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Fast growth for Solopreneure: more successful without a team

The number of freelancers is growing in Germany. More and more people are planning their own careers. But the path to independence is not necessarily the step towards independence.

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Escape to the front?

Individuals usually start with an order-specific work. Projects or orders from customers are processed. This pattern is identical, whether it's a craftsman, a web designer or a lawyer. If you have too much or too little orders, normal self-employed quickly get into stress.

How can you avoid order fluctuations? Would growth be a solution? Sooner or later each individual entrepreneur will ask himself: Do I stay alone or do I build a company with employees? But even if this option is thought through, most self-employed people do not change their way of thinking. They remain in the working mode: to win orders, to process orders. And thus they only increase the fluctuations in their work field when they take employees there.

Solopreneurs change the game rules

Understanding one's own pattern and building things up differently is what we call “smart”. The self-employed can think more entrepreneurially. In our book “Solopreneur” we have described entrepreneurs across various industries who have rewritten the rules of the game for themselves.

There is a lawyer who starts programming and reaches a Google Top 5 position in his legal area. With an offer that has little to do with the old job logic. There is an IT developer who stops the programming to bring her own organic wool collection to the market. Or a trouble shooter from the auto industry, who suddenly suddenly develops completely different working patterns via a podcast. And these smart cases are just three of many.

Reversal of order direction

It is important to us that you can turn around the order direction and thereby steer your business differently in the future. Self-employed persons are self-employed who set up their own brands or projects in such a way that they control the company themselves, not the orders of the customers. Advantages of a solo preneurship:

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  •  to follow his own biography
  • own brands and products
  • of service providers
  • to choose one's own place of work
  • with components smart to organize
  • free from foreign investors

This and a whole range of other points mean that more and more self-employed people and founders are now going solo and consciously choosing the methodology of the solo preneurship. All of this starts with developing your own products, in lieu of service time too sell.

And how about the team?

It is not new that entrepreneurs are building their own brands and business ideas. Most of the time, however, they do it from the start-up logic that is currently common everywhere. In this one plays a solid Team and a lot of start-up capital plays a decisive role. Solo preneurs don't do this. Why? As we are solo preneurs ourselves, we have already made this decision and can tell you why we operate our companies solo. The bottom line is that it's a matter of will and energy. Do I have the will to manage a team or not? We don't have that (anymore).

People are an exciting topic. We like to accompany entrepreneurs on their way. People in a business can also be very stressful. It is exhausting to build a team, involve others in decisions, and keep the whole group together in the black figures.

The alternative is not to try. Solo preneurs work well with others. But they rely on a flexible, smart structure. Without traveling with other co-partners and employees accelerates immediately. You can decide faster and more directly. Solo you are really independent and can decide alone. Working solo saves energy. Hardly anything challenges our brain as much as decisions and groups are not always the best decision makers. An advantage we do not want to miss anymore.

Break the team myth

Is a soloCompany but useful? Aren't companies with teams stronger? In the start-up scene, the argument is exactly the other way around. You can hear sentences like: “You can only achieve breakthroughs in a team”, “It is not possible to be creative on your own”. that is not right. Don't fall for the team myths.

Solo preneurs alone decide and they also set the criteria for quality on their own. That's a huge competitive advantage. You can make decisions clear and hit hard. The result is authentic and strong offers.

The 5 Solopreneur grades

In order to work out the advantages and possibilities of a solo preneurship, we have evaluated the experiences of recent years. We have discovered five types, the producer, the dealer, the expert, the problem solver, the creatives. In these five profiles it is particularly easy to scale alone.

This means: To use modern tools to build up the way a large company processes-oriented business. As soon as this has been achieved, Solopreneurs are more stable than traditional ones: they no longer work for individual orders, but for their own brand, thus taking the step out of their normal self-employment.

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8 responses to "rapid growth for solo preneurs: more successful without a team"

  1. Simone Janson says:

    the article, however, is not from me, but from a male guest author - hence the confusion;)

  2. Harriet Lemcke says:

    The really exciting thing about it is: how does a solo preneur manage to develop his own products "on the side" and get them to fly in addition to his order-driven service time with customer acquisition, order processing and common entrepreneurial duties? THAT this is a way is evident to many. Only the HOW remains unanswered here as well. Not everyone has enough reserves to keep the necessary time free ...

    • Simone Janson says:

      Solopreneuer does not necessarily mean that you have to do everything by yourself: You can also outsource tasks, find partners for cooperation, with which you can also exchange and, if necessary, automate and automate workflows using technology.

  3. Simone Janson says:

    that doesn't matter, now I've asked you - the main thing is networking;)

  4. Pia Table says:

    Hello Mrs. Janson, I really wanted to draw my attention to Monika Birkner's article with my post. :-).

  5. Simone Janson says:

    Thanks for pointing out, Mrs. Birkner seemed familiar, and indeed, she had a comment years ago composed. How funny.

  6. Pia Table says:

    Perhaps interesting to you Mrs. Monika Birkner?

  7. Competencepartner says:

    Rapid growth for solo preneurs: More successful without a team: The number of freelancers is growing ... - Exciting contributionresw7ej45e #Profile #Bilding

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