Postgraduate studies: How to find the right Master

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In fact, the search for a suitable postgraduate course of the famous search for the needle in a haystack is like. More and more universities are offering interesting sound design courses for specialized occupations.

Postgraduate studies: How to find the right Master's degree: How to find the right Master

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Decide according to the personal objective


When deciding whether and what type of postgraduate studies you want to complete, you ultimately only help one's own personal requirements. If you want to work in a particular profession, you can have the right entrance to the dream job. However, the offers should be compared very precisely. Some courses require high fees and it should be considered whether the costs are worth the result. In addition, the content should be much more focused on the future professional field than in the first degree program. It is also important to ensure that the degree is recognized not only on a regional basis, but also, in the best case, on an international level so that it can also work abroad.

Since the offer of postgraduate studies is very confusing - in Germany alone there are several hundred programs leading to the MBA - interested parties should obtain a first overview on the Internet.

How do online databases help?


Unfortunately, the three most important databases for postgraduate courses do not divide between advanced, non-consecutive and consecutive postgraduate courses. The postgraduate courses are much more sorted after the graduation. This means: Who in the Hochschulkompass "History" finds all postgraduate courses with historical content, but not all postgraduate courses that are useful and possible for historians. Therefore, any humanist who wants to get an overview of all possibilities, should also remember that for him also economics continuing education postgraduate courses in question. Unfortunately, he then has no choice but to click through the many study offers and pay attention to the requirements. After all, consecutive degree courses in law, economics or the natural sciences are of course out of the question for a humanities scholar since they require a degree in these fields.

Database Studienwahl does not even distinguish between undergraduate and post-graduate courses, and only includes consecutive courses. However, a selection of the degree, such as Master, is possible, in addition you can choose between study-accompanying, part-time and full-time offers, distance offers as well as different universities. So if you are looking for a viable solution, how to fit a postgraduate course with a job, or if you want to find out about these limited possibilities, you should look for it here.

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KURS, the largest German continuing education database, includes numerous postgraduate courses as well as numerous professional training courses. This offers the advantage of having a good overview and thus making a selection. Unfortunately, since July 2005, only courses have been received which have received a special certificate and are therefore eligible for funding from the Federal Agency for Employment. The database does not provide a comprehensive picture of the German continuing education landscape. In addition, not all offers are up-to-date. After all, a search for a specific job can be started here, because similar qualifications are also mentioned. In addition, BERUFEnet from the job target and in addition to the job description, further training opportunities are offered for the desired job.

Unfortunately, not all of the postgraduate studies are listed in the databases: If you have a certain university in mind, you should not rely on the databases, but you should be informed directly on the site or via the Internet.

If you are interested in studying in a particular country, you should obtain information material such as the country study guide of the German Academic Exchange Service. The DAAD also provides an extensive database of study courses abroad with information on graduate courses, including the Professional Schools. After inputting the study subject, status and target country, an interim result appears, which can be further limited by subject area or geographic.

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