Toshiba Tecra Z50-A-16L in the implement test: Mobile desktop competition {review}

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Toshiba is known as a manufacturer of solid laptops. The Tecra Z50-A-16L is therefore a working device which, even with its long battery life, can quite compare with desktop devices. This also applies to the comprehensive equipment. As handy as smartphone or tablet is not - but who says that you can not use both.

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Optimal equipment for the business

4 GB RAM brings the Tecra Z50-A-16L, sold as a business laptop, as well as a hard disk from 500 GB. With a large 15,6-inch display and an equally wide keyboard, he has started to compete with desktop devices. He is supported by a large battery, which even with the largest screen brightness easily times 5 hours holds.

Also graphics card - Intel® HD Graphics 4400, up to 1.696 MB shared memory with installed 4 GB memory (with a pre-installed 64-bit operating system) - is impressive: applications from writing to graphics and even video editing are there the purest joy.

Despite a dimension of 379,0 x 252,0 x 20,4 mm, the Tecra with 1,8 KG belongs to the light-weight - if it does not reach a MAC-Book-Air. All the desirable connections are also available - this is quite a rarity for laptops that save space here.

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Overview of connections

1 × DC-In 1 × external monitor 1 × RJ-45 1 × external microphone 1 × headphone jack (stereo), microphone jack 1 × USB 2.0 1 × multi-card reader (supports SD ™ cards up to 2 GB, miniSD ™ / microSD ™ Cards with Adapters up to 2 GB, SDHC ™ Cards up to 32 GB, SDXC ™ Cards up to 64 GB and Multimedia Cards ™ up to 2 GB) 1 × HDMI®-out supports 1080p Signal Format 3 × USB 3.0 (one port supports USB Sleep-and-Charge function) 1 × 2.0MP integrated FHD web camera (1.980 x 1.080) with built-in stereo microphone

Only from a CD / DVD burner Toshiba has adopted in favor of the weight - a feature that you probably only need today if the car radio has no MP3 player. More importantly I would have found a VGA output here - many old-fashioned locations have beamer, which are equipped only with this technology.

Touchpad and screen

Toshiba has a bit too well meant with the touchpad, as if you did not decide and it would be right for every user. At the top of the touchpad are two mouse cursor tests that are pressed by pressing. At the lower edge of the touchpad are again two mosaics integrated into the touchpad. This is impractical, because you wap times while wiping it over and wipes the screen resolution unintentionally. In addition, the user has the choice of two touchpads and trackball - in an age of touchscreens this seems almost anachronistic. After all, you have as a user the choice, which variant one uses.

The 15,6 inch-sized screen allows comfortable working - actually. Of course, the taste or habit: I've found for myself that this size is quite impractical. In order to blog or even something to program, I prefer to work on the much larger desktop screen with an external keyboard and mouse, also because of the problem described above with screen resolution and the mast keys.

Laptop or smartphone?

For mobile applications, eMails, browsing the Web or writing texts on the go, I prefer to use a smaller mobile solution, such as a tablet or even smartphone with external keyboard. On the one hand, this is more practical for carrying around; If you have such a large laptop, you should also make sure that the compartments for mobile devices are big enough when choosing bags and backpacks.

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This is not the case with my two backpacks, and when asked, pocket manufacturers now assume that most people have a tablet. In addition, there is the increased weight, for example, for the charger.

Working method and software equipment

On the other hand, I have found that the size of the device can also be problematic when working itself: Of course, a laptop has the advantage that, unlike a tablet, for example, can be comfortably balanced on the knees writing.

Recently, however, I had to squeeze myself into a somewhat cramped chair row at a recruiting event and then find that laptop use was extremely difficult: the width of the keyboard simply meant that I also needed space for arms and elbows, which was not available. In addition, a screen of this size is also a wonderful view for behind or next to a seated follower. Impractical.

Windows is not that stupid

The Tecra is running with Windows 7, not the annoying Windows 8, and Toschiba has also renounced the installation of too much software of its own. Only the Toshiba Health Monitor pops up sometimes, there is an anti-virus program - otherwise there is no unnecessary Softwar equipment, one would have to uninstall hard. It is therefore much easier to commission the unit than with other manufacturers.

Restoring the factory state was also tricky and without reading the user manual: First, start Windows in recovery mode and then use the special setting. Here, other manufacturers with re-establishment operate a system diagram quite practical.

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The trend goes to the second device

Overall, the Toshiba Tecra is exactly what it is sold: a practical, stable device for business use in the office, at meetings, lectures and on business travel. For all-too-mobile use, users should still look for a more compact alternative.

Because: Due to today's different requirements, I notice more and more in my workflow that I always need different device solutions in different work situations. The trend clearly goes to the second device.

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