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AZUBIYO_Florian Schardt_Founder and managing directorFlorian Schardt is the founder and managing director of AZUBIYO GmbH. Schardt studied economics and founded AZUBIYO in 2009, a recruiting platform for apprenticeships and dual study positions. In his position as managing director, Schardt is responsible for strategic school targeting, product development and positioning of the Munich company. In addition, Schardt is responsible for the startup's personnel development. More information at www.azubiyo.de/

Trainee Recruiting: 8 tips for successful job advertisements

The apprentice deficit is on everyone's lips. While the number of study beginners exploded, the companies are looking for trainees. 8 Tips for trainee recruiting. Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®

8 Tips for good job ads

The most important advertising medium in the occupation of training places is and will remain the job advertisement.

However, vacancies for trainees differ fundamentally from those for graduates and professionals. 8 useful tips on what you should consider when designing apprenticeships.

1. Concise and comprehensible writing

The most important distinguishing feature of trainee apprentices: They are generally young and inexperienced in dealing with job advertisements, job portals and career portals.

In contrast to experienced applicants, they still lack routine in dealing with job advertisements, so you should avoid listings of requirements and be limited to the essential points. In addition, be very clear in the distinction between mandatory and optional criteria in order to avoid misunderstandings.

2. Authentic approach

Typical advertising slogans are quickly understood by young people - as well as adults. High gloss images may impress visually, but their effect is subconsciously attenuated. The same applies to image videos.

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Present your company and your training as authentically as possible and do not exaggerate. Choose a direct, emotional approach - the “you” is definitely allowed here. However, the young people do not expect a “buddy”, but a person of respect. Therefore, do not try to copy the youth jargon.

3. Do not overcharge the requirements

Job portals specializing in training provide candidates with filters that can be used to sort vacancies according to specific requirements, such as the desired school leaving certificate or even individual school achievements.

Such filters facilitate precise searching, but can also be very rigid. Once they have been set, they are knocked out hard. Therefore, consider well whether you are looking for high school graduates with an 2,0 or whether also a high school diploma with grade 3,3 or medium maturity with 1,7 are sufficient. In case of doubt, you set the requirements slightly lower in order to reach more potential applicants.

4. Statements on remuneration during AND after training

Trainees want to know what they can expect financially - both during the training itself and afterwards. In addition to concrete information on the training allowance, you should also give the adolescents guidance for orientation:

If the training remuneration (or the later salary) is above the average, for example, they should also mention it. You pay tariff wage or beyond? This is also an important point of reference for the trainees.

5. Do not forget the transfer rate

Training is “only” the first step in your professional life. It only really gets exciting after that. Understandably, young people want to know the conditions under which they are taken on.

Details can be clarified in the interview. However, you should already make a first statement about the options for taking over the job. Do not forget to mention if the takeover is the stated goal of the training - even if you take it as a matter of course.

6. Additional services

When analyzing the behavior of adolescents when reading job advertisements, it is noticeable that they react positively to supplementary services and thus the likelihood of a Casting elevated. A special incentive for applicants is all forms of additional or further qualification. But also supposedly self-evident benefits, such as the free private use of the company laptop or the Internet and employee discounts, highlight your ad from others.

7. Allow several application types

For companies with their own online application system, the online application is certainly the most attractive and comfortable way to apply. However, as an employer, you should not restrict yourself to one application form, in order not to exclude potential applicants from the outset.

The most important guides for young people are still the parents. And these could, for example, advise against an online application and recommend the good, old mail application. It would be a pity if you lose applicants just because they do not find a postal address. Even though your workload may be slightly higher, the number of incoming applications increases with each channel you allow. So ideally bid the three main forms online, post and eMailApplication.

8. Powerful title

Job boards usually have a search function. And this gives the title of your job advertisement a high priority, which decides whether and by which applicants you will be found. If you name your ad now, for example, "Bank Clerk Munich", you run the risk that trained apprentices will also notice your ad.

Job boards specialized in training positions do not have this problem, but often work with job search engines. Very few special job exchanges are able to ignore imprecise titles and still deliver meaningful results. Therefore, always name your advertisement specifically with the key words, for example “Training as a banker (m / f) Munich 2016”.

Conclusion: There is no magic recipe

Finally, of course, there is no panacea to address all potential applicants alike. But with these tricks and tricks you will get a toolkit to assist you with the further development of your advertisements and thus gradually increase the success rate in the area of ​​your trainee recruiting.

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