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Refresh & acquire language skills for the job: Find the best learning opportunities

In the global economy, foreign languages ​​are becoming increasingly important. English can usually be many somehow, really good business English few. In French, it usually ends. LanguageCourses can be used to acquire or acquire foreign language skills directly in the country. But how do you find the best offer?

Language learning language trip

Why foreign languages ​​are important

Not only multinational corporations attach great importance to the language competence of their employees - today, contact with foreign customers, partners and employees is commonplace even in medium-sized companies. Some Company Expect candidates to even prove their foreign language skills by presenting an internationally recognized exam.

Take French for example: There are 200 millions worldwide, including 115 millions of native speakers. In Europe, 55 millions of people speak the most melodic of all world languages, making them one of the most important working and official languages ​​of the European Union. Outside Europe, French is particularly prevalent in Canada and in several states of West Africa.

Language Travel - the Ideal Language Learning Option?

But what if the language skills are rusty or do not exist at all? Language trips, which can even be recognized as educational leave, are a great way to change that, provided you observe certain conditions.

For Stiftung Warentest, “language trips are the best way to immerse yourself in a language and get to know the country and its people.” The problem, however, is that language trips are often not that cheap. Fortunately, there are a number of funding options.

Funding and financing options

On the one hand, language trips can be recognized as educational leave and tax deductible. In some federal states it is also possible to get an education check and only pay half the price.

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For educational leave and the educational check, the further education measures must be recognized in the respective federal state. The EU also offers various programs for long-term stays abroad.

What are the advantages of language learning outside of school?

The French is a good example of the advantages: the language was difficult at school, and many people only think of it with horror, so that the knowledge is strongly scared. Here, a language course in France can be offered to learn the language of our western neighbors, to bring existing knowledge to the forefront, or to prepare for a language examination.

Because unlike dry school lessons at home, a language tourist can test and practice the new vocabulary and grammatical forms in Paris, Nice, Montpellier or Lyon immediately - for example during a visit to the Eiffel Tower, while relaxing on the Mediterranean beach, during a visit to the Languedoc wine region or while strolling through the picturesque old town. Because the new language skills in the memory combine with pleasant holiday experiences, they can later - after returning to the office - easily retrieve.

Learn languages ​​for business

While during an internship in a company, for example, it is largely left to chance which language skills “stick”, at a language school you can select the course that best corresponds to your previous knowledge and learning objectives: while general languageCourses are taught for everyday use , the use of language in typical professional situations is the focus of business courses - among other things

  • writing of written correspondence
  • attending meetings
  • holding presentations
  • participation in - not unimportant - small talk

The Stiftung Warentest also says that business languageCourses abroad have an interesting additional benefit: "If the participant flies about working in the respective region later, they can find out about the job market situation and job opportunities on site."

Checklist: Find the best language course offer

But even for the future career at home, a language course stay is certainly not a disadvantage when certain conditions are met. For example, the type and scope of the services (group size, costs, duration, number of hours, etc.) should be described in detail in the contract.

The educational information campaign gives the following advice, which can be ordered for 5 euros under the menu item lists and information sheets.

  • Not the first offer, but for several trips compare price and performance.
  • Think carefully about the reasons for attending a language course. If you want to combine it with your holiday, 15 will reach 20 lessons per week. Otherwise, 30 hours with a maximum of eight participants in the group are better.
  • Pay attention to the right level of speech: The group's success depends on the language level.
  • Completion of a grading test: Only a thorough written and oral assessment test on site brings success.

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