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Sleep better with Kneipp: 5 tips for a healthy night's sleep

Good, restful sleep is more important for well-being and performance than many believe - whether student, manager or pensioner. How can you promote healthy sleep?

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Sleep disorders: why is that a problem at all?

Good, restful sleep is essential for the functioning of the immune system, metabolism and hormones and has a high impact on performance and well-being. That means: our quality of life depends very much on our sleep. This applies to all age and professional groups. And the fact that there are problems usually only becomes noticeable when you sleep badly in the long term, are constantly tired and suffer from the joy of life. The problems usually start much earlier.

In fact, many scientific studies show that sleep disorders are among the most common complaints and symptoms that are associated with a variety of physical and mental health disorders. Problems with falling asleep or staying asleep for at least one month or a non-relaxing sleep together with the resulting negative effects on the state of the day and / or on daily activities as well as the exclusion of organic or mental illnesses as the cause of the sleep disorder are the criteria for the existence of a so-called primary insomnia .

Sleep problems: what can you do about it?

The incidence of insomnia syndrome in the German adult population between the ages of 18 and 79 is 5,7%. Women are affected twice as often as men. In its health report, for example, the DAK reports that 80% of the workforce in Germany sleep poorly and that about every tenth employee suffers from insomnia syndrome.

Treatment approaches for non-organic sleep disorders primarily consist of cognitive behavior therapy group programs, which usually combine different therapeutic elements. But physical activity and moderate sports have also proven their sleep-promoting effects.

With naturopathic treatments for sleep disorders

In addition, Kneipp therapy, the holistic naturopathic therapy concept based on the five “pillars” of water treatment, exercise, healthy eating, medicinal herbs and lifestyle (balance), is a long-recognized procedure for sleep disorders.

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A new treatment approach has now been developed in Kneipp-Kurbad Füssen, the effectiveness of which was also tested in a study in cooperation with LMU Munich: "Healthy sleep through inner order" is a 3-week prevention program based on the principle of a Kneipp cure, the psychoeducative Content and learning relaxation procedures are linked to classic elements of hydrotherapy and activity-promoting content. The program is supplemented by teaching sleep-specific content from phyto and nutritional therapy according to Kneipp and on the subject of diagnosis and therapy of sleep disorders.

Treating sleep disorders needs to be sustainable

The study shows that the 3-week prevention program "Healthy sleep through inner order" shows lasting positive effects for a number of examined parameters, with values ​​that are statistically significant at the end of the study after six months from the initial values ​​at the beginning of the study and from distinguish those from the waiting control group.

The study results show that the holistic naturopathic therapy concept of the Kneipp cure with the five “pillars” of water treatment, exercise, healthy eating, medicinal herbs and lifestyle offers very good and effective therapeutic approaches for secondary prevention in the case of non-organic, lifestyle-related sleep disorders.

The modern working world disturbs the sleep-wake rhythm

For the graduate psychologist Sascha Maurer, who plays a major role in the prevention program as a coach, our modern work environment in particular contributes significantly to sleep problems. Maurer, who is also a graduate in business administration, used to be a HR developer, HR manager and trainer at PwC, Daimler and QVC before becoming a trainer after a burnout experience.

“The way in which daily routines are structured in working life has an extremely negative impact on the sleep rhythm. It starts with the fact that there is too little light in modern offices so that the sleep hormone melatonin is permanently produced during work. And it doesn't stop there if you take your problems home from work in the evening. ”

Restore the inner order

Maurer works a lot with managers and knows when stress becomes difficult. Namely whenever we have no resources to solve a problem, we lose the feeling of self-efficacy. When the stress becomes chronic, sleep disorders are inevitable. This is how Maurer makes it clear:

“It is then a question of restoring the inner order of life so that there is balance again: A normally stable, positive self-image with which one's own success can be reflected helps a lot. It makes a big difference whether you are desperate because you have not achieved something or can say to yourself: 'Not everything is perfect, but ok'. Everyone can do a lot here, keyword self-regulation and self-regulation. It is often like flipping an internal switch: Many of them have to learn to let go first and to differentiate. ”

Breathing exercises, mindfulness and hydrotherapy: what really helps against sleep disorders?

If the sleep disorder is not based on serious physical or psychological problems, which is actually the case with some patients, then quite simple methods can sometimes help to restore the inner order: For example, a positive language without relativizing filler words that supports self-confidence. The ability to suddenly see and evaluate things differently. A diary to reflect events and make things. Mindfulness mediation. Breathing exercises. Or hydrotherapy, the well-known Kneipp water.

How effective these are, that's what Kneipp and physiotherapist Andreas Eggensberger from Hopfen am See wants to prove scientifically and has initiated a large-scale sleep study in cooperation with Füssen Tourism - with a particular focus on shift workers. A total of eleven Team from therapists and experts takes care of the participants who have to come to the Eggensberger therapy center three times a week for various Kneipp treatments. The test subjects can set the exact time themselves, but it should take place in the morning. In addition, the test subjects also ensure evening waterings at home. After six weeks, the participants then carry out all applications themselves for a further six weeks. Accompanying the study, one's own sleep behavior is documented and evaluated. After all, the first positive reviews of reduced sleep problems are already available.

5 tips for better sleep with Kneipp

But how can Kneipp's method help specifically and specifically against insomnia? Kneipp's approach is essentially based on 5 pillars, for which a sleep tuber was released as part of the prevention program and which we would like to briefly introduce to you below:

1. Internal order

Listen to your body again! Where did your life get out of balance because you work too long, too much or a shift? Think about what you can change and get help if necessary. B. in the form of advice. Relaxation and mindfulness exercises such as Qi Gong, conscious breathing, yoga or meditation can also bring you back into balance.

Structure your daily routine sensibly. Regularity is one of the magic words for healthy sleep! Whoever sleeps and eats at the same time is taking a giant step in the right direction. However, it is important to first feel again when you are getting tired and how many hours of sleep are good for you. Therefore, experiment with how you feel during the day when you go to bed or get up half an hour earlier or later. How to find out your personal “sleeping time”.

2. Nutrition

Real natural products such as fruit, vegetables, whole grain cereals - they are entirely in the Kneipp sense. But: Not everyone can take everything - and at different times also differently well. Try what gets you! Have the last meal of the day around 18 p.m. Avoid high-fat and high-calorie products, but also salad and raw vegetables in the evening, otherwise the digestive organs are too stressed. But don't go to bed hungry either.

3. Movement

Going for a walk in the morning or a gentle endurance training session outdoors - tailored to your condition - are ideal. You get enough light and wake up. It is not good for sleep to have a physical exercise in the evening, because the body is overheated.

In order to fall asleep and sleep well, the core body temperature must drop. There is nothing wrong with a relaxed evening tour.

4. Hydrotherapy

A core element of Kneipp's teaching. With hydrotherapy, cold and warmth stimuli are precisely dosed in order to achieve positive reactions of the body through the temperature differences. These measures promote blood circulation, relax and are easy to use at home:

  • Lukewarm casts and baths with plant additives such as lavender, damp and cold stockings, cold washes of hands, feet and trunk are great sleep promoters because they gently extract heat from the body.
  • Exception: If you already have cold feet, warm them with socks or a bed bottle because cold feet prevent you from falling asleep.
  • No hot full bath and no more saunas in the evenings!

5. Herbs

Herbal sleep promoters such as valerian, hops and St. John's wort as tea or as a finished product are a good alternative to medication. It takes longer for them to work, but they have fewer side effects. Nevertheless, the intake should be discussed with a doctor or therapist.

Only take sleeping pills strictly according to a doctor's prescription, because these can lead to sleep disorders and even dependencies in the long term,

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