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Professional profile of service staff in gastronomy: training as a stress test

Service staff in a restaurant can be fun, but it can also be a stressful backbreaking job. How does the typical training path look like?

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What do service employees do at the hotel?

Service employees look after the guests in different areas of gastronomy. They serve drinks, serve in the restaurant, prepare events and build buffets, make hotel rooms, take care of the laundry and help out in the kitchen.

They are especially active in the following departments: buffet, economic service, kitchen, restaurant. Their area of ​​work ranges from the selection of beverages to the preparation of the guest rooms to the guest service.

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How is the training going?

If you are working as a service employee in a hotel such as the Travel Charme Ostseehotel Kühlungsborn, you usually have an 2-year training as a specialist in the hospitality industry. This is a recognized apprenticeship in the hospitality sector (industry and trade).

Thereby theory and practice alternate: As a rule, the trainee visits the vocational school one or two days per week or completes it in block lessons. The rest of the time he / she is in the hotel.

Content of the training

Among other things, the apprentices learn how to prepare and arrange simple meals, deliver drinks, prepare guest rooms, receive and look after guests, and serve food and drinks.

During the period of training, the young person is accompanied by an employee, the so-called "training supervisor", who is at his side in all school and company questions.

Career thanks to further education

After training, specialists in the catering industry are given various career paths: they usually work in catering establishments, eg cafés, restaurants, canteens or catering companies, in the hotel and leisure industry, but also in rehabilitation clinics with restaurant areas or in retail companies with connected gastronomy.

In the kitchen, at the buffet, in the business service or in the restaurant, specialists in the catering trade offer various possibilities for advancement, which are usually made possible by professional training.

For example, a one-year supplementary training to the restaurant specialist, to the hotel specialist or to the specialist for system gastronomy is possible.

How does the work look in practice?

In addition to the charming landscape and the opportunity to get to know different companies of the company, Travel Charme Ostseehotel Kühlungsborn, for example, also offers its employees other advantages: low-priced apartments, regular training and further education, pay above the tariff and performance-based bonus scheme.

Parking spaces, staff restaurant, work clothing with cleaning service are free of charge, and staff can also take advantage of reduced-price massage and cosmetic treatments in the spa.

What requirements should trainees have?

In order to start an apprenticeship the following requirements should be met: secondary school diploma, better middle school or high school graduation, Team- and communication skills, knowledge of foreign languages ​​is an advantage, organizational and sales talent as well as good manners and a pleasant appearance.

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