Samsung Galaxy in the long-term test: the first impression {review}

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My first impression of the Samsung: Stylish packaging, appealing exterior. Well, there may be more smart phones, the iphone is safe from slimmer shape. But mE Is there a technical device more important than the exterior.

Samsung Galaxy in the long-term test: the first impression {Review} Samsung Galaxy I7500

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Here writes for you:

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Namely the technical details. And they seem to be right here: the Samsung offers a lot of features that I would not have expected from a device in this price range. For example, three screens for storing a large number of apps and data.

Or a display that turns on the side tilting of the cell phone - which is absolutely great, if you want to write something fast. Downloading and installing apps is quick and easy. A switcher ensures that connections such as WLAN can be switched on and off quickly.


Admittedly, some programs have to be installed, sometimes for a fee, to install: The operating system Android 1.5 comes quite naked therefore without Office program such as Windows But the integration in Google but offers the inestimable advantage of synchronizing with the address and calendar data from Google and the eMails does not have to be tedious: everything is right there and automatically runs in the background. Only those who do not want to leave their data to the data octopus google, probably had bad luck. By the way: I'll write more about data synchronization later.

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But overall, I'm really impressed by the touch screen and the functionality of the apps (probably because it is my first smartphone newer Bauar). For example, the Rail-Navigator of the Deutsche Bahn, which shows me the connections of the public transport: Here connections can be found quickly and easily with a few fingertips and then save as favorites - and as such again immediately offline. With older devices, it was necessary to first navigate the external memory card.


The architecture is also well thought out: on the left a volume control, on the right one the button for unlocking the display and the photo button. Below the display are the keys for on / off, return, menu and the telephone. Say: Everything you need in daily use, is within reach, more buttons are not necessary.

A real big advantage: the phone has a normal 3.5 inch headphone jack. Other devices - the Palm Pre, the Iphone, also my Treo last year and also my old Qtek have jacks that can be used only with a special headset or headphones from the manufacturer company. Or only with a special adapter, which costs only a few euros, but the handling is complicated again. At Qtek there was not even the, at least not in stero because the polarity was special.

Samsung has given thankful whiteness to this money-making and without the right socket installed, Hurray. Finally, I now synonymous again an MP-3 Player for the road. This function is indispensable for me because I do not feel like dragging around with my mobile phone and maybe the netbook.

Problem battery cover!

Of course, the Samsung also has a few drawbacks - and the first one strikes me immediately, even before I can even put the device into operation: the battery cover. He sits so tight that I have to play around for a while, until I can solve it. Half an hour and three broken nails later it is clear that it is only with brute force.

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So I take a kitchen knife to help and get the lid with a slight force, but apparently without further blemishes. Unfortunately, sitting under the battery, as on almost every phone Simcard and the memory card sits.

I wonder why that really needs it? In any case, a quick change of Simcard is not thinkable and so I'm curious how long the battery cover holds? In the end it will be three whole days. And show the first real disadvantages s.Samsung or the manufacturer support. It would have been too nice ...

A cell phone for Linux?

I am a Linuxfan. At least on my right, big computer I have Ubuntu Linux. And I also like it because you can build relatively well: For example because you find in corresponding, very well structured forums and wikis always the appropriate instructions.

This takes time, but it has the advantage that you are not forced to slavishly follow the path given by the software or hardware manufacturer. Because often enough I have exactly this impression with other operating systems: That manufacturers want to force their customers in one direction instead of taking care of their needs. It is different with open source software: it is “Open” as the name suggests, software to participate in. That's the nice thing about it.

Android - an open system!

Exactly for the reason I had looked at Android as an operating system. Android is a Linux-based operating system. Open. And thus, so my idea, there are probably countless possibilities, the mobile phone with various updates even better. For example, with a more recent version of the operating system. So my idea.

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The reality looks a little different unfortunately. Android 2.1 is now on the market - Android 1.5 seems a bit outdated. Even though I did not notice any big disadvantages at first glance, you still want to have the best and latest update - if you already have a new cell phone.

No official update

On the official pages of Samsung or o2 is to the topic unfortunately nothing. There remains only the search for test reports and forensic entries. However, it is advisable to take a close look and pay particular attention to the date.

The information on the Internet read at any rate even after one day (!) Wild hergoggling like a daisy game: Samsung plans an update - there is none - O2 has promised an update - the update comes in October - November - 1. January - in the first quarter 2010 - yes that is now rum - or? And where is the update now?

Big drawback: The included PC software

Supposedly, the update of the operating system to work with the software included with the software New PC Suite. However, this is a real joke in several ways: it only works with Windows. Yes, hello, for me it was the real big joke on the Android phone that I hoped I would finally not need a Windows PC to connect the phone to my computer.

And does not work with any Windows. In any case, I am trying to install the resource-consuming PC program several hours. On my Windows XP partition is also with 500 MB not enough disk space - and to install an update and then later a few data from the PC to the mobile phone to paddle. And on my Nookia netbook running with Windows 7, it does not quite work.

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Although I succeed in the attempt, the bulky thing in the compatibility mode (synonymous, I have from a forum, because in the manual is not something), to install - but it will not even run, let alone the phone and the matching Find update.

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