Online applications - study in the fact check: Online applications as a turnaround?

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By asking why the eMail I do not want to play the important role in the communication process that she plays in everyday communication, I have finished the first part of the post. Here I would like to answer him: Are online applications a new future trend? Online applications - study in the fact check: Online applications as a turnaround? Grafik2

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Here writes for you:

Lorenz Hartwig is online editor.


What does the company think of online applications?


From business circles, one hears, speaks much for on-line applications. In essence, there are three reasons that are always considered an advantage of eMail- application opposite to the paper are called:

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  1. Applications per eMail facilitate sorting of incoming application letters. They can be stored in a central mailbox and easily exchanged and sent within the company.
  2. Applications per eMail reach the responsible person directly and do not have to be transported by post and possibly house post.
  3. An email-based application procedure allows the application process to be carried out quickly, as candidates can react to the tender within a very short time. Project-related orders can also be allocated more quickly.
  4. Companies that receive international applications can go through eMail Contact us quickly and cost effectively with applicants from all over the world.

What does the company think about online applications?


However, the fact that many companies still adhere to analogous applications has reasons:

  1. An "analogue" application gives the trained personnel a better impression of the applicant than the applicant eMail, because the preparation of a job application requires diligence and care on the part of the applicant.
  2. At a eMail Application such competences are only partially in demand. The personal touch can therefore be lost quickly, the company does not get the required personal impression.
  3. It is true that the criticized personal note can be supplemented in an application discussion and decided at this point of departure by means of admissions or cancellations, but this means a higher effort

Do the applicant have any disadvantages when applying?


It is also necessary to clarify whether the applicant has advantages or disadvantages by digitizing the application procedure. The situation is unambiguous:

  1. At a eMailApplication is not required to create a meaningful application folder.
  2. Creating an online application is less time-intensive.
  3. Application letters and curriculum vitae are created on the computer anyway and have not been written by hand for a long time.
  4. The application process is accelerating. You can apply online for various jobs.
  5. The way to the post falls away and with it also postage costs, which can become with increasing number of submitted applications, for example with low earners to the load.

Online applications as a trend of the future?


Is there a trend despite criticism of the structure of the survey? I mean yes. For denying the trend towards increasing digitization would be a misjudgment of obvious facts.

Even if the structure of the Survey by Projektwerk can be criticized, the trend shown by it is, however, coincident with the everyday experience. And whether a person is sympathetic and the qualifications bring with him is just as little an analogy as an online application. Therefore, a consistent application of online applications should not be a problem.

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Paper applications - only for nostalgics?


Especially in the media industry or the creative industry, the application per eMail already an enormous value; other industries are catching up. In addition, of course, the so-called online application forms are a sign of the times.

For the future, therefore, it is to be expected that the good old application will be stamped and stamped in envelopes. If you do not have a tendency to nostalgia, you will not miss it.

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  1. jj

    Hello Mrs. Janson

    Are not we already on? Is not the e-mailing already slow to extinction? The Quo Vadis Recruiting studies by Mr. Brickwedde speak a quite clear language.

    At least in the case of larger companies, the application of online forms is absolutely normal and is also becoming increasingly important for medium-sized companies. We also fully rely on the form application.

    Why do not we accept applications by e-mail (and certainly not on paper)? Just a few reasons:

    The emails either end up in crowded group mailboxes or in the already turbulent inbox of the staffer, later with the specialist supervisor and so on.

    In the case of an application entry of approximately 50-100 applications per day with average 5MB attachments, huge amounts of data are generated. Emails are sent to 2-3 people on average or printed out. For many companies, the personal inbox is limited to 100MB. A huge problem for larger companies.

    Email applications can not be traced. We have imposed on servicelevels against our applicants, which we can not keep with an email application. With a good applicant management, we can efficiently manage the recruiting process.

    Email applications are one-day flights. We would like to stay in touch with applicants who we had to cancel for one job. If we keep an email application for a longer period of time, in order to contact later, we violate the data protection. Of course, we offer each applicant the possibility to permanently remove their data.

    Of course, I also know form applications that are incredibly tedious. I experienced that myself as an applicant. But it is not necessary. We make sure that a first application with us does not last longer than 5 minutes, each further application is possible under one minute. Attachments are accepted in "usual household" quantities (5 x 2.5MB).

    The many profiles and passwords are indeed a problem. But here, too, the trend is to link to your own Google logins, apply via LinkedIn profile and the like.

    You see, a lot is happening here and the once very rigid systems are becoming ever more user-friendly for applicants.

    Many greetings from Switzerland

    • Simone Janson

      Hello JJ,

      Clearly, especially the big companies have a fully automated application system. But many small and medium-sized companies are just beginning. As far as digitization is concerned, there are often worlds between companies - and that's just what we see here. Also there are polls:

      And, of course, the automated application systems, which are often purchased for expensive money, are more practical for companies. However, MiuSuCo's contribution also shows that they also deter many applicants because they are much too complicated for the applicant. According to this study, well-qualified applicants can be deterred from the complex selection procedure, such as assessment centers:
      Would be an interesting study, how many applicants are deterred by complicate application systems.

  2. MiuSuCo

    And what about the entire recruiting process, in which a job seeker may be plagued by the software of the company? If, after a half-eternity, he hopes to have hidden the right keywords in the texts for the filtering process in order to be fished out? In addition, he must agree to the electronical storage and keep a (further) one-time account in mind, umm possibly to demand the deletion personally. Not all companies explain how to proceed when completing recruiting for a particular job ... I have the experience that while this is an efficient organization for the company, it takes much more of my personal mark as a candidate and is much more involved as the email application. Often, however, there is no alternative, who does not join, is therefore not considered.

    • Simone Janson

      Hi MiuSuCo,
      this is unfortunately again a completely different topic. Do not you want to write an (anonymous) report? This could give others help.

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