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Organizing and developing startups correctly: This is what start-ups have to pay attention to!

For many startups, the great business idea is in the foreground: Just get started and when customers are there, it will somehow work. But growth also has many pitfalls. An overview.


The goal is to start with

At the very beginning of a foundation, common goals and values ​​should stand. And these goals should be openly on the table, so that everyone who takes part can recognize the benefits for themselves and decide on the cooperation.

So you should ask yourself right from the start: What happens if that Company really succeed? And how do you define the basic structure right from the start in order to handle this success correctly?

Success is only possible with trust

Anyone who suspects hidden goals begins to mistrust and will not cooperate - just as little as top-down processes: In the opinion of the employee, participation in the change process must happen out of his own will.

Processes and modes of behavior imposed from above, the lonely top-down decision, “This is how it works here and now, you work together, whether you like it or not”, will not work.

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The basic problem: business model too strongly tailored to the founders

Many startups suffer from a crucial aspect: The company is completely or too strongly tailored to the founder (s) and their skills. If the company then becomes successful (unexpectedly) quickly, many fail because the communication and organizational structures are not designed for growth.

Changes have the best chances when all goals, obstacles and fears are clear. It is therefore necessary to communicate: to expose the procedure, to exchange information about expectations, assumptions, fears, reasons and intentions.

The core question: choosing the right employees

Only when the goals are clear and have been communicated accordingly, one should look for the right employees - and always from the point of view: How can the company remain successful in the market in the long term? A decisive aspect here is the selection of employees who fulfill their tasks with know-how and motivation, but at the same time fit into the team.

Because the scarce financial resources that a StartUp has, the services and skills are twice as important. Studies even show that the future viability of a company depends primarily on the energy of motivated employees.

Critical: The team members must complement each other in their abilities

A team can only get to high performance if the necessary tasks are distributed so that everyone in the team likes their part and the team members appreciate their complementary abilities.

Finding the right people here is a big challenge for the startup founder. Research results from psychology, such as those conducted by the English psychologist Raymond Meredith Belbin for team roles, can be helpful.

Communication, hierarchies, decisions

Regardless of the selection of the appropriate employees is communication strategy and the hierachy level. It must be clear to everyone how decisions are made in companies.

It is also important to keep the communication and decision-making channels as short and efficient as possible in order to ensure rapid decisions, flexible responses to sudden challenges and innovations.

The composition of the team is critical to efficiency

The personalities of the team members have a direct impact on the work organization and the efficiency: one, for example, prefer to talk about everything three times, the others decide immediately, etc. And the harmony among the team members also plays a decisive role.

As you can see, there is a lot of people involved in start-ups too. And in the end, every young company has to find its own way. Because unfortunately it is often forgotten to think about the growth of the company - a mistake that can always be avoided with a clever strategy.

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