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We offer employer branding, viral seeding, benchmarks & reporting as well as individual HR communication & PR consulting. Because: "It is easier to find customers today than employees," say many customers, whom we have accompanied since 15 years in the changing world of work. Read more
Best of HR - Professions


Top20-Blog *, 2 million social media reach, 300 + Authors: Multiplier among others in Wikipedia, ARD, Wirtschaftswoche, World & Google News, active community - including government agencies as well as companies such as Microsoft, SAP, IBM & Daimler (references). Read more
Best of HR - Professions


300 is also used by internationally renowned experts (→ overview) - executives, professors, journalists, consultants (→ becoming an author). Again and again, you will find yourself on the most important bestseller lists and use their texts to measurably set topics in the media and in social discourse. Edited by → Simone Janson. Read more