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Oliver SchumacherOliver Schumacher is a sales trainer and speaker. The speech scientist (MA) and business economist (FH) worked for 10 years in B2B field service for the branded goods industry. Today the five-time book author gives tried and tested tips and strategies on the topics of new customer acquisition, offer management and price negotiations. His main clientele are small and medium-sized companies that have their own sales force. More information at www.oliver-schumacher.de/

6 Tips for Better Selling: Ask Questions, Win Customers!

Einstein already said "It is important that you do not stop asking." A good reason to deal with the issue of questions in sales - because good questions win customers.

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Questions on Sale - 6 Tips

Questions are very important. But too often they are seen rather negatively, in the sense of Criticism and questioning. You are an important sales tool - if you follow the following 6 tips;

  1. Important communication tool: One thing is for sure: sellers could use the communication instrument questions much better in everyday sales. Because: Only through questions do salespeople get to know their customers. And the better the questions, the more you get to know them. This in turn allows for targeted advice, which increases the chances of selling really suitable solutions.
  2. To live up to the responsibility: This is not just about sales, even if this is of course the legitimate aim of the process. It's all about one point: sellers can only live up to their responsibilities if they learn more about their counterparts. The success is guaranteed: who asks as a seller (more and better), wins! The people and the mission.
  3. Who asks, who leads! Sellers know who is asking who 'leads'. And only who leads wins. Nevertheless, too few good questions are asked in practice. Sellers do not take enough time or do not know what they need. Instead of being content with unitary questions, they should use the entire range of questions in order to systematically get to know their customers and their wishes.
  4. Protect against mis-purchases with information questions: With information questions like “What did you think about?” can find out exactly what the customer imagines. But it should also be questioned what exactly the customer's goal and how he came up with his solution: “Why do you prefer solution A?” In case of doubt, the seller can protect the customer from a bad purchase by introducing and selling something that suits him better.
  5. From the question of opinion to the final question: With opinion questions like "What do you make of it?" can find out what the customer thinks of a solution offered. Alternative questions help to exclude certain things: "Do you prefer A or B?". Hypothetical questions determine whether the customer would buy with concessions: "Assuming I come to meet you there, would that be decisive for you?" Finally, the bag can be closed with final questions: “Do we want to do it this way?” If the answer is no, you can ask a solution-oriented question: "What have we not yet spoken about?"
  6. Good questions are always in demand: However, a recommendation question should only be asked if the customer has actually benefited from the purchase. Of course, all of these questions are not only suitable for the “International Ask a Question Day”. Good sellers ask good questions all year round, because they are always in demand!

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