Just start instead of panic: how positive thinking makes you productive

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Fear dominates our society. It is in principle not bad to be careful. For only what we think is possible is possible. Unfortunately, our fears often slow us down.

Simply start instead of panic: How positive thinking makes you productive Simply start instead of panic: How positive thinking makes you productive

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Here writes for you:

Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisher, German Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


We decide how we see things


We often decide for ourselves what works and what does not. Recently, a girlfriend sent me a vacation eMail: "Here is great weather. And the landscape is really a dream. Only the others get on my nerves. I think some people just always need to complain. "The latter is one thing that I notice very often:

Many people are more likely to see the negative than the positive. Although the sun is still shining, it is a precaution to talk about it raining tomorrow. Actually, we are well on schedule with our project. But will we really be ready on time? Or: At the moment everything is going great in the job. But surely an economic crisis will come again soon - and then ...

Black and white is useful - but ...


To say the first thing: to see hair in every soup or to be afraid, is quite useful. In fact, the human brain is even designed to perceive negative things more than positive ones - and so they often remain in the memory longer. However, it is important that the thinking follows a purposeful action.

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  • If you're worried about not completing a project on time, you should think about whether you've really done everything to successfully complete it.
  • Those who are afraid of not being able to convince colleagues or employees of an idea in the meeting should go over the arguments again.
  • And even those who believe that they can not change anything in a bad economic situation: Instead of crawling in the office worriedly and working their way through the office in fear, they might as well work on it, with their own outstanding abilities Company to be perceived even more clearly in order to secure his job.

... you also have to see things positively


You already notice: So that the fear and worry creates something productive, then you have to turn the thing also positive.

  • In order for you to become active in order to prepare yourself for the next economic crisis, you must also believe in yourself and your professional abilities.
  • And if you want to convince your colleagues in the meeting, you must, even if your arguments again from A-Z go through, be first and foremost convinced of yourself.

Ultimately, positive thinking is what gives your fear productive wings to take action.

Pessimists remain in a state of pessimism


The problem is that many doomsayers just do not go this step: Rather, they remain in the state of everlasting pessimism. Negative thinking becomes an end in itself. There should be people who enjoy it. Others spin around aimlessly in a circle, without acting, while constantly worrying about something they can not do anything about anyway. In extreme cases, even to total inability to act, if initially anxiety develops into panic, because, for example, generalized small problems ("the world is bad") and thus hopeless aufbauscht.

And for some, just the incapacity to act is the (unconscious) goal: they are monsters of phlegmatism. Because according to the motto "I can not change it anyway" then they prefer to be the same. Just like another friend of mine recently, "I would love to blog. But who cares what I have to write. "A little more positive thinking and belief in one's own abilities would certainly not hurt.

That's what science says


This is also scientifically proven: The American psychologist Jeff Galak of Carnegie Mellon University gave 30 students an unpleasant sound. One said he would hear the sound again, for the others the attempt was over. Then everyone should rate the noise.

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It turned out that the first group felt the noise was much more disturbing - and would be willing to spend three times more money to stop hearing it. Galak's Conclusion: Apparently, pessimistic people do not just mentally prepare for the worst - they also see the past much more negative, and thus, they lose the fun and enjoyment of doing something. And then let it stay the same. Too bad.

Just start? This is how it works in practice


One can easily overcome his fears of spiders, job loss, the financial crisis or similar things.

Sure, some fears are justified, others are simply exaggerated and obstructive. How to get rid of them, for example, I discovered a few years ago when Ziplining in Whistler, Canada: You just have to get started:

Overcome the head cinema in front of it


I'm not a fan of extreme sports. Although I have no fear of heights, nevertheless Ziplining was for me the purest self-overcoming, especially after a few years earlier in Kenya I almost had a riding accident.

There you stand up there on these platforms, look down and know that you will hang on two ropes for kilometers across the abyss. This is particularly scary because here in Whistler the Zipline route spans the whole valley.

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The jump is the worst


The worst thing is actually the moment of terror in which you push yourself to get it started. Once you're in the air, it's even very nice: you have time to admire the landscape in free flight, to take pictures and videos. If only this panic were not there!

This is like in many other situations too: The biggest fears cause the head cinema. Once you're done doing it, it's only half as bad. What's more, happiness hormones spread, it makes you feel intoxicated because you've made it. Therefore: less pondering, just do it.

Sunglasses as a rescue vest?


But how does that work? Maybe sunglasses will help? We should put them on because of the wind, says our guide from the company "Superflyziplines". "This will definitely save you," says the Canadian colleague with a lot of gallows humor.

Seriously, humor is a great thing to cope with fears. Just laugh a little at yourself, instead of pondering forever!

With 80 kilometers per hour through the treetops


In fact, at the end of the day, my heart almost slipped on my pants: on a very short, steep track, you're racing through the treetops with 80 KM / h.

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One has the impression, as if one could pop any moment against a tree. And inevitably worrying whether you will not end up shooting over the target. At that point, I was glad to be down safely again. Some fears are just right!

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  1. Victoria Dittmer

    Very interesting article, dear Simone Janson, the persistence in fears and negative thinking often has an additional self-reinforcing effect. I think it helps to have honest and loyal friends who say, "Hey, you can ...". That's what annoying people have the problem of being able to hear and accept. Of course, as children, we naturally start from positive thinking. Have recently had an interesting talk, about how often infants fall down and yet try again and again to get up. In the end, we all succeed in standing and walking.

    • Simone Janson

      Dear Ms Dittmer,
      Thank you for your great comment.

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