Learn mindfulness and joie de vivre: Sing in the shower! {Review}

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Working in the hamster wheel, stress around the clock and constant dissatisfaction are a constant companion for many people. The fact that something can be done about this is shown by the examples of Federal Minister Julia Klöckner, Prime Minister Malu Dreyer and Anja Gockel, among others.

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Stephan Lamprecht Stephan Lamprecht

Stephan Lamprecht is a journalist and editor at Management-Journal.de


When the joie de vivre is missing

It took a lot of overtime, but now the position is in Company Perfect. Nice friends make a common evening special and materially lacking in nothing. And yet it may be that something is missing: joy of life. It can not be worked out, it just has to be recognized in the little things of life. This requires mindfulness of one's own needs.

Just how important this is is shown in Patricia Küll's book by numerous tips and interviews with personalities such as the new Federal Minister for Food and Agriculture, Julia Klöckner, Prime Minister of Reinland Pfalz, Malu Dreyer, former Minister of Economic Affairs of Rhineland-Palatinate, Eveline Lemke or fashion designer Anja Gockel.

Eveline Lemke recommends: Disciplined self-love

“Sleep regularly, eat healthy, do sports, experience nature: a bit disciplined lifestyle. It's part of my self-love, and it doesn't hurt, it helps, ”summarizes Eveline Lemke, her secret for more joie de vivre. The former Minister of Economic Affairs enters her sports units on the calendar as a fixed date.

The cup of tea, jogging or a nice chat are a welcome time out, in which your head, "who is still working, noting down the events, the experiences, the things that concern me, the worries and needs and somehow doing it differently", so Lemke. Then the ideas and solutions would come again and they would “get out of the hamster wheel”.

Discipline for the joy of life

The politician's philosophy can be summarized in the sentence "Be disciplined when it comes to your zest for life". Mindfulness towards yourself and others is a basic rule for more joy in life. The beautiful things in life have to be firmly anchored in everyday life, otherwise they are quickly forgotten in a busy schedule or postponed until later.

Take a look back and discover properties that make you stand out. Maybe you suppress your curiosity so as not to be like your father's crazy aunt. You may try to appear as an extrovert because you were teased as a child for your quiet nature. Alleged weaknesses can also be strengths - find what makes you and stand for it.

Lebensfreuderegel: Nothing happens without a reason

The systemic coach Patricia Küll gathers 17 such joy-loving rules in her guide “From today I sing in the shower”. The thinking exercises give small incentives for the organization of the day and bring new impetus to established behavior.

Just as lack of vitality and dissatisfaction could creep into life, so the joy of life could slowly find their place in life again, according to the author. It's just about becoming more and more the person you are.

Mindfulness in the shower

And that requires discipline and mindfulness. While we do not miss out on a job and work overtime to accomplish our tasks, there is a lack of discipline and commitment in private life.

"Do most things have more priority than your personal plans?" Asks Küll. With every delayed evening with friends, every stressful morning without breakfast and unusual movie night, we neglect our joie de vivre. Mindful behavior therefore begins with ourselves.

“What is this good for? What should I learn from it? ”

Rarely does a low come for no reason. If you have a cold all the time, you are neglecting your health. Little joy in your job may indicate that a change of perspective is necessary. Author Patricia Küll therefore advises: “Ask yourself: what is this good for? What should I learn from it? ”

Conclusion: A great book with Lebensfreuderegeln, practical exercises and inspiring interviews just with exciting personalities such as Julia Klöckner, Malu Dreyer or Anja Gockel. And it quickly becomes clear: just start the day singing in the shower!

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