Accident insurance comparison: the right choice [+ checklist]

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Whether a private accident insurance is useful depends ultimately on which insurance you have otherwise completed.

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Is there an accident insurance?

Every six seconds an accident occurs in home and leisure. This repeatedly belongs to the quotation of the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (Arbeitsanstalt für Arbeitsschutz und Arbeitsmedizin) suggests that accidents are a major risk, especially in the private sector, and they must be insured, especially since the professional associations do not cover this leisure risk.

But let's take a closer look at the numbers: Fortunately, lasting damage is relatively rare with domestic damage. Only 2,6 percent of severely disabled persons have suffered their disability at all by an accident, half of them by an accident at work. In fact, the cases covered by accident insurance are not so frequent. Nevertheless, an accident insurance can be useful.

If you want to insure the loss of your work force, you should always keep in mind that it does not matter to the accident insurance, which professional and other financial consequences you have, for example, if you lose a limb. The decisive factor is whether the damage was caused by an accident and how seriously this damage is classified (part-tax). In addition, the benefit of such insurance is always dependent on the conditions laid down in the contract.

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When does insurance cover?

There are all types of insurance. We give an overview of the most important insurance companies in comparison - from health insurance to accident insurance.

Insurance:When does the insurance cover?
Statutory health insuranceThe statutory health insurance pays a maximum of 78 of the income from the last twelve months for the same illness within three years, as a result of accidents within three years. Those who are insured under the normal tariff are entitled to sick pay as of the seventh week of illness. Whoever wants to receive a sick pay from the third or fourth week of illness must pay an increased contribution of up to 70 percent. In the reduced tariff, the claim does not exist.
Private health insuranceThe 50 Euro daily sickness benefit rates from the 1 sick leave are between 25 and 125 Euro per month, depending on the age of entry. The lower the daily sickness benefit payable and the later the start of payment, the cheaper it will be. But here, too, illnesses and accidents are covered.
Statutory pension insuranceIf you have been covered by statutory pension insurance for at least five years and have been compulsorily insured for at least three years in the last five years before the occurrence of the damage, you are either entitled to a disability pension (born before 02.01.1961) or an employment retirement pension (born later).
Private occupational disability insuranceA private disability insurance (more in this case: covers all damages, whether caused by illness or an accident, if you are at least 50 per cent (in some contracts, another possible percentage is possible)) Comprehensive than any accident insurance!
Critical illness insuranceIndividual serious diseases, such as myocardial infarction or stroke, can be safeguarded. The more diseases are included, the more expensive it becomes. This insurance usually provides a one-time money sum. Together with the accident insurance it can be a good addition to the disability insurance.
Basic skills insuranceIt provides a monthly pension, whether injury or illness, in the event of the loss of certain abilities - such as seeing, grasping or driving.
Statutory accident insuranceIt pays for invalidity due to accidents at work or on the way to work - or for occupational diseases. What is recognized as a professional disorder can, however, be a dispute.
Private accident insuranceIt pays only in cases of disability caused by accidents. If the affected part of the body has already been affected, or if the accident has been affected by physical restrictions, this may reduce or eliminate the performance.

Accident or occupational disability insurance?

For example, if you already have good and comprehensive occupational disability insurance (please link to Article insert), then accident insurance only covers the small remaining area of ​​accidents, which make them disabled but not disabled.

In this case it is almost superfluous. The majority of all cases of occupational or disability are caused by illness rather than by accidents. Therefore, disability insurance covers many risks better, since you will pay in all cases of disability, even in the case of accidents.

Accident insurance and Dread Disease insurance as an alternative?

However, the accident insurance is significantly cheaper than a disability insurance. It can therefore be a good, inexpensive alternative if, for example, you do not get a suitable occupational disability insurance because of pre-existing conditions or if the contributions are just too high for you (more about the exact conditions in the corresponding chapter above).

In addition, an accident insurance pays for invalidity even if it does not lead to a disability at the same time. And in combination with a Dread Disease insurance against occupational disability by individual illness, the accident insurance can be a real alternative to the disability insurance, but never represents a comprehensive replacement.

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Checklist: Which insurance is useful?

Finding the right accident insurance is not so easy in the jungle of the offers. We help you keep track of what you should look out for.

  • Requirements: What services do your other insurance cover? What does your health insurance cover? A private accident insurance usually makes sense if you have no private occupational disability insurance.
  • Extras: Do not include expensive extras such as cut-ins or health insurance: they are partly covered and often cost more than they bring.
  • Discount: With many insurance policies, you get discounts when you sign up for family policies - up to 30 percent. Also offered through clubs group insurance contracts are often cheap. Check, however, how high the insurance protection is!
  • Change: Make sure that you can cancel your contract until three months before the end of the insurance year.
  • Validity: Limited insurance coverage is unfavorable. The best contracts worldwide are around the clock.
  • Conditions: Pay attention to customer-friendly contract conditions. A good contract offers improvements compared to the usual rules in points such as the member's tax, credit for pre-existing illnesses, extended registration deadlines for the occurrence and determination of the disability.
  • Application: If you already have other accident insurance, eg via a club or the credit card, you should specify all. Because if you knowingly or unknowingly made false statements, your insurance company may refuse performance.
  • Consciousness disorders: If you are building an accident and are drunk or are suffering from a consciousness disorder (eg medication), it is likely that the insurance company refuses performance. This is true not only when driving, but also when you fall down the stairs at home. However, some insurers pay, for example, up to certain amounts per thousand. Be aware of such conditions.
  • Stroke: Even sudden fainting or strokes are among the disorders of consciousness and are usually excluded from insurance. But some insurers also include strokes and resulting accidents in your contracts. Inquire thoroughly here as well.
  • Sum insured. Only conclude a contract with a sum insured of at least 100.000 Euro.
  • Progression: Optimal, albeit more expensive, insurance with high progression, because the benefits are significantly higher: With a 100 000 Euro accident insurance you get at a rate with progression 500 in full disability 500.000 Euro.
  • Payment method: Pay if possible annually. A different method of payment costs more insurers.
  • More performance rates: Here the performance increases in steps. This allows you, for example, to receive a double or even three-fold compensation for 50 percent of disability versus 49 percent. In borderline cases, there is a dispute with the insurance company. Do not give up on this tariff.

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