5 Tips for Success in Home Office: From Working 4.0

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"Well, were you productive at home?" Regular work in Home Office doesn't have to be a career killer! 5 tips on how you can demonstrably work efficiently and effectively in your home office.

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Dr. Job Dr. JobDr. Job is career adviser at Monster.de.


Attractive balance to the office day

Wake up, prepare for work in peace - without hassle, traffic jams and noise. Sounds great, right? With the Home Office scheme, modern work arrangements create an attractive balance to everyday office life.

No distraction by the colleagues in the large office, concentrated work in the home environment - this sounds quite good. And work 4.0 is just really trendy.

Because of work 4.0

But there are also some difficulties and pitfalls in the beautiful, new world of work: for example, children who suddenly storm the office, unexpected calls or the doorbell. Conversely, you also have to discipline yourself not to work too much.

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These unimagined challenges put results-oriented work in the home office to the test and require discipline. Dr. Job shows you how to escape the typical home office traps and gives tips on how to successfully work with flexible work models.

5 Tips on how to master home careers:

1. Define goals for the home office days

The boss will only support your work in the home office and the associated absence in the office if you Team provide regular updates and results.

If the supervisor perceives noticeably positive effects, working in the home office is also better accepted by colleagues and above all by the boss. So make it clear in advance what you want to achieve on the day and regularly communicate progress, ideas and results to the team.

2. Organize your home office

Plan days in the home office, if possible, early. It is known that the beginning of the week is more hectic, so working at home is particularly appropriate towards the end of the week. Do not forget: Announce your absence in the office in time! There are also a few things to note about the timing of the home office:

  • You save the way to work, but you are not completely flexible in the home office.
  • In principle, the employer provides so-called core working times, in which you must be reachable.
  • Nevertheless, you can and should treat yourself to breaks!
  • Only with relaxing compensation moments can you really work productively and go to the end of the day in the well-earned celebration evening.

3. Stay visible

Your availability is important so that the boss has the feeling of being able to speak to you quickly and spontaneously despite the physical distance, for example with the help of a live chat. This applies even more to longer phases in the home office:

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If your manager only knows you through emails and short phone calls, you will disappear from the career radar faster than you think. Draw attention to yourself, deliver results and keep in touch with your colleagues. A lunch together or a beer after work help to stay “up to date” and show presence at the same time.

4. Create a separate work zone

Draw a clear line between your study and the rest of your home. For this you should be able to close the door so that it is clear to you and the rest of the family that they are “at work”. Otherwise, the planned rest is quickly over!

If your own workroom logistically not in there, a separate work area would be a good alternative. A separate desk with a comfortable chair is essential for working at home, otherwise the next visit to the orthopedist is already pre-programmed.

5. What remains important is a good work-life balance

Especially in young professionals, the work-life balance is a decisive criterion for the acceptance of a job offer. In order to optimally align your career and your private life, make sure you do not overwhelm yourself in the home office. Fixing fixed working times can help.

Who does not know it: “unattended” one tends to work more intensively and longer to justify his absence in the office in front of himself. And no, nobody expects 24/7 availability.

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In addition, the home office also offers the opportunity to play basketball with the son at noon, do shopping at the grocery store or let the washing machine run alongside. You can use your time very efficiently if you make the most of the benefits of working from home.

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