Presenting on TV: Hama Wireless Screenshare Adapter {Review}

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Sometimes you want to transfer the data from the small mobile screen to a large HDTV - eg presentations, videos, pictures. What options are there?

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What to do if the laptop does not fit the projector?

Anyone who lectures frequently or is on a business trip, knows the following problem scenarios: You want to show his presentation, but the connections of the laptop do not fit the possibly outdated projector.

A large flat screen is often available. You only have the presentation on your mobile phone or tablet and there is no laptop on site. That's my problem regularly because I do not own a laptop anymore.

Remedy with Screenshare adapter

On business trips, you want to view the content of your internet-enabled mobile phone, such as pictures or streamed videos, on the large screen in the hotel room instead of on the small screen.

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There is a simple and practicable solution to all these problems: a so-called screenshare or screencast adapter. He transmits or spiegelt the complete screen image of a smartphone or tablet wirelessly on an HDTV screen or on a simple PC monitor. Precondition for this: The TV set has an HDMI input.

What must be considered when transferring to the PC monitor?

With this device you can stream eg by mobile phone on the PC monitor movies or watch TV. This has the advantage for me personally that I only need one screen and can still skip the computer to relax in the evening with a nice movie.

The screensharer transfers the sound without any problems. However, the monitor should either have speakers or an audio output to connect external speakers. Because you can not just stream the sound from the phone to the speakers, because the sound on the phone itself is turned off.

Which manufacturers and formats are there?

There are different manufacturers for such offers. Thankfully, HAMA has provided me with a free screenshare adapter for a product test that conveniently supports all popular transfer formats (Miracast, AllShare, Media LinkHD, AirSharing, SmartShare, Play to, and many more). It is a Hama Wireless Screenshare Adapter, Smartphone to TV (HDMI ™).

The handy helper measures only 3 x 7 x 1 cm and weighs 50 g, so fits perfectly into every trouser pocket. Also supplied is a small antenna (connection cable 0,5 m), which can be connected as an option. The device is usable with all Android devices from Android 4.2.1 or higher as well as Kindle Fire HDX / 8.9 and fits for multi-media devices (Smartphone, Tablet-PC) from Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Huawei and many more

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Difference to Google Chromecast

What I like better about the Hama-Screenharer-Adapter than, for example, the widely acclaimed Google Chromecaster: It simply transfers the screen, while the Chromecast only works with a special Google app, in which just the content is transferred from the app can. But then you have to download again various streaming apps of various TV channels. this is quite complicated for me and costs unnecessary memory and power.

Although there is also the option of Google to transfer the entire screen, but this is well hidden and you realize that this is not intended. My mistrust in Google, which obviously wants to set its own standard here, is therefore great. Who knows if this function will still exist in a few years.

Installation with plug and play

The Hama Screenshare adapter is installed via plug-and-play, the device is connected directly to the HDMI ™ port by means of a gold-plated plug, and the power is supplied via the supplied USB cable. The screenshare adapter uses WLAN 802.11 b / g / n and transmits data at a speed of up to 150 Mbit / s. Even zooming, 1: 1 can be transferred from the smartphone / tablet to the HDTV.

In this way you can display presentations and pictures as well as videos or streamed TV series and movies.

Not always perfect

A thoroughly practical device. However, the different transmission formats can be problematic: In my test, the Hama Screenshare adapter, for example, did not always work perfectly well with my meanwhile quite old, since 10 years old flat screen works.

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The reason for this I suspect lack of compatibility with respect to the transmission formats. The Google Chromecast, on the other hand, worked flawlessly with my TV for a few days - and then caused it to overload. So if you want to get a corresponding adapter, you should check carefully if it is also compatible with your TV set.

When transferring with the PC monitor, there were sometimes disconnections: Actually, the transmission of videos only works well if the phone is right in front of the monitor - despite the included antenna, which can be attached with practical magnet function directly on the monitor. Unfortunately, this is a little more complicated in handling than I would have liked.


A handy device that not only allows me to view pictures and presentations on a large monitor, but also to watch TV on the PC monitor.

In handling and transmission, there are still one or the other nachzubessern for me.

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