Sustainable business ankle boots from Think !: Winter shoe, which thinks?

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The Austrian shoe manufacturer Think! combines clever design with sustainable demands. We are presenting an ankle boot model, which is perfect as business shoes for the winter.

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The concept of Think !: Sustainable, comfortable, chic

How impressed I am with the concept of the Austrian shoe manufacturer Think! am, I already had this review written. The shoemaker Martin Koller had that Company Founded at the end of the 80s. His goal: individual, comfortable, sustainable and well crafted shoes.

To this end, he developed new groin shapes, which follow the natural shape of the foot, broadening in front. Think that is good, thinks! since then with all sorts of chic and extraordinary designs.

From extravagant to classic business fashion

Thinking of Think! enter the online shop, meet a variety of shoe shapes and colors: such as beaded shoes with soft soles in medieval style or ballerinas with floral patterns. Also for men, there are some quite extravagant models. Shopping is fun!

However, I have searched for a more conservative model in plain black - and also found: THINK! The shoes are fittingly named, and in fact the short-shaft boots look very well thought out:

Fit and volume in the toe area

The shoe has a pronounced, rounded top, which gives the DENK models an even better fit that allows more volume in the toe area. From a design point of view, he reminds a little of Springer boots, but is much more elegant in execution.

For me, the interchangeable footbed is also practical, ie the inserts can be replaced by orthopedic or later by new DENK! Inserts. Particularly refined, however, I find the sense of lacing:

Wide-adjustable design - the thinking shoe

Actually, you might think that this would be superfluous because of the lateral zipper, but in fact, the lacing serves the individual width adjustment: That is, as required, the shoes can be tightened or pulled over the whole foot and up to the ankle. Extremely practical, almost like a shoe that thinks.

Because the boot is narrow at the back towards the heel and is also very narrowed at the shackles: Due to the flexible lacing it is suitable even for very wide and deformed feet, but at the same time makes it look slim, chic and elegant - so great for Business suitable.

Material & workmanship

The material also inspired me: the soft leather was tanned vegetable and dyed with water-soluble dyes. In contrast to a leather colored with opaque pigment color, the natural skin structure remains intact, the pores are still visible.

The leather expands well, is fully breathable and thus ensures an optimal foot climate. Neither when cleaning nor when impregnating the leather colors - unlike cheaper shoes - from. The seams are also excellent, only the soles are only glued and not welted.


Small drawback: the shoe first rubs on the heel and it forms a bubble - as with many other shoes too. However, the problem can be resolved by more frequent wearing and shrinking.

My conclusion: I am enthusiastic about this business-friendly, beautiful yet comfortable shoe, which like hardly any other couple create the balancing act between comfortable and elegant. The price is reasonable in view of good workmanship, design and material.

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