Best of HRBerufebilder-Author Roland Jäger Anne Will: Bad bosses and the polemic trap

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Usually I do not look Anne Will. Yesterday was not just about a job-related topic - stress, pressure, Bullying - The boss as an enemy - no, one of my authors was also a talker, so watching is a must. Only: Enthusiasm is different! Best of HRBerufebilder-Author Roland Jäger Anne Will: Bad Bosses and the Polemic Trap Best of HRBerufebilder-Author Roland Jäger Anne Will: Bad bosses and the polemic trap

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Here writes for you:

Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisher, German Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


Where blood flows, there are also spectators

Afterwards you are always cleverer and so I know again why I usually do not watch Anne Will on Sundays and otherwise avoid talk-rounds like the devil does the holy water. Because the strategy is always the same - and with critical, subtle political talk yesterday had little to do!

On the chairs guests from different camps are sitting in the hope that they will get into the wool as proportionately as possible. Because where blood flows, there are also spectators. And every talk guest has his role.

By the way, I know that from my own TV talk round, to a far less controversial topic, namely perfectionism. Even then we were not so dissatisfied, but who knows how the hare ran, can score in such a show with good rhetoric - while you squat totally nervous on his chair and the adrenaline shot through the veins.

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Good and evil

At Anne Will, the roles were clearly divided: Employer's attorney Helmut Naujoks, who helps to get rid of even non-terminable employees, was the bogeyman. Also management consultant Roland Jäger, started with the thesis that many bosses are just too cuddly-nice, sat next to Naujoks rather in the evil corner to the right of Anne Will (so was actually already the division in the studio created).

On the left sat the good guys: entrepreneur Dirk Rossmann, theologian and journalist Friedrich Schorlemmer, and ver.di district manager Henrike Greven. Since you can watch the whole show below or later in the media library, I limit myself to doing opinions Kund - not only mine, but also those who came up in the discussion.

The polemic trap

The roundtable was a great example of how the media, and television in particular, live on simplification, polarization and polemics - and that everything else does not work (unfortunately) in such a format. Actually, everyone agreed at the beginning of the show that they would have to look at the topic in a differentiated way ... but that soon changed.

Pale and a little old-fashioned in the discussion was the ver.di lady. Mr Schorlemmer probably had the most grateful role in being able to protect the workers in a calm, objective and differentiated way. You do not have to say anything about Mr. Naujoks: he looked visually very nasty and was the bogeyman of the show.

Entrepreneur with entertainer quality

The "star" of the evening, however, was Dirk Rossmann, head of the same-named drugstore chain. Rhetorically trained, he liked to tell others about his mouth - quite the knight without fear and blame in the fight for workers' rights. Just the boss you want!

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I'll tell you straight away, I'm a bit eccentric out of my own bad experience when people make themselves nice. Now Rossmann may even have been awarded and even negative media opinions (such as Schlecker) one looks for him in vain. However, not all employees are enthusiastic, as can be read on the Kununu employer rating platform.

Just no differentiated arguments!

So I found it a bit wrong, as Rossmann the management coach Roland Jäger anging - because actually both campaigned for a fair deal with employees and also Rossman admitted that not everything could always be vain sunshine.

One can certainly argue about Hunter's somewhat unfortunate expression "rotten eggs", but in principle he sought an honest, differentiated analysis of the situation in many Company, Unfortunately, there was simply no time in 45 minutes - and admittedly, Rossmann was just more entertaining!

Eternally the same stereotypes

What disturbed me the whole program: Once again all stereotypes were served! A consistent management style was associated with a drama with threats and pressure build-up. But these are the negative examples! I've already thought of that in advance!

Unfortunately, as the comments on the show show, it still works excellently, because it is not a matter of factual arguments, but emotional antipathies against Naukjos and also hunters. Twitter was fortunately partly more differentiated.

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Complex theme

I think you have to make the whole topic more differentiated, after all, it's quite complex!

Consistent leadership consists primarily in the fact that my boss takes responsibility and sometimes unpleasant decisions that may not bring him the love of his employees, but perhaps respect - and the long term for the whole company and all employees are good.

Being boss can be lonely

Being a boss can finally make you lonely, but I also have several examples among my friends: those who climb up, for example, are not invited to parties by their colleagues because the situation is different - no matter how much the boss tries to do justice to be friendly and sympathetic.

On the contrary, a boss, who then constantly tried to come across as sympathetic, would look in my eyes only ridiculous.

Also think of small businesses!

Incidentally, I do not have the big companies in mind, in which certainly a lot is in trouble, but small companies that often get along with only a few employees and are also under constant pressure, for example against the competition.

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And by the way, with a lot of effort, to start up a business of their own, in a country where this is far from easy, as I know from my own experience. After all, as a self-employed person, one is often considered crazy, many wonder why he does not apply for Hartz IV immediately. I have also written about it several times.

Front hipp, rear pfui

And I think of my own bad experience with a boss who simply could not formulate any clear expectation and orders for low prices, because he does not have the sense of self-confidence in negotiations. Therefore, he is then forced to exploit his employees all the time. Not even the yellow of the egg!

Incidentally, this is not so uncommon in the media industry in particular that bosses are particularly relaxed and hip - and in reality they are not. This is part of the young, trendy myth that surrounds this industry - and every year, again, seducing young people into working as cable carriers for free. Top!

I just think of Konstantin Neven-Dumont, whom I was allowed to experience live two weeks before his inglorious debunking by Stefan Niggemeyer: Overall, few concepts for the online strategy of the company but also seeing himself as a philosopher - I would have in the lecture simply more facts desired.

Every jeck is different

Personally, if ever, I would ever want to see a boss whom I could respect due to professional competence and sense of responsibility. Whether the hipp is over and can talk great, I would not care.

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But that's exactly the point: I have problems with people that I can not respect. Maybe other people do not care. People like and need different leadership styles, and every boss is different. Therefore has Roland Jäger completely right: One must be able to choose his boss!

More courage please!

Of course, he was interrupted immediately, arguing that then always comes: "People have no choice!" I believe, and from my own experience, that you always have a choice - even if it is safe sometimes hard. But that includes courage and commitment to change something in a situation.

This is what Günther Wallraff says (after which, in the comments on the Anne-Will program, he was repeatedly called). That was for his reportage about the conditions at a Lidl supplier also criticized as a jobkiller Service. In his opinion, the people are that they are out there now. Motto: Better no job than a miser.

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  1. Simone Janson

    Hello Zorem,
    In the first section, I agree, but the second part is somewhat generalized and too short.
    In addition, I find it convenient to polemise out of my own anonymity - I still would like to know what their background is.
    Thank you
    Simone Janson

  2. Zorem

    The sense of enterprise in the market economy is growth. The sense of workers in the market economy is financial security. If there is no financial security, the employee needs his own goals and plans to maintain his market value for other companies.

    Some managers and executives destroy money and corporate values, rather than growing in their own interests and in the interests of employees. No employee wants to work for these failures because it makes no sense. Do it nevertheless workers, look for these leapboards or new Chanchen and change at every intelligent opportunity.

  3. Simone Janson

    Hello Zorem,
    Right, employees must see a sense in your work. This brings us to the crucial question: What do you think makes sense for the employees? Alone by the visions of the boss, obviously not as you say.
    ME also by the fact that the employee has clear objectives. Accordingly, I find it unsuitable to designate Herr Jäger as a slave driver.
    Above all, I would be interested in your background: Do you write from personal experience as a leader? What specific tips do you have, what could be better than Herr Jäger?
    Simone Janson

  4. Zorem

    Roßmann's visions do not matter to the employee. Motivation arises through meaning. Entrepreneurs increasingly have the task of reconciling their meaning with the purpose of the employees. If this is not successful, the boss (slave driver) needs it after hunters.

    There is a task for journalists: Find out which type of employee evaluates his company on the Internet!

    Only a few percent of the employees are satisfied with their job. This results in a negative assessment. If a company is rated too well, then this is a flagship company or the social media department writes positive reviews.

  5. Simone Janson

    Hello Zorem,
    Thanks for this overview, also the very successful listing on your side. I think, however, that Mr. Rossmann was a bit guilty of the "how", ie the practical implementation. I am still skeptical when people have very difficult ideas but do not talk about how this is done in everyday life.
    Or do you think that only Mr. Rossmann's visionary thoughts are enough to motivate the employees accordingly?
    Speaking of: "One believes the entrepreneur Roßmann" - the employee reviews of Rossmann, by the way, I have already linked in the text above.
    Simone Janson

  6. Zorem

    Some entrepreneurs have tasks done. The business is: money for settlement. The boss knows the way, knows the goal and knows how to reach the goal. In this environment, the 10 truths are apparently of Roland Jäger emerged. Here is the linguistic usage of lazy eggs or unmotivated high potentials.

    There are companies and entrepreneurs who want to go another way. If you believe the entrepreneur Roßmann, his employees are on duty for the customer every day. In this environment fits no Roland Jäger"Rossmann made it clear.

  7. Simone Janson

    Hello Lukas,
    well then I am calm ;-)
    Since I agree with you, he Otto-normal viewer it looks differently. And right, you're not going there either.
    I also got some feedback from the human resources department, according to which Jäger probably liked it. Who knows, maybe he has reached his target group.
    I will try to get in touch with him this week and ask him about his point of view.
    Greeting and beautiful evening

  8. Lukas

    Dear Simone,

    but I am the last one who thinks black-and-white. Beside the dark-haired Mr. Naujoks, Herr Jäger looked quite gray. In addition, I only wrote about it, as it was in the Otto-Normal-Anne-Will-viewer presented (without claim to general validity).
    One thing is clear: If you go into such a show, you either come out as a hero or as a buhmann again.

    I also do not accuse Mr. Jäger that his ideal image of a boss is wrong. His core theses may be true - I agreed with some of them. But to present it to the viewer in such a way that he does not stand as a bogeyman, has nevertheless (unfortunately) gone astray.
    In order to look at a topic differentiated, one does not go to a political talk. Ideally, you only go there to profile yourself.
    Because what's the name after every political talk:
    "Except [babble] nothing!"

    In this sense: Until the next Politk-Talk!

  9. Simone Janson

    Hello Lukas,
    He can say that with the boss, he said relatively towards the end, I mean. The lady of ver.di, however, interrupted him immediately.
    On the thing with the goals: One has only a few seconds in such a transmission to bring its core thesis to a common denominator. The thesis of Roland Jäger is that an entrepreneur should have his or her goal, the good of the company, in mind.
    By the way, many people can not.

    This necessarily involves everything else, ie the abilities, possibilities and the daily form of its employees - because if you go there, the goal is not achieved - a fairly short-sighted view. Jäger also criticized the cook from the one-player, because the misunderstood Konsequnz with pressure. I repeat myself…
    To reach the goal is not to be a chicane, it is only a direction.
    Or as Jäger writes very nicely in the series on my blog: A good boss is behind his employees - not in front of them. )

    Please some more gray shades, a little less black and white ... :-)

  10. Lukas

    Oh, Mr. Jager has also said that you should be able to choose your own boss? I did not hear that. Did not look from the beginning. Well, there we have more in common than I thought ... :)

    I prefer bosses who do not always make fun and easy. Better I find: hard but fair and equal to all employees. I think bosses are good, with whom you also have a pinch of fear, something to obscure.

    The talk about bosses at Anne Will had mE for the most part but nothing to do with the fact that more and more workers in Germany complain about constantly increasing pressure from the employer and get sick ...

    I also think that it was not just one of Mr. Jäger's words - "lazy eggs" - that was unfortunate. Other statements that a boss needs to formulate goals clearly came across as if the goal was that
    The only thing a boss should keep in mind.
    So, if you think that he is not a slave driver, he should just have looked at how much a good boss should keep an eye on the skills, possibilities, and even the daily form of his employees rather than just clear goals and deadlines formulate. And regardless of the fact that their formulation is quite elementary for a good management style.

    No normal worker likes a Wischiwaschi boss who does not know where you are. After all, there are colleagues who might exploit this, and then, as an honest person, you are once again the dumb one who does "all the work".

  11. RAKO labels

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  12. Lukas

    I started reading before you tweeted. : P You have a DM! RT @SimoneJanson Freshly blogged: ...

  13. Simone Janson

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  14. Competencepartner

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