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Who's the best in the whole country? Rate job exchanges quickly and easily Companies who want to advertise vacancies are spoiled for choice: Because with 1.800 online job portals in Germany alone, the offer is unmanageable. The Crosspro Research user survey also shows that 93% of job seekers use up to 6 job portals at the same time so that they do not miss a chance. So how can you as a HR manager determine which job exchange suits your company. mine Article the current issue of the magazine Personal in Focus provides information about this.


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Evaluation of well-known job boards

Company, who want to advertise vacancies, are spoiled for choice: Because the range of about 1800 online job portals in Germany alone is almost unmanageable. Surveys also show that 93% of job seekers use up to 6 job portals at the same time, so they miss chance. So how do you ensure that the job offer comes to the right applicant?

How to reach the right audience?

First and foremost, it is important to select the online portals that are frequented by the right target group. Job market is not the same Job market: In addition to the general career portals, which have all occupations, activities, career phases or regions in view, there are a large number of specialty or niche job exchanges that focus specifically on specific industries, occupations, activities or a region. Unlike job boards, job search engines search the Internet for job opportunities and make it easy for users to access.

The number of job advertisements as a reference

In the next step, it is important to find the high-performance job portals on the basis of certain key figures and thus to separate the wheat from the chaff during the selection process. An important criterion for this is the number of job offers. Unfortunately, some job portals obfuscate the exact number of available job ads, or block the list of wanted job offers into a search term in the hit list to keep the user on the page longer and get him to refine his search. Some black sheep among the job portals rely solely on quantity instead of quality: They offer a staggering number of job advertisements, but are hardly ever visited by jobseekers.

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Range and visitor traffic

Therefore, it is also important to consider the range or the visitor frequency of a job portal when choosing. This feature is plausible but rarely measurable, transparent and public. Because many operators proudly announce particularly good numbers of visitors and remain silent if their indicators are not so positive.

Jobboersen_B A remedy for this secrecy is provided by the international traffic ranking determined by Alexa, an Amazon subsidiary. Here, the number of visitors is measured by different methods and made comparable in a traffic ranking number. The winner lands on 1, the silver medalist on 2 and the last-placed come back on 24.275.187 or something similar. Although the Alexa ranking also has certain weaknesses, it is currently without any alternative: it is publicly available (, can be conveniently used with the help of a Firefox plugin (Alexa Sparky) and thus allows visitors to frequent various job portals relatively quickly to make comparable. Tools such as Sistrix's Visibility Index, also available for free ( can give quite accurate information about the ranking of a page in Google for certain keywords, but says about the actual traffic of a job board too little.

If that is not enough, you will find it an overview of almost all job markets by target group, industry or visitor traffic. Since October 2008 is also under a long-term survey carried out by Crosswater Systems together with the Hamburg rating agency Profilo - scientifically supervised by the BWLProfessor Dr. Carsten Steinert from the University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück. Some 20.000 jobseekers have evaluated job boards and job search engines according to different criteria. For job seekers, the Job Portal Profiler is a paid tool to find the best job market for your target group - structured according to data such as work experience, salary scale or field of study, which were surveyed anonymously among job seekers.

Germany's best job portals with their strengths at a glance (Source: Crosspro Research)

General job exchanges

  1. Stepstone ( + High user-friendliness, + High percentage of jobs in the IT sector, + High number of hits
  2. Jobware ( + High percentage of jobs for specialists and executives, + High user-friendliness, + High number of hits
  3. Kalaydo ( + High share of regional ads, + High usability, + High number of hits

Special job boards

  1. Hotelcareer ( + Specialized in hotel and catering industry, + High number of hits, + High user-friendliness
  2. Yourfirm ( + Specialized in specialists and executives for SMEs, + High number of hits, + High user-friendliness
  3. Jobvector ( + Specialized in natural sciences, life science, MINT, + high number of hits, + high user-friendliness

job search engine

  1. Kimeta ( + speed, + high number of hits, + high user-friendliness
  2. iCjobs ( + Largest German job search engine, + High number of hits, + High user friendliness
  3. Jobrobot ( + speed, + high number of hits, + high user-friendliness

Compact information at a glance

  • There are about 1800 online job exchanges in Germany, and new ones are constantly being added.
  • Those who want to reach the right applicants with their job advertisements should pay attention to the target group and the quality of the job market.
  • Key figures such as the number of job offers, range and visitor traffic are important guidelines.
  • Online tools like the Alexa ranking help to judge the quality of a job market.
  • A long-term survey among some 20.000 job seekers shows how they rate these online job boards.


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