Basic Data Protection Ordinance - DSGVO: Last Minute Tips and Apps

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This week it is finally time. The dreaded and therefore hotly debated DSGVO comes into force. So again some last minute tips:

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DSGVO - Between panic and reassurance

Much has been written about the DSGVO and discussed. Much informative, but also contradictory. Some soothing voices like this video that I have from the Facebook stream of Anni Roolf have picked out, but also a lot of scaremongering - such as statements such as "Even accepting a business card could become a problem", which in this form are of course exaggeratedly subtle.

And not a few consulting services and DSGVO last-minute all-round carefree anti-panic package have emerged around the DSGVO - how serious such short-term business ideas are actually in reality, everyone likes to judge for themselves.

News about the DSGVO

That's why it has Best of HR –® so far restrained with tips. That's why I do not want to set up the umpteenth Tippliste with DSGVO tips at this point, but especially to point out a few well-made tips and tutorials and give a few tips that I have not read in the context so before.

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For example, the Contributed by Dominik Ley to Gruenderweltwho writes:

“You might think that the world will go down on May 25.05.2018, XNUMX if you look at all the reports on the subject of GDPR ... Even in connection with the GDPR, everything is not eaten as hot as it is cooked. This is particularly the case with the discussions I had with the State Data Protection Officer of Rhineland Palatinate, Prof. Dr. Dieter Kugelmann as well as with numerous lawyers. ”

What to expect from authorities

In the following part, Ley gives well-researched all-clear when it comes to the risks of audits and warnings. Probably the most interesting sentence from the discussions that Ley had with data protection officers is as follows:

"Anyone who will not take action in terms of GDPR will have to dress very warmly during an examination by the authority, then it will be very expensive, but whoever does what he can and does not have to be afraid."

DSGVO checklist: tips for implementation

Two are also positive for me Article noticed with concrete, detailed tips for implementation in the form of checklists, which I would like to refer to again in the following sections - of course without guarantee for correctness:

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First the very detailed DSGVO Checklist by Kerstin Paar, who has compiled very meticulously useful information and to-do's on the subject - thanks for the work.

And then the link collection and Checklist to the DSGV of Blogmojo. Elsewhere, the site explains, for example, how to embed Youtube videos in compliance with privacy.

Cloud software DSGVO compliant use

An issue that has been far too rare for me is apps and software products. Many productivity apps, for example, have become indispensable in our daily mobile workflow, as they make our work much easier. At the forefront of all this are cloud applications that, unfortunately, are all too often brought to the market and hosted by American providers. And even if many US providers are now compliant with European law - why resort to a US solution, even if there are good German providers?

One such application from Germany, which I use since this year to compare my data on different devices, is TeamDrive: TeamDrive is HIPAA compliant and encrypts data before uploading with an AES-256 algorithm Encrypts TeamDrive your data before uploading.

Privacy and productivity - not a contradiction

According to the provider, the service is not only GDPR-compliant, but also offers “zero-knowledge” privacy. This means that the provider cannot at any time gain knowledge of the content of your data or have an insight into who you are working with. All keys are stored exclusively on your computer, so that neither the NSA nor other institutions can decrypt your data.

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Practical: When I change a file on a computer, it syncs on all other systems synonymous. There is the software for all major operating systems, ie Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, iOS. What is particularly useful for me is that while the data is also available on my mobile phone, it only puts a burden on the memory if it is made available offline.

Protection against viruses and fishing

Also important is effective protection against viruses and fishing, ie the unauthorized retrieval of data on the Internet. Here offers a virus program such as Kaspersky comprehensive protection against data thieves. Among other things, Kaspersky offers an antivirus program, a security suite for Internet access (Kaspersky Internet Security), as well as encryption packages and integrated password manager, backup and parental control.

Best of all, Kaspersky is not just for Windows, it's also available for Apple products, tablets and smartphones. The Android version has, for example, a feature to protect against crimeware and data theft in case of loss of the device. A very useful software.

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