes a big difference whether the caller has the attitude "I need the appointment, otherwise I'll starve to death" or "Come into my safe world, I have much to offer you".

4. New customer acquisition must be planned ...

... and should not be limited to just when there is time. Your own goals depend on whether one hour is invested daily or only once a week.

Who calculates backwards, how many personal appointments are necessary to receive an order to the extent desired and also takes into account how many calls to how many potential customers are necessary, can estimate approximately how much commitment and time he needs.

5. Practice creates masters

Professional athletes train every day, even if they rarely compete. Sellers are much more arrogant. Many believe that they need no practice and self-reflection as they have been acting as sellers long enough. Others always use the same conversation hanger.

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But not all customers rely on the same reasoning, they have different goals, desires and expectations. Salespeople who take their job seriously reflect each conversation with the question, "What do I learn from it?" In order to become increasingly confident in their sales goals.

Conclusion: customers always buy! The only question is "By whom?"

In practice, too little time is usually scheduled for scheduling. Everyday business deters from the necessary acquisition or serves as a welcome excuse. Sellers need to learn to schedule again regularly to systematically acquire.

Managers should support this and encourage them to do so. Conducted consistently, scheduling turns out not to be that bad. Often providers have only wrong beliefs in mind. As long as these are not broken, sellers are far too defensive. The competitors are unintentionally strengthened. Because customers always buy! The only question is: by whom?

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