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Anita Arneitz is a bestselling author and travel journalist. In her bestseller book “Trick 17 Urlaub & Reise”, published by Frechverlag, she put together 222 life hacks for the best days of the year. On her travel blog www.anitaaufreisen.at she also reveals tips for the Alps-Adriatic region.

Organizational life hacks for business travel and everyday business: 12 ingeniously simple tricks

Traveling to customers and business partners is essential for many in business - and every business trip becomes more pleasant with the right lifehacks.

What must be considered on business trips?

To make the journey and stay on business trips more comfortable and with less luggage, there are some imaginative life tricks, so-called life hacks. In an instant, a simple trick turns an object that you might have with you anyway into a practical helper.

Business trips are exciting, impulsive, full of new experiences - and sometimes annoying. Especially when flights, hotels, rental cars, meetings and presentations have to be organized from today to tomorrow.

  • Which means of transport should you choose?
  • What about internet reception at the hotel?
  • Will I feel comfortable in the assigned room?
  • Are there ways to relax?

Plan ahead of schedule

In spite of the hustle and bustle it is worth to plan ahead before the trip. For example with lifehacks. This is nothing else but the old-tried trick 17, which perhaps Grandma already knew, but eventually fell into oblivion.

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Simple things with a big impact. For example, those who roll up their clothes not only save space in the suitcase, but also prevent wrinkles. Just as a classic tissue paper between the sensitive parts. After all, you should also look dapper for the business meeting.

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Simple tricks with great effect

"Damn it, I forgot that at home" or "these things would be very practical now": despite the sophisticated preparation, you can also get on business trips in situations in which such thoughts come to mind.

Lifehacks, ie creative tricks and tricks taken from life, can be remedied. But that's not all. They also awaken the spirit of improvisation and inspiration to make the most of what's available. Or even better: to use utensils completely differently than originally planned.

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12 brilliantly simple tips, which make the travel day easier

If you look more closely when traveling, there are exciting ways to reuse objects. In this sense, lifehacks are not only rich, but also sustainable. Finally, sustainable business travelers also pay attention to the ecological footprint.

  1. Never go without a smartphone, tablet or netbook out of the house is a solid basic rule for business travelers. Accessibility must be provided for important projects. Thus, seats at sockets are mandatory. No matter whether in the waiting room or on the train.
  2. In the case of travel documents, digitalisation is recommended: a passport, booking confirmation, travel plans or work documents should be stored as a digital copy on the mobile phone. Server services also provide good service on the road to access anywhere.
  3. It is also important to maintain productivity during the voyage. Check the web access, if necessary take a pocket rocker, so that the hotel room becomes a second office. In general, the accommodations do not have to lose sight of their balanced balance.
  4. Calmness and effectiveness are closely related. Tip: An alternative to a hotel could be furnished apartments. The chance for a "like at home" feeling is greatest there. Of course, a hotel offers more comfort.
  5. And do not forget to adapt the sleep rhythm according to your destination in time to prevent jet lag and fatigue.
  6. A tea bag is an important helper in need. If someone is on the road all day, hitches from one meeting to another or, after long hours, leaves the plane, catch shoes inevitably to separate odors. Perhaps now missing a suitable spray in the hotel room or the own stands well in the domestic closet. Then the tea bag comes into play. Mostly found in the room or at the buffet, he eliminated in the shoe laid out any stink. The best is with black tea, but also herbal or fruit tea works over the night.
  7. On the road, a spectacle case can be used as a storage location for headsets of a hands-free kit or data sticks. Shock resistance and protection from cable salad are a striking argument.
  8. If someone is visiting business in a country without a euro, the foreign currency can easily be separated from the euro banknotes by means of a paper clip. Simple but effective.
  9. Lifehacks for air travel: Which terminal was that again? And where is the check-in counter please? Instead of rushing haphazardly over the airport grounds or searching for hours on airport websites, just enter the flight number into the search engine and you have all the information you need at a click.
  10. For long-haul flights or long-distance bus services, a neck roll is convenient if it were not at home. So that it is still comfortable, put a few elongated balloons in your pocket. Inflated and wrapped in a sweater, they are a good cushioning alternative.
  11. Against the snoring of the seat neighbors help earplugs shaped from a handkerchief, a cloth on the eyes serves as a sleeping mask and disinfectant as a deodorant substitute.
  12. An emergency sock with a rolled up shirt, a trousers and underwear always comes into the hand luggage. The textile sausage is easy to stow away and is unobtrusive.

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