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56Diana Bridde is an executive in adult education. Diana Bridde studied political science, English and history with a master's degree at the Universities of Bonn and Belfast. In addition, she completed teacher training at the Hamburg School of English at the University of Cambridge. In her further training practice, she supports her students in starting their careers and works on the creation of tailor-made teaching materials. We have on Best of HR –® a Interview made with her. She blogs at All texts by Diana Bridde.

Exercises for the German classes of migrants: skills in the office

There is not enough professional material and good stories in GFL lessons. I therefore have exercise material for GFL lessons myself and make it available to other teachers who are probably facing very similar problems! This exercise is based on the text “What modern secretaries really need to be able to do” here from the blog.

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Task 1:

New words - what fits together?

1: The stereotype

2: The Stenography

3: The requirements

4: The Balance Sheet

5: The fur

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6: The Board

7: The all-rounder

9: The antenna

8: The soft skills

H: Social Competences

C: a list comparing the income and expenditure of a company

Q: the persons who have an organization or a Company conduct

I: Apparatus for receiving radio or television broadcasts

E: the skin of animals with the growing hair

D: a font with abbreviations with special characters for words and syllables with which one can write very quickly

G: Someone who can do many different things

A: required performance

B: a very solid concept, which is no longer a picture of reality, prejudice, stereotype

Adjectives and verbs

1: guess

2: shake off

3: delegate

4: look at it

5: longing

6: appealing

Q: To understand someone through looks that one or the other is very attractive

E: pass a task

D: Reject someone

C: want something very much

A: attractive, beautiful

B: guess

Task 2: Read the text

What modern secretaries must be able to do today

Whether grell-spotted nipples with red-painted nails or Mrs. Moneypenny, longing for James Bond. Whether a patient antechamber bead or a frightening dragon, no profession is as cliché-laden as that of the secretary. And in no other profession do clichés and reality lie so far apart.

The cliché

“Ms. Müller, for dictation, please” - hardly any secretary has to listen to this saying today. the typical secretary equipment of the past. Stenoblock, typewriter and carbon paper have long since given way to the most modern devices such as dictation machines, computers and copiers. And with that, the requirements have changed tremendously. Anyone who wants to survive as a secretary today has to be able to do more than smile nicely, look appealing, and put through phone calls.
A look at current job advertisements shows: In addition to very good IT skills, business background knowledge or, even better, commercial training and foreign languages ​​are required today. You should be able to master at least one of them, whereby confident spoken and written English is almost the standard.
What a modern secretary must be able to do

“The modern secretary is an all-rounder, far from making coffee and copying files” - says someone who knows the job from her own years of experience: Tanja Bögner is herself an assistant to the board of directors of the largest German pension fund and in 2006 was named Germany's best secretary in a competition chosen.
Soft skills are also important: characteristics such as loyalty, discretion, a sense of duty, Teamwork and a sense of order are at the top of the boss's wish list. She has to take every tiny note and every completed process for inquiries from Manager can be found again at any time. And even under the greatest time pressure, she should be able to book a business trip or write an important letter.

Communication as a manager

However, a talent for communication is particularly important: all inquiries from employees, complaints from customers and appointment requests from callers come together on the desk in the anteroom: And the assistant alone has to decide which of them are important - and which to get rid of in a friendly but firm manner. At the same time, she needs pointed antennas in order to anticipate even the smallest wishes of her boss as far as possible: For these tasks she needs a thick skin and sensitivity in equal measure - a constant balancing act!
Ultimately, real managerial qualities such as assertiveness, independence and organizational talent are also required. Because a secretary also has to read balance sheets, write business reports, be familiar with marketing, carry out projects, monitor budgets and delegate work. So it's no wonder that the job title office manager is increasingly being used in job advertisements.

Task 3: Correct or False?

The stereotypes about secretaries are true.

Nowadays secretaries often work with a notepad, typewriter and carbon paper

Foreign languages ​​are very important for secretaries.

Secretaries have to do all the work alone.

Secretaries must also carry out commercial activities.

Task 4:

Secretaries must at the same time be sensitive and resilient. What is the meaning of the text?

to be able to withstand = ______________________________________

be sensitive = ______________________________________

Task 5:

What other personal competences can you find in the text?

Sincerity and fairness between colleagues and contractors.

Secrecy. Confidential matters are not discussed.

Knowledge of your own tasks and willingness to perform the tasks, even if it may be difficult at times.

You can work well in a group.

You know where different things are. Everything is easy to find again.

You know what you want and how to get it. If you have a good idea, you can convince others of it and don't give up if the others don't like it at first.

Independence, self-confidence, sovereignty

One can speak and listen well

One can plan and carry out well.

Task 6:

What are the adjectives of the nouns from task 4?

1. _____________ 6. ____________
2. _____________ 7. ____________
3. _____________ 8. ____________
4. _____________ 9. ____________

Task 7:

In the office you need many skills. What are these personal skills called in your native language?

adaptable: _________________________________
open minded:__________________________________
persistent: _____________________________________
diplomatic: ____________________________________
independent: ______________________________
competently: _____________________________________
efficient: __________________________________
orderly: _______________________________
dutiful: _________________________________
independent: __________________________________
team player: ___________________________________
responsible: _________________________

Task 8:

What competences do you have? Search for 3-5!

1. ____________________________
2. ____________________________
3. ____________________________
4. ____________________________
5. ____________________________

Task 9:

Sabine Meier applies as a businesswoman. She writes:

I am orderly, communicative, reliable and adaptable. I am also team-oriented, energetic, friendly and flexible.

Why isn't that so good? And how do you do it better?

Task 10:

Write a short text about your own competences!




1B, 2D, 3A, 4C, 5E, 6F, 7G, 8H, 9I




- have thick fur
- have sensitivity

Task and 6. task

Loyalty - loyal
Discretion - discreet
Consciousness of duty - conscientiously
Ability to work in a team - capable of working in a team
Sense of order - neat
6. Assertiveness - Assertive
7. Self-reliance - self-reliant
8. Talented in communication - communicative
9. Organizational talent - organized

9. Task

There are too many personal skills.
Flexible and adaptable.
The personal competencies are not proven in activities.
Listing so many adjectives is stylistically bad.

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