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The job placement is actually the main task of the Federal Employment Agency. What exactly does it do?

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So you can use the employment agency

The employment agency can only mediate jobs that exist. Of course, if the economy is good, it can do better in this job than in bad times. When looking for a job, you should not rely solely on the employment office. It is better to become active yourself. So the chance is greater, not to be put into an unpopular education or to have to accept a "reasonable", but for you completely unsatisfactory job. In addition, you improve your prospects of success and show your future boss that you are ready to engage on your own initiative - and everyone likes to see that. But take all the help of the employment agency.

Use the information provided by the BA, but also actively search for a job yourself. That brings more and also shows your future employer that you are committed.

Mediation of a new work

When looking for a job, the employment office may help you directly. If you would like to follow one of the following ways of mediation or if you would like to receive funding, you can obtain further information on the website of the BA or directly from your employment agency or case manager.

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The employment agency will be assigned to you (eg your place of residence or your name). If you are responsible for you, you can find out at the information desk in the entrance area of ​​the employment office. That you, as planned, simply go to the next free agent, is still a dream of the future in many employment offices. The facilitator creates a profile of your professional and personal strengths and weaknesses and compares it with the requirements of job vacancies, so perhaps the right thing for you to find. Support your recruitment agency as much as possible: be honest and conceal nothing. A correct profile can not improve the already rosy prospects for a new job. Their profile is also fed into the "virtual labor market" - a computer system that automatically compares vacancies and jobseekers' profiles.

Employment Agencies: What can you do specifically?

Employment agencies also have contacts with companies and help you to prepare your application documents. They should also be able to advise you on all aspects and problems of job search, such as possible cash benefits, such as taking on application costs. If the employment agency does not know any more and thinks it can only help you with further education or training, it will refer you to the employment advice that we will discuss later.

If you receive unemployment or unemployment benefits II and you come to the employment agency (also because you have to report there regularly), this will try to find the job that suits you. He does not always manage that. If he gives you the address of a company, you have to apply there, whether you like it or not! It does not matter if the position offered corresponds to your job - unfortunately, unfortunately, you will often be offered jobs for which you are overqualified. For example, if you are a secretary and you are offered a job as a data typist, you can not refuse on the grounds that "this is not my job". It makes no difference whether the job offers only three hours a week or you decline the first or the tenth time - if you say "no" for no good reason, you probably have to expect lock-up periods.

Duty to Casting: Attention blocking times

So they bite into the sour apple and compete. But beware: If you now write a very bad application, full of spelling mistakes (with the understandable hope: "Then you will not take me!"), It also has a negative impact. This gives the employment agency the impression that you do not feel like working - and it can hail downtime or benefit cuts. Incidentally, the same applies if you boycott the job interview in tattered jeans or by nasty behavior or do not even go. The employment office demands that you make an effort and show that. If your intermediary asks you to present your applications, it is bad if they are a disaster. And your employer has to justify why you have not been hired. Therefore: Always be well-groomed, friendly, open and committed, both in the office and in interviews, so that you have a positive impression from the outset and the employment agency does not think you did not want to work.

By the way: If you want to avoid the blocking times, you should have a good chance if you are not sufficiently qualified for the job offered: If you are a mechanic and your agent offers you a job as a hairdresser, the fault lies with him and you can ( if you still face a lockout period because you haven't got the job) talk to your line manager. However, this is only partially useful: If you, as a secretary, reject the job as a data typist because you have too little computer knowledge, then you will hardly be able to be found as a secretary in the future - and perhaps for precisely this reason you will be offered one soon Job as cleaning lady at ...

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Personal Service Agencies (PSA)

These are private temporary employment agencies who hire unemployed people on behalf of the BA and then lend them temporarily to companies. You can get a taste of different jobs, make contacts in different companies and thereby improve your chances. Maybe you even stick to a company. Unfortunately, it may well be that the PSA can not offer you a job, because the job offers for temporary workers are limited in the current labor market situation.

So you should see PSA as one of many options: trying it can not hurt, because you get money here as well as the employment office - and maybe you'll find a job. But if you notice that it does not help, you should go other ways. In no case should you rely entirely on a PPE and sitting patiently waiting for the next job or being completely frustrated by a possible failure.

placement vouchers

After six weeks of unemployment, if you are eligible for unemployment benefit I or II, you can receive a placement voucher. You can hand it over to a private employment agency after you have obtained a social insurance job with a minimum working time of 15 weekly hours and for at least three months. The intermediary will only get money after signing the employment contract - the longer you have been unemployed the more. The full amount (uniform 2000 Euro) he gets only if you have worked for six months. You yourself do not need to pay anything. If the broker demands money from you, that is inadmissible! Switch on several intermediaries - this increases the chances, you pay with the coupon only if successful. But do not expect any miracles here. Incidentally, a private employment agency must have been recognized by the BA (more on the BA website).


  1. Job creation schemes (ABMs): In the case of an ABM, employers receive a subsidy on labor costs. For you as an employee, it can be useful if you are unemployed and have little chance of finding a "normal" job. ABM keeps you on the job, maybe even learning something new, and your chances of getting ABM into a normal course of action increase. Unfortunately, you can not choose the ABM yourself. The employment office assigns them. After all, you can inquire about which measures in your region are being promoted and which ones might be suitable for you. This will signal your own efforts to the employment consultant. However, you have no legal claim to the promotion. The disadvantage: You are not insured for unemployment benefits during such a measure and thus do not acquire any new entitlement to unemployment benefits.
  2. Vocational Rehabilitation: Those who find it difficult to get a job because of their mental or physical disability can get help from the BA: job placement, training or transitional allowance, car assistance, money for technical aids or a handicapped accessible housing and finally education vouchers for further education. Contact the specially trained rehab teams found at the employment office.
  3. Reimbursement of application costs: A professional application with copies of certificates, photos, portfolios and postage goes into the money - and certainly if you have to write a few dozen of them. But: Anyone who is already unemployed, has to worry about becoming unemployed, or is looking for an apprenticeship can be reimbursed by the employment office up to 260 _ per annum. Your employment agency will tell you if and how much you receive subsidy, with him you also make the application.

Collect all the receipts you can get in connection with your application: application photos, stationery and envelopes, application folders, copies, printer cartridges, stamps ... Write down the expenditure in your "diary".

mobility aids

If you are looking for a job, you are expected to be "flexible and mobile". That's not always cheap. The employment office "may" cover the costs of travel to the workplace, separate household or relocation.

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Also, the purchase of equipment such as work clothes is financially supported, and even for the living to the first salary, the employment office can pay. The aid can be applied for from the employment agency.

Grants to payroll costs for employers

You are well educated, have many years of work experience, but have a problem in the logic of the labor market because you are fit for 50 years or not 100%? Then the employment office classifies you as "difficult to place". That may not be nice, because you do not take into account your competences, but offers positive thinking an advantage:

An employer who wants to employ you can receive money from the employment office. You can thus provide your potential future boss with an additional argument. You also have this argument if you want to start as an unemployed person in a newly founded company, because even then your boss can apply for a subsidy for you.

Mediation abroad

If you can not find a job in Germany, perhaps a job abroad is the right solution. But: Without qualified vocational training and sufficient language skills, this should not be easy.

The BA supports workers willing to migrate, even with special training courses, in the event of a prospect of placement. There is a good chance of skilled workers whose skills are urgently needed in another country - and that depends heavily on the economy. Inform yourself in detail - eg at one of the following contact points.

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Central Office for Employment Services (ZAV)

As a recruitment agency, ZAV advises and arranges, among other things, executives (without age restrictions) as well as junior staff (young professionals, apprentices) up to a maximum of 35 years (depending on the program) for jobs and internships abroad.

European vocational guidance centers (EBZ)

The EBZs are located in various employment offices throughout Germany. Each department, however, only deals with one partner country. Career counselors, who are familiar with the topic and also speak the language, will help you with advice, information events and mediation.

European Employment Services (EURES)

18 European countries (EU, EEA, Switzerland) are involved here with their public employment services as well as trade unions and employers' associations.

European programs

Some programs in Europe allow workers a limited stay (depending on the program up to twelve months) in another European country. Advantage: Good organization, financial support and local contact. Disadvantage: not everyone can participate, there are such programs only for younger people or special professional groups.

How do I find a new job?

Wrong Properly
The employment office will be fine

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judge. If it is not

who will do it?

Use the help of the BA, though

especially one yourself active

Look for a job.

Once through the grid

fall - forever unemployed.

Even if it is hard:

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Stay optimistic. There is always a chance!

The employment consultant /

He does not betray anything, it's all about him

yes, nothing.

Strengths and weaknesses

call otherwise, otherwise sink

Your chances.

The consultants already tell me

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where there are grants.

Actively ask

Funding possibilities of the BA.

I want exactly the job, the

I had!

Be more flexible. Out of the job

You can also apply better out.

Help for self-help: Job offers and information of the BA

The job center not only provides new jobs, it can also help you to actively seek a new job yourself. Take advantage of these opportunities. Here you will find an overview of the various job and information offers.

The "virtual labor market"

The virtual labor market is a database comparing job vacancies and the qualification profiles of jobseeker and trainee job seekers. Included are offers from numerous private job boards that work with the employment office. Your job broker can see on the computer which jobs are tailored to your abilities. If there are none, he can at least recognize in which area it may be worthwhile for you to further your education. For example, if you have worked as a secretary in the past, but you are not proficient in certain computer programs and are not getting a new job on your own, you will greatly increase your chances of learning these programs.

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You can manage your "profile" from home or from the computer in the BIS. You can then register with your personal data (name, address, telephone, date of birth, etc.) on the BA homepage. Then log in (enter username and password) and create your personal profile: education, work experience, general skills, personal characteristics, desired area of ​​application and salary. You can then compare the profile with job offers or even publish it like an application. You will then be able to activate the specific offer with a PIN number (the employment office will inform you after registration by e-mail or post).

Market + Opportunity Vacancies

ZAV newspaper (Edition: 155 000) with current job advertisements of the BA, arranged clearly by industry, appears every Friday for free to take away in employment offices, town halls or libraries. An issue with applicant profiles appears every two weeks on Fridays with job applications from all areas and is delivered to companies free of charge. Here you too can publish vacancies for free. Ask your employment agency.

application coaching

If you are unemployed, you can also get paid by the BA for an application training (more on page 66): Here you will learn, among other things, how to correctly read job advertisements and create a proper application folder. You can then also look through your own application. This will help you to avoid mistakes and to ensure that your documents comply with current standards. A service that you should use, if you have the opportunity.

Application tips for apprenticeship seekers

The brochure Properly advertise, but how? Tips for applying for an apprenticeship position are aimed primarily at young people, as well as the CD-ROM Application for a training position: On this CD, the information is not only written, but also prepared with films and images. However, users can also practice job application situations and plan their procedure with checklists. The CD is part of Mach's Richtig career choice folder, which also contains numerous application tips.


The folder helps you with the most important job search stations: What can I do, what do I want? How do I actively look for a job myself, how do I read job advertisements? And how do I apply, how do I pass the interview?

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Orientation guide to selection tests

You are invited to the selection test and do not know how to prepare yourself? This booklet explains for free which competitions are available and includes many exercises. However, it is quite general. Alternative exercise options are available in the Eichborn book Selection tests consist of the series Fit for the job.

Self-initiative: how to help yourself

You should not just rely on the employment agency when looking for a job. Although she can also help you with these ways to find a job - such as with advice, addresses and naming of contacts; however, you are relatively on your own if you go one of the following ways - but you can only benefit from this initiative. Below is a brief overview of how you might even get a job yourself:

  • Notices: eg on black boards of companies.
  • Sectoral Books: They provide company addresses clearly structured by area and are the starting point for further research: Find out Internet addresses and contacts, try to find out more about the company.
  • Unsolicited applications: Many jobs are filled internally or, as there is a sufficiently large market available, they are not even advertised. With an unsolicited application, you can be lucky if it ends up in the right place at the right time.
  • Internet sites of companies: Many, especially larger companies are looking for their staff on their own site, eg under the heading Job or job offers.
  • Internships: Especially for job beginners a good opportunity.
  • Personal Contacts: One of the best ways to find a job. Do not hide from your circle of acquaintances that you are looking for a job and try to make further contacts - for example through professional associations and at events.
  • Private Job Boards: They are often specialized in individual professions, larger job boards are also cross-industry.
  • Job advertisements in the newspaper: Many companies do not rely on the BA in their search for qualified personnel and prefer to advertise themselves. Many a person may also think that qualified employees are being courted and are not in need of advice from the employment office to take.
  • Temporary work agencies: On the one hand, they are a great way to try out different jobs, to learn a lot and make professional contacts. But: Job hopping also leaves you barely time to really get to grips with a place.

Remember: What do I have to consider when looking for a job?

  • Get all the necessary information from the employment office.
  • How do I apply correctly - ask at the employment office!
  • Let the BA explain exactly how the virtual job market works.
  • Am I ready to move for a job?
  • Would a job be possible abroad?
  • How can I continue to qualify? Take advantage of all the possibilities of the BA.
  • Is there financial support for me, such as mobility allowances, wage subsidies, application cost reimbursement?
  • Are certain measures such as ABM or setting in a PSA possible?
  • Job exchange, internship or unsolicited application - which way to work is best for me?

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