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The right insurance for starting a business: 9 tips for perfect protection

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Business start-ups need good protection. But which insurance do you really need?

Why the right coverage is important

As unemployment rises, so do the numbers of start-ups in Germany. That is the result of the current start-up report of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DIHK).

In order for the path to self-employment to work out, founders should be well informed and better protected twice. But: which insurance are necessary and which can be dispensed with if every cent is needed to build up the business?

1. Health and long-term care insurance

The self-employed have to take out health insurance and have the choice: Anyone who was previously in statutory health and long-term care insurance can stay there. He pays 14,3 (without entitlement to sickness benefit) or 14,9 (including sickness benefit from the 4 week of sickness) percent of his income. Since the health insurers initially assume that self-employed people earn more than 4050 euros a month, at least 579,15 euros are currently to be paid per month. Those who can prove that they earn less than 1890 or 1260 euros can reduce the contributions to between 180,18 and 227,27 euros. Who part-time independent is - that means that you are not allowed to work more than 18 hours a week - and raise children full-time or do an apprenticeship or Further Training makes only pay 120,12 Euro. In addition there is the long-term care insurance with 1,95 percent of the relevant income; Childless pay once more a supplement of 0,25 percent.

If that is too expensive or who was not previously in the statutory health insurance, can insure yourself privately. If the compulsory insurance period in the statutory health insurance has not been over for more than six months, the more favorable basic tariff can be applied. The fee may not exceed 605,54 Euro per month.

Employees who only work as self-employed workers are fine. As long as they do not earn more than in their main job, their income has no influence on the insurance contributions. Spouses and students up to 25 years can stay for free in family insurance if you earn less than 360 Euro per month.

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2. pension Insurance

The state pension insurance is only compulsory for some start-ups: self-employed persons in teaching, health care and care professions, authorized craftsmen as well as entrepreneurs who receive more than five-sixths of their income from only one customer must pay 19,9 per cent of their income into statutory pension insurance. Exception: Your profit is no higher than 4800 Euro per year or employ employees subject to social insurance.

All others can voluntarily insure themselves and choose their contributions freely. In the first five years after the foundation, they are able to acquire a claim for Riester funding through compulsory insurance. Private pension provision is often more lucrative than the state pension insurance, which, however, promises more security, but only yields meager returns and usually costs high fees. Experts therefore recommend investing in funds, preferably in fund-saving fund plans. However, this is not risk-free. For whom, which pension is worthwhile, one or more independent insurance consultants should be clarified in a personal consultation.

Even in the event that one can no longer pursue his bread business, there are various insurance companies. An overview:

3. Disability insurance

It is considered to be one of the most sensible safeguards, since the state's disability pension, which is due when a pensioner can no longer work before the age of retirement, hardly covers the risk.

The amount of the contribution varies greatly and depends on the age of the insured and the agreed benefits. Critical to the private occupational disability insurance is the so-called abstract reference. If she is in the contract, the insurance company checks whether the entrepreneur could perform a related activity despite a disability, regardless of whether or not there are suitable jobs.

4. Alternatives to occupational disability insurance

Often the insurances also exclude pre-existing illnesses from the insurance. Anyone who does not get a good job disability has other possibilities: Dread Disease Insurances against individual serious illnesses, a basic health insurance or a private disability insurance.

5. accident insurance

Unlike the occupational disability insurance, the private accident insurance pays only in accidents worldwide and mostly at low contributions. However, diseases that are statistically more common than accidents are not included in this insurance.

The Berufsgenossenschaft, in which self-employed persons can also voluntarily secure themselves and in some cases, depending on the industry, even have to pay, but also pay for occupational diseases. It is important to check exactly which occupational diseases are covered in the catalog of the cooperative.

6. unemployment insurance

The self-employed can voluntarily insure themselves relatively cheaply against unemployment. You pay a fixed monthly fee of 17,64 Euro (West) or 14,95 Euro (East).

This voluntary unemployment insurance is useful for many small businesses. Unfortunately, only those who have been in state unemployment insurance before the foundation can complete one. Private unemployment insurance, on the other hand, is generally not worthwhile.

7. Liability insurance

A company liability insurance covers damages that occur to others in the course of the business - for example, if someone is injured in their own office space. For real property damage, for example, if the work is not finished in time and the customer has financial losses, there is the liability to pay liability insurance.

In addition to property damage and personal injury due to faulty products, product liability also covers property damage. For certain professions, for example lawyers or asset advisors, a professional obligation is even compulsory. In some cases, professional and private liability insurance can be combined favorably.

8. Legal expenses insurance

Legal protection insurance usually does not accept any claims for damages or preventative legal advice.

For this usually expensive and not always necessary services must be paid. A cheap alternative for self-employed persons can be legal advice and protection through a professional association.

9. Business insurance

Operating costs, business interruption or claims default insurance are worthwhile only for larger companies. It can be sensible to secure company assets.

Expensive special insurances, such as glass breakage, storm or fire, do not usually pay off. Rather, one should conclude a comprehensive insurance of the most probable risks.

Advice and help in choosing the right insurance

Choosing the right private insurance is complicated. It is therefore advisable to consult independently. Caution is offered with free online comparisons or the advice of a broker:

Often, the amount of commissions in the recommendations play an essential role. Better are independent, neutral insurance consultants. These may only call themselves if they have a corresponding court approval, which prohibits any mediation. An overview can be found at the Federal Association of Insurance Consultants. Unfortunately, the advice is also very expensive. An inexpensive alternative are therefore the fee-based tables of consumer advice centers or the tests of Stiftung Warentest.

Customer satisfaction

Anyone who wants to inform themselves in advance about the satisfaction of customers with their insurance should take a look at the complaints statistics of the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

In case of a dispute with the insurance company, you can also contact an insurance ombudsman. His insurances are accepted by most insurers.

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