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A great new book to create in the future much better presentations - and to keep! With the Speech Pad author Patrick Nini has developed a very helpful tool for future presentations sovereign to work out. Here he shows how it works.

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Speech Pad: Finish off with boring presentations!


There are countless guides around the presentation and public speeches. And many focus on PowerPoint or other presentation software.

But talking and presenting has nothing to do with software, but with rhetoric, Powerpoint can be a tool of the speaker, but it does not have to be. As many great speeches at the TED Talks prove, many speakers do well without software.

Rhetoric on its feet


The author Patrick Nini already emphasizes the proximity to classical rhetoric on the first pages of his book. But he does not write another textbook, but a refreshing guide for the preparation of presentations. At the center is the "Speech Pad" developed by him.

This is a kind of visual checklist for building speeches and presentations. This way, the speaker can not forget anything and is (almost by the way) led to develop his own message. The foundation of every good talk.

For practicing and participating


The publisher has attached a copy of the Speech Pad to the book. In an entertaining as well as illuminating way the author helps with the handling of the tool. Each chapter is a step towards a presentation concept.

However, there are always exercises and self-tests that are fun. The fact that the reader goes by then also deeply into the classical rhetoric, does not detract from the use of the book.

Conclusion: A refreshing and modern tool case for anyone who wants to convincingly talk and present to the audience. Useful, understandable, good.

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    Present as in TED Talks: Ran to the microphone of
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    Present as in TED Talks: Ran to the microphone of
    Stephan Lamprecht

    via BERUFEBILDER - Highly recommended jiodlJ0uRr

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