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Why in job exchanges often only the remains are rasped: Jobs, which none Will!

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If applicants are looking for jobs in the job markets, they are often frustrated. Despite a growing number of vacancies, the selection is still poor in the economic upturn. This is mainly due to the nature of the places.

Why in job exchanges often only the remains are rasped: Jobs, which none Will!

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This entry contains content and information that may be out of date, eg due to legal or statistical changes. Because it can still be helpful to get an overview of the topic, you can still find it here.

Jobs for which no one has been found!

The most searched are consultants with often 100% traveling, 2.500 such places there alone at Monster.de. Many positions are limited. Others have requirements that hardly anyone can meet. Dreamjobs are rare.

And for the reason: The jobs in the job boards are usually jobs for which no one else has found. In other words, these are jobs with small or larger stigma. Unlimited willingness to travel is one such, at least for anyone who has spent two years in hotels - but also poor pay, time limit or bad working environment.

The fact that the second-thirds of all posts are never published has been known for years, among others by a survey carried out by the Institute for Labor Market Research (IAB). But this number, according to the assessment of the career counselor continues to grow. Moreover, there are two trends: In addition to the unpopular, there are more and more also highly specialized jobs that land in job markets.

Generalist jobs go under the hand

Generalist positions, which are clearly the majority of the entire job offer, are increasingly rare in the form of an ad. Also smaller Company very rarely search with an ad search. Instead, business owners and people-looking managers are increasingly turning on their own network instead of headhunters.

An example of this is provided by Michael Silberberger, Managing Director of Semitor AG in Berlin. Instead of switching to job boards, he recently sent an email to his Xing contacts. In this he promoted open positions in sales, including a description of the good working environment. "The chance to get matching candidates on this path is significantly higher than on a normal ad," says Silberberger from experience.

Recommendation marketing is always in fashion

The logic behind this is that anyone who recommends someone from his or her network knows this person most of the time and can not only assess his / her expertise, but also his / her personality - and this is often the most important foundation outside the specialists world. In addition, employees who have proven themselves to be good employees have mostly the same friends and acquaintances. Not least, friends often work much better than strangers - even in the team. For employers, this form of job search is not only the most favorable, but also the most successful variant.

What does this mean for Jobsuchende? Who is socially isolated and also avoids the Internet, gets more and more a problem. The trend that has been shown will continue to increase.

Tips for job search

  • Anyone looking for a new job should always keep their eyes open in their own environment. Through business partners, customers, colleagues, you get more interesting jobs than through job boards.
  • Bring your colleagues the idea to look around their own company and to ask about the possibilities of cooperation!
  • Maintain and maintain good contacts, be it from the internship or an old job. Link to a social network and / or collect contacts in a spreadsheet or electronic address book.
  • Inform your network when you are looking for a job: Personally on the phone the close contacts, on the Internet the more distant.
  • Always communicate what you can and what you are looking for in your network - preferably verbally and in writing.
  • The time in the upswing is always good for unsolicited applications! These should be designed so that the recipients have an immediate picture of what they can do and where they can be used. Even better is if you can apply "on the recommendation of". Use the direct contacts in social networks as a bridge to a new contact.

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    Hello Mr. Wiesner,
    you see how well the two articles matched, I had not noticed at all! Unfortunately, there is no feedback on the study so far.

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  10. Jörg Wiesner

    Hello Mrs. Janson,
    since I did not know to whom I should address the comment, I had decided for you. ;-)

    The first part of my statement was already directed to the guest post by Svenja Hofert. She talks about recommending friends in the Recommendation Marketing section - it was my idea that recommending good friends also carries risks.

    That at the same time an interview with you and a similar topic appeared on Zeitonline: Happy coincidence - and also I would use my comment.

    Thank you for forwarding the IAB question. It is quite interesting: I found several articles on the net referring to the number "two-thirds" - but none specified the concrete source. I'm looking forward to the answer!

    Many greetings, JW

  11. Jörg Wiesner

    Hello Mrs. Janson,

    interesting contribution and train of thought. Overall, I can join - with a limitation: From my experience, friends are divided into two categories. 1. Those with whom one fits well and professionally well and 2. those with whom one is best not cooperating, one does not want to endanger the friendship.

    A question I still have: They refer to IAB investigations, according to which 2 / 3 of the places are not written out. you can send me titles or links - I can not find anything on the IAB website despite search. Many Thanks!


    • Simone Janson

      Hello Mr. Wiesner,
      short for clarification for other readers: Apparently, the first part of your comment refers to the interview with me in ZEIT ONLINE on "Friendships in the workplace", which can be found here:
      The second part on the guest contribution by Mrs. Hoffert.
      I would like to agree with the friend's topic, there are certainly differences, too, that one can work with some friends and not with others. Basically I am somewhat skeptical ...
      As far as the IAB study is concerned, I have forwarded your inquiry to Mrs Hoffert and I hope for an early reply.
      Simone Janson

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