Mindfulness and meditation in digitization: More concentration and information processing

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Currently we as a society are doing many things to perfect. But what about us humans? Should not we also work to perfect ourselves as humans? Mindfulness and meditation have the potential to become the human equivalent of digitization.

Mindfulness and Meditation in Digitization: More Concentration and Information Processing Mindfulness and Meditation in Digitization: More Concentration and Information Processing

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Here writes for you: Michael Lubomirski is ex-manager, speaker, author, artist and co-founder of SoulMastery. Profile

Human resource under evolutionary pressure


The topic of digitization employs many people, who in turn work with things and digitize them. This wave of optimization raises many questions and fears. Humans - today often referred to as "human resources" - are under some evolutionary pressure in this development. He needs to evolve to keep up.

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In the Anglo-Saxon garb, mindfulness as a "mindfulness" is gradually making its rounds in the media and could be the answer. Even magazines such as Der Spiegel reported on practices, approaches and easily digestible backgrounds in this area. The theme seems complex and often esoterically charged. Here is an explanation attempt in the form of a personal report of a "rational" manager of the so-called Generation X.

I know that I know nothing


The topic of mindfulness seems to be very broad at first glance and if you ask Google or the "YouTube University" on the subject, of course, you get back an incredible amount of information and as with many research in hitherto unknown territory you might even less informed than before.

Now you know in a nutshell, what you do not know everything and could research. Even more difficult is the bridge to the economy and the economy of this topic. Here comes a subjective attempt at clarification on one's own path of experience and inspired by the daily practice of mindfulness in the business world.

Presence inside and outward at the same time


Mindfulness for me personally includes not only the external, but also the interior of the human being in the context of the environment. Little things stand out, Mirko expressions of the opposite do not go unnoticed, inner emotions are clear. The interaction of the external influences with the internal drivers often occurs. The environment suddenly gives a lot more power, peace and balance, because much more is perceived by nature - and all at once.

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Mindfulness can not be mastered from my personal experience in most cases, unfortunately overnight. Even the actual understanding, at a level lower than the intellectual, takes time. It's a process that begins with the proper handling of the miracle weapon concentration for me. Previously, if I could focus only on doing a singular activity for a while (and only if the task was halfway interesting to me), today I am able to precisely sense and use moods, behaviors, and my own flow. The benefits to business life are easy to deduce from this.

Mindfulness for improved concentration


The skillset is significantly upgraded and not only enables a much better task management, but also empowers to completely new areas of responsibility. Seeing more, feeling more and feeling more is very precious, especially if it is not at the expense of concentration. The concentration seems to be almost infinitely stretchable when needed.

Where previously a task demanded all the strength, today there is a level of concentration, which allows simultaneous perception of several interlocutors and the topic itself.

Mindfulness: This is how information processing works


According to some new research findings, with our 5 senses we consciously perceive about 120 bits of information. This corresponds approximately to the attentive listening of our interlocutor and the simultaneous enjoyment of a dish. So when we are with a person in the restaurant, our conscious perception is as good as it is when we really consciously enjoy the food and listen carefully. Everything else around us is perceived only unconsciously at such a moment. This perception moves directly into our subconscious. This has an almost infinite range of perception. Everything around us is permanently logged and saved. That's real big data.

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Through concentration and thus increased awareness, we become more aware of the limits of our own consciousness and become more attentive to what we are focusing on. The degree of concentration may even remain the same, only our use of it increases felt. Mindfulness then makes us wonder if the Impuls now comes from the conscious, or unconscious and possibly programmed. We gain greater control over our own actions and thinking with the corresponding consequences for our everyday lives and business. This realization and experience were for me big steps towards personal freedom and sovereignty.

Meditation, my way to mindfulness


The big question for such articles is with me personally always the "how". The answer for me is clearly the meditative practice. Guided meditation is often suitable for entry. It's worth trying out some apps. YouTube is also a rich source here. In a further step, I recommend trying it out.

There are many more methods than just sitting in silence (with or without instructions). If you believe the ancient scriptures, there are at least 120 different directions of meditation with appropriate modifications. Since we humans differ in certain degrees, there are also better and worse tolerances, for example with drugs. By tasting, one arrives at the appropriate method for one's own being. This is then the "turbo" for personal growth over concentration and awareness of true and sustainable mindfulness much faster. A true attentiveness gained through meditation can then no longer be "lost" if one does not "stay tuned".

Mindfulness helps to perfect man


Just as digitization can perfect things, we are able to perfect ourselves as human beings. Many great thinkers in human history considered this our right to exist. Of course everyone has to answer this question for themselves, but just as digitization is inexorably progressing, just as human beings develop their senses and human abilities, humans can meaningfully occupy their place in the world to come.

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Repetitive tasks and routines will move into the field of automation in the medium term, regardless of how complex we are at keeping them up to date. Mindfulness is, in my view, an evolution of modern man. It is the logical adaptation to an environment that will soon organize itself. Through intuition, empathy and creativity, we can bring in and live up to our creative nature. This can create added value for society and ourselves. At the same time, the fear of the future dissolves in part, as the realization comes in that we have capabilities that move us out of competition with the AI.

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  1. Holger Prieske

    No, that can not be transferred, or there is nothing new about it.

    The know-how of a society develops further.
    The know-how of a single person begins with each person at zero.

    The graphic could also be from Kant, Goethe or Buddha.

    • Simone Janson

      Nice comparison ;-)

    • Lutz Vormann

      How good that people now have to optimize, with the aim to "work" nicely in the economy ....

      • Simone Janson

        @Lutz Vormann They always do that, and actually voluntarily. Those who need little time for their work have more free time.
        It's quite a rational drive.

        • Simone Janson

          Holger Prieske

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