Internet router and accessories with smart home function: Fritzbox and Co from AVM in the test {review}

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The Fritz box is one of the most frequently used WLAN rout, also because it is provided by many DSL offerers free of charge. What many do not know: It is also ideal for various Smart Home solutions.

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Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisher, German Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


Internet for the whole apartment

When I changed my DSL contract during the last move, I was thus synonymous with a new FritzBox 7490! made available. As a result, I have a little bit busy with the numerous, directly coordinated products of the manufacturer AVM company - and was thrilled.

Because the architecture of my new apartment presented me before the unimagined challenge that on the one hand the telephone socket was in a different room than my PC, but this had no WLAN card. In addition, I wanted to finally enable mobile TV and listening to music in different rooms. So what should I do without punching a hole through the wall to pull the cable through?

How does the Internet get to the PC?

AVM provides several solutions for these problems:

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  1. WLAN stick via USB II: The FRITZ! WLAN Stick AC 860 is designed for use with WLAN AC routers such as the FRITZ! Box 7490 or 3490. It allows the data exchange over the new WLAN standard with up to 866 MBit / s. In reality, the speed, however, depending on the distance to the router and the quality of the port is sometimes significantly lower. After all, AVM supplies an extension cable with stand. In order to achieve the optimum speed, however, it should be a USB II socket. In Windows, the stick works well, The installation under Linux MINT, I have, despite various tutorials on the net, did not get right.
  2. FRITZ! WLAN Repeater DVB and Smart TV: With the DVB Reciver you can connect the PC with the LAN card to a WLAN repeater. This solution works very well for me, the transfer from one room to the next works perfectly. The Reciver is equipped with the WLAN standard AC, so that it can come to a maximum transmission speed of 1.300 MBit / s. Normally, the Reciver, however, is intended to increase the range of WLANs. In addition, all digital free TV programs can be received directly from the cable connection to a PC, smartphone or tablet.
  3. With FRITZ! Powerline 1240E: With the Powerline-Set, the PC can be connected to the router via the power cable: For this purpose, the Powerline adapter is connected to the router with a LAN cable and plugged into an electrical outlet. A Powerline adapter is also connected to the PC via LAN- Cable connected. This works synonymous with my old power lines without great speed loss, but sometimes it seems to come to misfires. However, I decided to use this solution.

Mobile phone, telephone, music and power outlet: connect other devices

Now AVM would not offer a smart home solution if it were not possible to connect other “smart” devices.

  1. Phone: I would like the mobile phone, on which anyway my data are, with the Fritz-Phone App used, also over the Internet to telephone. Unfortunately, it did not work out: Again and again there was a drop in talks or that my conversation partners had only heard me rushing.
  2. FRITZ! Fon C5: With the DECT phone, however, the phone works very well. The stylish, cordless phone features both standard phone features, encrypted voice transmission and HD telephony. You can control over the phone, for example, the answering machine Fritzbox, connect a headset and eMails and read RSS messages. It can also be used to play music (see point 3), as a baby monitor or to switch on and off Smart Home devices as well as to switch the WLAN of the Fritz Box on and off. The battery has an excellent runtime.
  3. Listening to music with external hard drive: The FRITZ! Box has two USB ports to which you can connect various USB devices - such as a printer or an external hard drive to listen to music. All network devices in the FRITZ! Box home network can use these USB devices together and simultaneously. In addition, you can connect a USB hub to the FRITZ! Box and use up to four USB devices on this hub. The external hard drive can become a media server in this way. With suitable playback devices such as TV sets, Internet radios, smartphones or Windows Media Player, the media data can then be streamed from the media server.
  4. FRITZ! DECT 200: Finally, other devices can still be controlled using the FRITZ! DECT 200 socket. With a PC, smartphone or telephone, the power supply of connected devices can be controlled and the energy consumption measured, recorded and evaluated. The intelligent socket is encrypted securely integrated into the home network via DECT radio.


AVM's well-coordinated products can be combined very well with smaller weaknesses due to obsolete external equipment. And they actually make life easier, help save time and avoid cable gland.

The AVM's excellent service is also worth mentioning at this point: Already on the website, all information and manuals are clearly arranged, if this is not enough, they can also contact the service directly.


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