Bags and protective covers for mobile devices: 5 times waterproof and shockproof packaging

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Anyone carrying several expensive mobile devices suffers from the constant fear that they could be damaged by, for example, dampness, falling down or being knocked over.

Bags and protective covers for mobile devices: 5 times waterproof and shockproof packaging Bags and protective covers for mobile devices: 5 times waterproof and shockproof packaging

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Here writes for you: Simone Janson is a publisher, German Top20 blogger and HR communication consultant. Profile

Waterproof bag


Since I occasionally go canoeing and still like to take pictures, my equipment should not be missing in summer right now: the waterproof bag that keeps the contents dry, even if the bag falls into the water. But even with heavy showers, it is of course useful.

The Hama exemplar is a durable, waterproof bag to protect against moisture, dirt, dust and sand, ideal for recreational water sports activities, camping and trekking, motorcycle and bicycle tours. In the sturdy bag you can store clothes, equipment and other important and valuable items dry and clean and seal them with a roll-top closure.

The bag consists of a strong tarpaulin tarpaulin with taped seams, the carrying straps are removable and adjustable to wear cloaks or to carry comfortably over the shoulder. In addition, the bag is easy to clean. Hama offers the bag either in blue or black in different sizes between 2 and 40 liter. I think 10 liter is ideal, because the bag is big enough to still take the camera, but still fits in any backpack.

Waterproof mobile phone pocket


But what happens if I want to take pictures with the camera while canoeing or water sports? Again, there is a solution, namely the Hama outdoor case "Active" for smartphones, which is suitable in size XXL for smartphones with 5,0-5,5 "display or dimensions up to 16 x 8,5 cm.

The double-sided transparent bag protects against dirt and offers protection against continuous submersion according to IPX8. With an open / close latch, you can activate the locking mechanism for secure and watertight locking, and you can also attach the mobile phone with a carrying strap.

The somewhat complicated but necessary shutter mechanism is also my little criticism of this otherwise so practical bag. Because some things you just can not make out of the bag, for example, hidden on my smartphone, the frame the selfie camera, the operation is made much more difficult by the plastic cover. So I use them almost only in situations where I fear the phone could fall out of my hand or even into the water.

Real glass screen protection


For all other occasions, the protective glass must be enough. The Hama real glass screen protector "Universal" for smartphones offers Hama for different display sizes. In my case I have a protective glass for the display size 5,5 "- 5,7" provided.

It is a particularly durable and robust tempered glass screen protector, providing maximum scratch protection with 9H Nano-Tech coating. The high-transparent Ultraclear material nevertheless ensures HD quality for outstanding brilliance, the surface has an anti-fingerprint coating.

Practical: The glass absorbs electrostatically, so no glue is necessary and it can be removed without residue. The glass protects, in contrast to other protective glasses, even when falling down and does not even jump itself. Recommended!

Liquid display protection


Far more practical than a glass pane, however, is liquid screen protection. The Hama Liquid Glass Sealer for Smartphone and Tablez. The liquid glass technology acts as a vitamin cure for the display: If the invisible nano-sealant applied, you get a robust, durable display with an extremely high abrasion resistance - which means depending on intensive use of an 1A seal up to 12 months.

The smartphone screen gets an extremely smooth surface with the liquid glass - scratches are very difficult to do their work with such smooth surfaces. Likewise, fingerprints, fat streaks and co - on smooth surfaces you just can not find a foothold. Delivered are a Versieglungsset and a microfiber cloth.

While this sealing unfortunately does not help is jumping the glass when the device falls down. But it is really suitable for all displays, including tablets, laptops and watches.

Laptop bag


What really helps against heavy impact is a good bag like the Hama "Mission" notebook sleeve for devices up to 34 cm (13,3 "). It has a width of 35 cm and a height 26 cm, its depth is 2,5 cm and the weight 241 g. The inner compartment measures 33 x 2 x 26 cm.

The bag is made of water repellent polyester / polyurethane (PU) and is designed in black leather look with gold-colored zipper. Two noble fabric sections give the sleeve a special touch, the padded notebook compartment provides reliable protection during transport. In addition to the zippered main compartment for the device, there is a spacious front pocket for additional accessories or personal belongings. A soft inner lining ensures protection of the sensitive housing surface.

Some may complain that the device does not have straps or handles, I found that practical: Because I need the bag above all to store the laptop quickly and conveniently in a backpack, there is no additional confusion here.

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