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Recruiting and Retaining Sales Employees: Top 10 Requirements for Distributors

Good sales staff who really understand their craft are rare. But what really matters when it comes to filling vacancies in sales? And how can you keep these top forces? The 10 main requirements at a glance.


Good salesman: Like the needle in the haystack

A bit reminiscent of the search for the needle in a haystack: Although the job market is rich in sales, it is difficult for many HR decision makers, the right, really good sales person for her Company to find. What is really important when it comes to filling vacancies in sales? And how do you manage to keep these good employees? The answer: With the right requirement profile.

The continuing education search engine kursfinder.de has taken 100 a look at the current intersectoral job advertisements for salespeople and created a top ten of the requirements that companies are looking for when hiring new distributors. 100 randomly selected current job advertisements for sales force of the online job exchange Stepstone (filter criteria: full-time, permanent employment, Germany) were evaluated. The survey took place at the end of September 2017.

Is experience really everything ?!

It is difficult for young professionals: 85% of the vacancies require applicants to have work experience. The sales manager at kursfinder.de, Berit Moßbrugger, is not surprised to be number one in the ranking: "Although there are now some training and study courses with a specialization in sales, sales cannot be learned at school."

But professional experience is not everything: 66 out of 100 job advertisements also require knowledge of the industry. However, Moßbrugger believes that focusing on these two requirements is risky - halo effect. What does that mean specifically? "The company expects the best networks and record sales without a start-up time," explains the young entrepreneur. And that can dazzle: Whether the employee fits into the team, whether he can identify with the company and the sales culture, is often easily overlooked.

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Many trainings lead to the goal

One of the most popular soft skills that salespeople have to bring is communication. This ends up in the top ten on the grid. In 62 of 100 job advertisements, communication skills are required.

Sure, anyone who can talk sells better. But what about the educational qualification that Account Manager should bring? Many ways lead to the goal. If 45% of the personnel decision-makers is a completed commercial training qualification, 40% value on a university degree - the course of study itself is secondary.

The customer is king

The Top Ten continues with three requirements that can be found today in almost every job advertisement - regardless of the post: Office Skills (36%), Teamwork (32%), and Self-Employed (31%). However, these two skills are closely followed by two sales-specific qualifications:

Ninth place is occupied by negotiation and conclusiveness. In 30 of 100 job advertisements, this applicant requirement emerges, followed by customer orientation, which is important for 29% of personnel decision-makers in hiring sales employees. Only those who know the needs and expectations of their customers can react to them and maintain good customer relationships in the long term.

To reach others emotionally

A bit, the search for the ideal salesman is already looking for the needle in the haystack. In addition to all the requirements mentioned in the job advertisements, there is a completely different component:

The ideal account manager not only has to have a sales personality, but also a happy touch in dealing with people - selling means grabbing his opponent with his emotions. And this talent is probably the least in the cradle.

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