BAföG: Continuing Education and Master BAföG

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Master Bafög can apply if you are a specialist, for example, in crafts, services or even in the health care and care sector and would like to continue with a career advancement as a master, technician, specialist nurse or programmer.

BAföG: Continuing Vocational Training and Master BAföG Further Education

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This entry contains content and information that may be out of date, eg due to legal or statistical changes. Because it can still be helpful to get an overview of the topic, you can still find it here.

Financing the next career steps

Anyone who wants to rise professionally can be financially supported by the state during his career steps. What many people who are interested in education do not know: State support with the misleading name Meister-BAföG is open to all those who want to qualify beyond their initial training and are preparing for a state or public examination.

Now, the Bundestag has passed a bill that stipulates that not only the first, but a career development is promoted. In addition, a power component is installed: All, the one Further education will be granted a loan divestment allowance of 25 percent. This should increase the motivation to successfully complete an advanced training course.


As a prerequisite, you should be able to prove a completed vocational training according to the Berufsbildungsgesetz (BBiG) or the Handwerksordnung (HWO) or a comparable professional qualification, but no comparable or higher degree (eg a university degree).

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By the way, you are not only eligible for German funding, but also if you come from the European Union or as a foreigner three years: long in Germany.

Unlike the student BAfög, you do not have to consider an age limit or indicate the income of your parents.

How much do they get?

You get the Master Bafög partial as a grant and partly as a low-interest loan. If you participate in a full-time course, you will receive up to 614 Euro (230 Euro grant / 384 Euro loan), 829 Euro (230 Euro / 599 Euro) per month.

For each child, your loan share increases by 179 Euro. If you want to take a full-time course, this must be at least 400 lessons: in the case of measures, the total duration of all sections is decisive. But you can also do a telecommute course. Your loan remains free of interest and repayment for up to six years. After this, you must repay it within ten years with monthly installments of at least 128 Euro.

For whom is this interesting? The statistics

Training, which is subsidized by the state, is apparently in, especially among young people: As the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) tells, received last year almost 140 000 people benefits under the Advancement Training Act - the so-called master BAföG. Thus, after two years of decline, the number of subsidies increased again for the first time (+ 4,4%). In terms of funding, a total of 2008 million was granted in 382, 7% more than in the previous year.

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How were the funds distributed?

Of the subsidies, around 267 million euro was loaned on loans and 114 million euro on grants. The grants consisted of 65 million euros for the financing of the training and examination fees, just under 49 million euro for the livelihood and 0,2 million euro for child care to the subsidized.

The loans have been granted 149 million for course and exam fees, 117 million for livelihood and 1 million for making the "masterpiece". The extent to which loans are used can be freely decided by the beneficiaries. In total, the beneficiaries took 184 millions of euros in loans granted by the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau.

Who has been promoted?

31% of the sponsored were women. Their number increased by 2007% to around 3 43. In addition, 000 2008 96 men were supported by 000% more than 5 in 2007. 82% of the sponsors were between 20 and 35 years old. The 25 to 29 (35%), followed by the 20 to 24 (32%) and the 30 to 34 (15%) were most strongly represented.

50 000 (36%) of the sponsors participated in a full-time training, 90 000 (64%) in part-time training. Compared to 2007, the number of full-time sponsors increased by 3% and that of part-time sponsored by 5%.

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  2. katrin

    Sorry, as I said, I had the comment for another post written by you, this means exactly:

    Educational voucher of the employment agency for a construction study

    • Simone Janson

      Hi Katrin,
      No, you wrote a very snotty comment, evidently asking me to prove that the employment agency you mistakenly refer to as AfA (that's a different matter, the measure in question) Then you do not even link the relevant contribution.
      Can you imagine that you do not want to get involved in such a discussion at all?

      The article in question is from the year 2008. I do not run a knowledge portal by keeping posts up-to-date, but a blog that I assume the reader also knows can change legal information - so the date is included. Say: I got this information at the time during research in personal talks with the Employment Agency. It may also have changed in the meantime again.

      Thank you.
      Simone Janson

  3. katrin kerst

    to the postgraduate studies funded by the jobcenter, wishful thinking or concrete evidence that the AfA really financed or financed this

    • Simone Janson

      The comment I do not understand: This is about Meisterbafög, not about construction studies, which have been funded by the jobcenter. That would be new to me and I have not written anywhere. Please to enlightenment.

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