Team spirit and motivation: with willpower to success

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In a team many factors have to interact for success. Emotions are important, too Company, But we also need strong, dynamic strategists with the absolute will to succeed.


Here writes for you:


Richard de Hoop 61Richard de Hoop is a coach and known from the ProSieben-Glücksreport.


How drumming drums?

Like the drum. The drum brings tons of willpower with it. Sometimes too much. Then she shoots over the target. That is why she needs a partner who acts and balances as a "moderate". That partner is the piano. In the cooperation of the two, the willpower of the drum finds the right balance.

Drums are loud. Dynamic. Fast. They can be heard from a distance, always approach at high speed, they don't know how to walk slowly. Her motto is "Hurry, I have an idea that needs to be implemented". Long explanations are not their thing.

Always further than the rest

The drum has an inspiration and is already conceptual in the implementation, if parts of the team have not even understood what is the talk of. This can not understand the drum and reacts impatient, very impatient.

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This can be seen in the meeting non-verbally - nomen est omen - by “drumming” with the knuckles on the table or restlessly bobbing the legs. Verbally, can you get an annoyed “Got it?” hiss around. This is usually not well received by the team. The mental pace of the drum is so high that very few really come along.

The born boss

Drums are born bosses and act like that, even if they have not yet reached the leading position. They are really good in the role of the "leader" and usually you climb the career ladder quickly. Willpower. They also transfer this willpower to their professional projects and work hard and intensively on them.

They do not demand anything from others which they are not willing to do. The problem with this is that they are so fast with everything that most others do not come along. The drum has little understanding for what is left behind it, and drives on.

Caution Terroregime

In the team, that's just the way it is, but if the drum is boss, they can build a small “terror regime” around them with their dynamic, demanding assignments. This may have a very positive effect on the company's success, but it has negative effects on the mood in the team.

Drums are often feared properly. In order for their willpower to be well channeled and the dynamic to reach the team without fear, the drum needs a moderating voice at its side that spreads its messages “more gently”.

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This moderate voice is the piano

Pianos naturally dominate the entire keyboard of tones, know the sound engineering spectrum up and down. Pianos have everything in view and the wonderful feature of perfecting each team by their pure presence.

In addition, they are very result-oriented and consistently pursue their goals. In the pianos, the willpower of the drum to go towards a goal continues, but more gently and gently in the notes. They are the perfect partner for the drum and bring the drum strength and dynamics to work without causing atmospheric disturbances and fears in the team.

Pianos recognize the needs of the team

Pianos recognize and support the needs of their team, think of the individual, without forgetting the great entrepreneurial goal. Where the drum only storms in with the goal in mind, regardless of what's going on behind it, the piano manages this balancing act perfectly, looking ahead, at the same time behind it, gathering the team members together to keep their focus together.

Pianos first listen to all opinions and manage without friction to make a decision behind which everyone stands. As a result, team members are always willing to voice their opinions and give input that they would not have dared to do in the presence of the drum and its sharp, sometimes judgmental tongue.

Harmony in the team

The combination of these two forms of dynamic and gentle will power can create beautiful harmony with very good results at the same time. Feeling power and willpower together are already a nice item on the credit side of a company, if then added to the energy, success can not be stopped.

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The instruments that embody the qualities of power and willpower, we have now met. Both are important for successful Company, However, without a vigorous implementation of all strategies, nothing works. A good translator and representative of energy is the serious bass.

The low notes of the bass

Basses are indeed very serious, sound so deeply confidence-inspiring. As a result, they usually come across extremely seriously and disciplined. And that's exactly how they are. The Bass employee is a down-to-earth, disciplined worker.

Basses come to the office, politely greet the audience, do not wait long for entertainments or even gossip and start working. Concentrated and with tremendous sense of duty. Basses do not make jokes and can not be distracted from their task.

The disciplined backbone of the team

Basses represent the disciplined and structured backbone of their teams, everyone in the team can rely on them at 100%, they are ideal team players. The compulsive feeling of bass staff is extremely high. They usually deliver their tasks before the deadline in the highest quality.

Under pressure, they reach the top form, the calm rock remains in the surrounding chaos and regulate all problems. These moments seem to really enjoy the otherwise stoically relaxed bass staff.

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