Avoid Stress and Burnout: 2 X 3 Immediate Measurement Tips

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Stress is in. Anyone who has stress is part of it, is in demand and is busy - you might think so. But stress also makes you sick. 2 X 3 Tips That Help.

Avoid Stress and Burnout: 2 X 3 Immediate Measure Tips Avoid Stress and Burnout: 2 X 3 Immediate Measure Tips

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Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisher, German Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


Stress has positive and negative sides

The fact is, stress is an elixir of life that has both positive and negative effects on us humans. How stress affects everyone depends not least on our own attitudes and values.

In general, however, cardiovascular complaints and burnout syndrome are not uncommon as a result of stress. So that it does not get that far, everyone should pay attention to a few rules in daily life. In order to prevent 'bad stress', it is necessary to recognize and control one's personal resilience.

OECD says: Europeans are getting more stressed

But this is exactly where many Europeans are hindered, according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). In the wake of the economic crisis, Europeans are increasingly unable to strike a balance between work and private life.

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As a result, the stress level is higher - and this stress can even make you physically as well as mentally ill. For the World Health Organization, stress is one of the biggest health threats of our century.

Positive Eustress

But not every kind of stress: is unhealthy. The research distinguishes between Eustress and Disstress. Positive Eustress is an arousal potential that is vital to the body as it increases alertness and enhances the body's performance.

This explains the following phenomenon: People become faster and better under certain stressful situations. Their "performance" increases, they can more easily focus on the essentials and learn better, make appointments and achieve sporting excellence.

Disstress: When we are overwhelmed

But: That does not go on forever. At some point we are at our peak performance and from there it goes downhill. If we do not counter, until the collapse. Disstress arises.

Disstress are stimuli that are perceived as threatening, unpleasant and overwhelming. This type of stress leads to a strong tension of the body, which leads in the long run to a reduction of the attention and efficiency. As a permanent condition, disstress can lead to physical and mental complaints and even burnout.

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3 strategies against stress

How and when it happens, that is individually different. However, special strategies help to avoid stress traps in every situation. To avoid a long-term effect of disstress, therefore, a healthy balance is essential. There are three main starting points for this: relaxation, exercise and nutrition.

  1. Relaxation exercises: Yoga, autogenic training or breathing training help to release pent-up energies and release tension in the muscles. Exercises promote mobility and ensure good blood circulation.
  2. Physical fitness: Sport actively contributes to reducing stress. Already half an hour exercise daily helps to clear the head, to counteract physical discomfort and to master the daily work stress-free.
  3. Anti-stress diet: Especially in stressful phases, a balanced diet is crucial. Fruits, vegetables and protein-rich snacks such as nuts or sunflower seeds provide strength for strenuous tasks. Sugar, coffee and chemical additives, on the other hand, should be avoided

3 Stress and crisis tips for emergencies

In the short term, methods such as distraction, conscious nutrition and sufficient sleep are beneficial. By contrast, long-term coping strategies target the organism systematically and systematically in order to reduce existing overloads. These include relaxation techniques, time management and listening to the "inner voice".

  1. Quickly drink a glass of cool water. Through the swallowing intensified the tension decreases and at the same time one is briefly distracted from the current stress situation.
  2. Treat yourself to an "apple break", preferably in the fresh air.
  3. Consider one or two positive sentences that you recite in stressful times: "One by one", "I have mastered difficult situations".

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