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walter-carbonWalter Kohl is the eldest son of the former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, entrepreneur and bestselling author. Walter Kohl, born in 1963, historian and graduate economist, BA (Harvard College) and MBA (INSEAD). He lived abroad for nine years, including in France and the USA, where he worked as a financial analyst at the investment bank Morgan Stanley. Back in Germany, he held a managerial position as a controlling officer at Kaufhof Holding AG and Metro AG for over ten years. Later he was head of controlling at Deutsche Vermögensberatung in Frankfurt. In 2005 he and his Korean wife started their own business with a company in the automotive supply industry, which successfully manufactures applications for Audi, BMW, Ford, Peugeot, Renault and Rolls-Royce, among others the foremost places in the Spiegel-Best seller list is up, Kohl tells of his sometimes difficult childhood and youth in an environment of terrorism and in a time full of ideological conflicts.

Walter Kohl on lifestyle and success: 5 steps to inner peace

Life is like a roundabout that gives us three exits in conflict situations: fight, flight or reconciliation. We have to decide: Will I continue to circle? Fight? Flee? Or reconcile and find inner peace? I advocate the last exit and explain this in five concrete steps.

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Reconciliation as a source of inner strength

Joie de vivre can only arise when we have made peace with our past: I have drawn this knowledge from my own experience:

Through an overpowering father, the personal threat situation under the sign of RAF terrorism and the suicide of my mother, I have recognized: To find oneself and go new ways of life, reconciliation is a source of inner strength. Here are the 5 steps on the way to inner peace at a glance:

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1. Step: What is my concern?

To take the first step, you have to know where to go. As a useful means, I recommend “mental reduction”, which means something like: Concentration on the essentials. The question is:

  • What is it about me?
  • What kind of energy do I want to edit?

In seminars, I guide the participants to formulate a concise and precise sentence. Such a sentence best begins with a simple "I want ..." and ends with a specific goal.

Because only when the painful “topic” is named precisely and concretely can work on the root of the problem begin. So I start a path of reconciliation with the concern: "I want to have peace with my experiences of violence and terrorism."

2. Step: Everything on the table

The second step on the way to reconciliation is about “putting everything on the table”: That means looking carefully at all thoughts, facts, memories and feelings - without any shame or embarrassment.

I know from personal experience that this step is not always easy: Sometimes we are ashamed of our feelings and do not want to admit them. Precisely because we are masters in repressing, this step is particularly important. In order to really “unpack” all feelings, I recommend writing a letter to yourself in my seminars: Here you can write out everything that is associated with your painful experience - in my case, it was about my experiences of terrorism and the associated isolation.

Such letters are salutary because they offer us a platform to find ourselves in peace and seclusion and no longer hide from ourselves. From this letter then the key messages - the power-hungry - can be filtered out, such as loneliness, inner speechlessness, powerlessness.

3rd step: Experience the energy transition

For every feeling there is a counter-feeling and the energy can run amazingly fast from one pole to another. Therefore, in the third step on the path of reconciliation, it is about finding a positive counterpart to the power-hungry from the second step. To do this, we first have to identify it, clearly and unequivocally.

In the video seminar, Walter Kohl explains step by step how to find the coherent counterpart to his negative feelings. So I became connected from loneliness, from powerlessness self-responsibility and from inner speechlessness “can say it”. And from the old energy “injustice” he found the coherent counterpart “acceptance and trust”.

4. Step: My peace treaty with myself

In the fourth step, the decision is made to get out of the old inner conflict once and for all. And this happens through a "peace treaty to yourself": In this treaty you declare your independence from the old situation that caused pain. It is important that the text does not contain any blame or abuse.

We need not and should not wait for the other parties, for we create our new inner peace out of our own sovereignty. Reconciliation and inner peace know no other claims to others. My peace treaty is in excerpts: “Today I accept the years of terrorism as part of my life. It's not a pretty part, but a part that is there, just like other parts. (...) I recognized my old feelings. You are true. But I have learned to deal with these feelings, to change them. I am no longer at their mercy. Today I can say that the terror era didn't break me, but it hurt me. (…) These injuries were deep, but they healed and healed through the path of reconciliation. Some scars heal, but that's okay. Even old dogs often have scars, but they are still beautiful and lovable. "

5. Step: Use the new force in the flow of everyday life

Anyone who has embarked on the path of reconciliation knows that reconciliation liberates. It renews people. It releases unexpected forces. Living inner peace in everyday life is the real touchstone. “And exams will come, that much is certain”.

The fifth step leads from the past into the future. It is a symbol of a philosophy of life in which the search for inner and outer peace is the focus.


For the happy live academy, an e-coaching platform of the publisher Herder, I have developed a video seminar from 6 lessons with a total of 11 videos, which the participant at intervals of seven days per eMail receives and thus can solve personal blockades step by step. In addition to the videos, the seminar participant will receive written summaries and exercises in order to deepen the content and apply it to the personal situation.

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