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OPINION! Temporary worker Sigrid Lang: "Temporary employment agencies have to value their employees & not treat them like a piece of meat"

Sigrid Lang tells in an interview why she is working hard, how to recognize unsafe temporary workers, that collective agreement is not equal to collective agreement and why personal appreciation is so important.

Sigrid Lang has been the project management assistant at Neukranz Personalservice GmbH since August 2009. There she organizes all internal business processes for the customer in the project office of a large construction site. For the trained office clerk, it was from the beginning clear: Temporary work is better than unemployment. In an interview, she explains why she does temporary work, how to separate the wheat from the chaff at temporary employment agencies and why personal appreciation is particularly important to her.

Ms. Lang, why are you working at a temporary work agency?

I work for a temp agency because I did not have interest in unemployment benefit I; my previous employment relationship, a permanent employment with limited time, I have terminated prematurely for personal reasons.

What makes people work temporary?

I don't know what makes other people do it, I just know what made me do it. I had my whole “career” up to Hartz IV, then I found a job at DIS AG in Frankfurt, which on the one hand motivated me again: I enjoyed my work again and got the impression that I was “worth something " am. Therefore, if I were to become jobseeker, I would do temporary work again at any time.

In addition, I still receive more salary than unemployment benefits. Furthermore, I can increase my flexibility - yes, everyone today is flexible, a bad word in professional life - new Company get to know, also test for myself whether I would like to work as a permanent employee of my hirer if there is the possibility. All companies are always super great in job interviews, which is true in most cases, but as "Temp" I can get a good picture of the company. As an applicant, you don't necessarily notice that in the interview. I also learn a lot of new things through various assignments and can further develop my professional know-how.

Temporary employment does not have a good reputation, that is to say insecure employment relationships, little money - what are your experiences?

The media is also responsible for the reputation, and there are unfortunately some black sheep among the personnel service providers. But my previous experiences with temporary work are mostly positive. However, I can not and do not like this. This can even vary from branch to branch at larger temporary work firms. And as for the money, I work in the Rhine-Main area, the salaries are quite higher and I also have no tariff. I had, of course, a pain limit, if I had not received this salary, I would have been but at unemployment benefit I landed.

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Are temporary employees in companies treated or paid as normal employees?

So I was never treated worse, I could not make this experience; If this ever happens to me, I will discuss it with my supervisor there and should not do anything, I turn to my temporary work company. So far, however, I have always been valued. And as far as the pay is concerned, yes I get less salary for the possibly same work, but I knew in advance and therefore has no problem with it.

In your experience temporary employment is an acceptable alternative to the normal job?

Temporary work is an acceptable alternative for me personally, but that's certainly because I prefer project work. That's why I am able to adapt to changed circumstances even before I get into temporary employment. But also for people with a strong need for permanence, temporary work can be a good alternative, since there are also many long-term projects and not every job is day / week monthly.

A good temporary employment agency definitely takes into account the needs and wishes of its employees, at least that's my experience. On the other hand, German companies prefer to hire a new employee who is already in the job, as a potential employee who may have been jobless for years. Therefore, I remain in my opinion :; Dear temporary work as unemployment benefit. In my opinion, there is definitely a chance.

Should people who want to do temporary work or have special requirements?

In my opinion, one should be aware that one must react flexibly to the labor market. Depending on the position you should also be correspondingly extroverted, if my company me for example as a receiving force, I may not be shy. But ultimately, you do not need skills other than normal workers.

We greatly appreciate the experience gained from your experience in moving into a permanent position.

That differs: I think that the chance is given, depending on the company, depending on the use and above all according to their own commitment. I had so far only a few assignments, in which I was already offered in the advance a job opportunity.

Besides, I'm personally skeptical and do not believe in hiring unless the ink on the contract is dry. What I experience again and again: companies would like to hire one or the other temporary staff, but can not for business reasons (hiring freezes, commitments from the works council, etc.). Therefore, I believe that there are opportunities, but I can not and do not want to pin down numbers.

What should people who want or need to do temporary work look for when choosing a temporary work company?

There are certain factors in which one can establish seriousness - for example, whether the temporary employment agency is governed by the collective agreement. This should also be as possible the DGB or the BZA collective agreement, the collective agreement of the Christian union is in his own experience a wonderful employer contract. Even corporate collective agreements are not necessarily the yellow of the egg. Companies that work without a collective agreement are not necessarily, but often less reputable. Then you should perhaps ask, what is it with training opportunities: The DIS AG in Frankfurt has z. B. paid an English course, so that I come back to a good state.

After all, a good company is not only interested in having the employee bring in money, but is also motivated. And if I have a motivated employee as a temporary employment agency, then he also likes to work. Furthermore, a good temporary employment agency makes me feel that I can talk to the people in case of problems. Although I do not see my supervisors on a daily basis on a daily basis, I have to know for myself that I am a valued employee who is taken seriously.

But in the end it is important for me for every employment relationship. I have to feel taken seriously and not like a piece of meat in the counter, I had also had this experience before, if only briefly. Sometimes when there were problems, because you were still in the probationary period, you were dismissed straight away because you simply hadn't "brought in any more money". Something like that happens every now and then, but in my experience it was rather rare. Conclusion: If I don't feel taken seriously - although that's subjective - the company is probably not the right one.

What tips do you have for people who want or need to make time work?

An important tip would be to go with less negative thoughts on temporary work. Being open to new things. the labor market is constantly evolving, which should equally apply to employers and employees. Also sometimes look beyond the box, straight-lined CVs will be less and less. Dare to try something out. And if it does not work immediately, just keep checking back, because time work does not have only one applicant. This is about keeping an applicant in mind.

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  3. susu says:


    why is the call always discussed during temporary employment? I like your answer very well and am pleased about your very good tips. My tip is always ask questions and do not assume the reputation of temporary work.

    • Simone Janson says:

      in principle you are right, you should hear both sides. However, it seems to me that only if you are looking for a search engine for temporary workers. Readers are also not stupid!
      S. Janson

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  5. Simone Janson says:

    "Good temporary employment agencies appreciate employees and don't treat them like a piece of meat" - Interview m. Sigrid Lang #fb

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