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Kira KlenkeDr. Kira Klenke is coach and former Professorat the FH Hannover.

Dr. Kira Klenke is a mathematician and was over twenty years Professorin for statistics. She is known to have learned from her people (successfully and even with joy) that had previously thought that completely impossible. Thus, from her teaching at the university a second appointment as a coach developed. Since the spring of 2016, she has shifted her focus to this area.

Reach goals, overcome blockages: Tame your inner pig in 5 steps

Do you have a problem but no solution? Postponing the matter, waiting and brooding don't help. Better: tackle the problem in 5 steps.

pig dog

Wait, wait, wait: fear of the sword of Damocles

Is there any subject in your degree or an upcoming exam that is causing you stress? Or a task in your workplace that makes you uncomfortable? Perhaps this sword of Damocles spoils your whole study or all your work in parts?

Maybe you are even afraid of this task? Or, are you even convinced: "I can never do it!" Or you think: "The subject, the subject just doesn't suit me!" Because you cannot find access to this detested topic or because you simply cannot bring yourself to finally complete the topic, the project in a straightforward and determined manner.

Ruminating alone does not help

You've probably pondered this problem a lot ?! Perhaps you had made up your mind to finally do this or that to ... And then somehow everything stayed the same. If you are familiar with this scenario or parts of it, then you should read this article.

In situations like these, we usually try in vain to call ourselves to reason. Or we avoid - although the time may already be pressing - deftly everything that has something to do with the subject.

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5 steps to success

Then the following “Start-up guide for unpleasant tasks” can help. It helps you to look at and analyze the topic of your project from five different perspectives.

After that, the situation looks different for you and the upcoming task suddenly much easier and quite feasible.

Step 1: ask for the "why?"

  • WHY? Ask yourself the question: Why do I have to do this?
  • Or. ask yourself the question: Do I have to do it myself?

There are situations where it is possible to delegate tasks, such as a tax return for example.

Step 2: get rid of fixed ideas

Or even push them all the way up, like the elaborate fitting of a Feng Shui-faced garden pond in your backyard. Or the fixed idea of ​​having to put the traineeship at a Fortune Global 500 company, ie at a company that is one of the 500's top-selling companies in the world.

However, if your studies are about taking the exam in a specific subject or completing this important project, you usually have no other choice. You have to go through that. Mostly. Because that doesn't always apply.

Step 3: find alternatives

As chairman of our audit committee, I have often wondered why students, who had fallen through the examination in an elective subject, then put their entire study at risk by logbernd for the re-examination.

As an alternative, it would have been quite possible to unsubscribe at the request from the subject, which they had determined, as they had not hoped, and to reassign another option.

Step 4: Thoroughly question decisions

But, for example, you don't have this freedom with compulsory subjects during your studies or an important project. Then the question is relevant:

  • “Why do I want to pass this subject that belongs to this degree?
  • Or: Why do I really want to shine with this project? ”
  • Or: Why do I absolutely want to have this job?
  • Or: Why is it important to me to get my degree in this subject? What do I hope to get from this degree? ”

Step 5: we always have a choice

Make yourself aware that it was your own free decision and still is to study this subject at this university or to take on this job. And since such situations always involve years of learning and working, I assume that you had a good reason for this choice.

It does in difficult times Sensethat you make yourself aware of this original, overarching, self-chosen goal. You may also ask your supervisor, lecturer, colleague or fellow student what exactly this goal is really important for.

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